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Where are you going to spend yor holidays?

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The 7th of April

Date: 07.04.2015

Grade: 6 “Ә’’

The theme of the lesson: “Where are you going to spend your holidays ?”
The aims of the lesson:
1.Educational : to give information about new theme; to do exercises;

2.Developing : to teach pupils speak and write, translate;

3.Bringing up children: to teach pupils value English language;

The procedure of the lesson :

I. Organization moment
-Good afternoon pupils!
-Good afternoon teacher!

-Thank you sit down please.

-Who is on duty today? ...
-Who is absent? ...
-What date is it today?

-What day is it today?

Ok. Open your copy-books and write down today`s date and new theme.

II. Checking homework
--What was your home task? Ex: ___ page:___
---Who is ready? ...

III. Phonetic drill

-Ok, pupils. We have a phonetic drill. At first listen to me. Then repeat after me.

One , and two , and three , and four ,

We are sitting on the floor .

We are playing with a ball ,

And a pretty little girl .


That fish has a thin fin

That fish has a fat fin.

IV. The new lesson : Our new theme is “Where are you going to spend your holidays ?”. At first listen to me I`ll introduce you with new words. Then repeat after me.

New vocabulary
hunt [hʌnt] – аңшылық
wild [waɪld] –
theatre [ˈθɪətəʳ] –
famous [ˈfeɪməs] –
foreign [ˈfɒrɪn] – шетел

V. Doing exercise : Ex : 1(A,B) p 149 ; Ex : 2,3 p 150

VI. Giving hometask : Ex: 7 p 151

VII. Pupils marking: good, excellent

VIII. Conclusion: The lesson is over. Good bye!

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