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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Дидактический материал к уроку "Добро подаловать в Аляску"
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Дидактический материал к уроку "Добро подаловать в Аляску"


hello_html_m23cbb0e6.gifПриложение 1.

hello_html_m668ee4d8.jpghello_html_m5a4e14da.pngindeec s trubkoi.jpgindian 2.jpgimg3.jpg

Приложение 2

Приложение 3

Приложение 4

Read these sounds and words!

[ ei] sail sailor Mayflower date native

[ʌ] love discover discovery nut hunt

[aɪ ] I island fine Siberia

[e] let settlement friend friendship

[aʊ] out round sound house now

[ɪ] in since the Mississippi fishermen

[ɑ:] far hard harvest farming part

[ ɜ:] turn turkey world her

[əʊ] no hope smoke

To discover






To smoke a peace


To live in


To fight for




To be in


The stars and


Приложение 5

Match the words

[i:] English meat peace peaceful

[ʊ] good wood wooden cook foot

Приложение 6

Let’s remember Columbus

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two

Columbus sailed the ocean blue…

Let’s sing together this old song

About the voyage that took him long,

About the sailors, those strong brave men.

Let’s sing and remember them all again!


Приложение 7

Fill in the words

1) North America is a… (continent)

2) Christopher Columbus discovered America in… (1492)

3) Native American came from… (Asia)

4) American Indians lived in… (reservation)

5) The famous tradition was smoking of… (a peace pipe)

6) Native Americans travelled across the Land between Siberia and… (Alaska)

7) The American flag is called… («The Stars and Stripes»)

8) There are… (fifty states) in the USA

Приложение 8

Wavin’ flag


Give me freedom, give me fire,

Дай мне свободу, дай мне огня!

Give me reason, take me higher

Назови мне причину, подними меня вверх!

See the champions, take the field now,

Посмотри, чемпионы выходят на поле,

You define us,

Вы помогаете нам самоопределиться,

Make us feel proud

Вызываете в нас гордость!

In the streets our heads are lifting,

На улицах мы стоим с высоко поднятой головой,

As we lose our inhibition,

Освобождаемся от своих комплексов,

Celebration, it's around us,

Празднование повсюду,

Every nations, all around us

Все народы вместе, с нами.

Singing forever young,

И все поют, вечно молодые,

Singing songs underneath that sun

И все поют песни под солнцем.

Let's rejoice in the beautiful game,

Давайте радоваться красивой игре

And together at the end of the day.

И все вместе в конце дня

We all say

Все вместе скажем:

When I get older I will be stronger

Когда я повзрослею, я стану сильнее,

They’ll call me freedom,

И они назовут меня свободой,

Just like a wavin' flag

Приложение 9 Текст №1


Delaware is a highly organized tribe of Algonquian Indians who lived in the Delaware River valley in the northeastern United States. The Delawares had an advanced culture and were at one time the most powerful of all the Algonquian tribes. They lived in small villages, in square houses made of wooden poles covered with bark. They were hunters, but they also raised corn and other vegetables. The Delawares had a highly systematized religion, which recognized one great power over the universe and four lesser gods-the four directions, from which came the four winds. Four was a sacred number in many Indian cultures.

The Delawares moved westward to Ohio, then to Kansas, and later to Oklahoma, where they live today.

Glossary:advanced – передовой,bark – кора (дерева),raise – выращивать.,recognize – признавать,universe – вселенная,sacred – священный

Comprehension questions


  1. For each Statement that is true, write T; for each false statement, write F. Change each false statement to make it true.

    1. The Delawares had a highly systematized religion.

    2. The Delawares were both hunters and farmers.

    3. The Delawares had an advanced culture.

    4. The Delawares raised corn.

    5. The Delawares were never a very powerful tribe.

  2. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each statement.

    1. The four gods of the Delawares were the four …

      1. seasons b) rivers c) direction

    2. The Delawares lived in … .

a)pole-and-bak houses b) tepees c) grass-and-mud houses.

    1. The Delaware River valley in the … United States.

      1. northwestern b) northeaster c) southwestern

    2. The Delawares lived in … .

      1. large towns b) small villages c) large camps.

    3. was a sacred in many Indian cultures

a) 3 b) 4 c) 7

Текст №2


Cherokee is an advanced, settled tribe of the southeastern United States. This intelligent and highly civilized agricultural people had a genius for political organization and government. At the time of their first contact with the white

man the Cherokees were the largest tribe in the southeastern United States – about 20,000 people living in 60 towns. From the beginning there was a mutual respect between the Cherokees and the white men. There was intermarriage between the two groups, and the Cherokees were among the first Indians to establish schools and build churches.

Cherokee villages had gardens in which the people raised many crops, including corn, leans, melons, and tobacco. The water and forest were filled with fish and animals, including bears, deer, turkeys, and wild birds. They cultivated sunflowers for their seeds. The Cherokees' clothes were made of leather and woven grass; in winter they wore robes of fur or hide. They used dugout canoes to travel along the rivers, streams, and lakes and through the marshes.

Today most Cherokees live in Oklahoma. They constitute the fourth largest Indian tribe in the United States.

Glossary: advanced - передовой..genius - зд. задатки.,a mutual – взаимное уважение.,to establish – создавать, учреждать.,crop – посев, урожай.,to be filled – быть наполненным.,woven – вплетённый.,marsh – болото, топь.,hide – шкура, кожа.

Comprehension questions Cherokee.

  1. For each statement that is true, write T; for each false statement, write F. Change each false statement to make it true.

    1. The Cherokees were highly intelligent but uncivilized.

    2. At first the Cherokees and the White men were enemies.

    3. The Cherokees built schools and churches.

    4. The Cherokees lived in settled villages.

    5. The Cherokees were a small but important tribe.

  2. Add the necessary word or phrase to make a correct statement.

    1. In winter the Cherokees wore robes made of hide or … .

    2. The Cherokees traveled along the rivers in … .

    3. The Cherokees grew leans and tobacco in their … .

    4. The waters in the Cherokees region were filled with … .

    5. The Cherokees cultivated … for their seeds.

Текст №3


Apache is a tribe of fierce, wandering Indians of northern Mexico and the southeastern United States. The name Apache, which means “enemy”, was given to these people by the Pueblos Indians, because they attacked the Pueblos and destroyed their villages. The Apaches lived in tepees (round shelters made of bent poles and brush). In cold weather the tepees might be covered with animal skins. They ate any plants, small animals, and insects that they could find. They also did a little farming, and some Apaches hunted the buffalo. The Apache's clothes were made of animal skins, and both men and women wore high moccasins (soft leather shoes) and decorative jewelry: earrings necklaces, pendants and bracelets. The culture and religion of the Apaches combined elements of the various tribes and groups of other Indians with whom they came in contact. Today the Apaches are peaceful cattlemen living in Arizona and New Mexico.

Glossary:fierce – свирепый, лютый,,tepee ['ti:pi:] – вигвам.,shelter – кров, убежище.,the bent of poles and brush – согнутых шестов и кустарника.,buffalo – американский бизон.,jewelry – ювелирные украшения.,pendants – подвеска, кулон.,bracelet – браслет.

Comprehension questions Apache
  1. For each statement that is true, write T; for each false statement, write F. Change each false statement to make it true.

1 . The Apaches lived in the northern part of the United States.

2. Tepees are made of bent poles and brush

3 The Apaches ate insects.

4. Both men and women ware earrings.

5. The Apaches had no contact with other Indian tribes.

II. Add the necessary word or phrase to make a correct statement.

  1. The name Apache means… .

  2. I cold weather the tepees are covered with… .

  3. Some Apaches hunted … .

  4. The Apaches made their clothing of … .

  5. Today the Apaches are … .

Приложение 10

Оценочная карта ученика

ФИО ученика


Количество баллов за 1 правильный ответ

Мой результат

  1. Выполнение упражнений


  1. Вопросы и краткие ответы


  1. Стихотворение


  1. Презентация


  1. Исполнение песни


  1. Монологическая речь


Итоговая оценка


От 65 «5»

От 40 до 64 «4»

39 и менее «3»

Приложение 11

349554007.jpgmandala8.giff472fce2b9fb.jpgПриложение 12



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Краткое описание документа:

 В материале представлены ресурсы урока, система упражнений  для формирования произносительных навыков, систематизации лексических  навыков,систематизации знаний страноведческого материала, формирования навыков чтения и понимания текстов.  Материал использовался также при проведении  интегрированного урока психологии и английского языка. Данные материалы использовались при организации индивидуальной, групповой , фронтальной  работы с обучающимися. Они позволяют визуализировать отдельные фрагменты урока  при использовании интерактивной доски  и  других  технических средств  обучения.

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