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Грамматический тест

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


1. Choose the right tense form (present continuous, past continuous or future continuous).

1 I(do) my homework at 6 o'clock tomorrow.

  1. When I went out into the garden, the sun (shine).

  2. Look! Why that girl (cry)?

4.Don’t come to my place tomorrow. I (write) a composition the whole evening.

5.1 think Mary is busy now. She (talk) to her boss.

  1. What you (do) at 8 p. m. tomorrow?

  2. Don't make noise! My little sister (sleep).

  3. My friends (not / play) football at that time yesterday.

Task 2. Give English equivalents for these.

  1. неизвестный адрес

  2. неопределенное время

  3. необъявленная война

4. независимая страна

Task 3. Choose the correct word.

1. The ... beaches in the South of England are quite famous.

a) sand b) sandy

2. These berries grow on the ...

a) swamp b) swampy

3. Dan has given ... all his stamps.

a) back b) away

4. At last they give ... the idea of walking in such bad weather.

a) up b)out

5. It's my dictionary. Give it...

a) away b) back

6. Which of you can give ... the copybooks?

a) away b) out

Fill in the gaps with the suitable prefixes.

  1. India became ...dependent in 1947.

  2. I don't have the information because the tests are ...complete.

  3. This sofa is so ...comfortable.

  4. They had a difficult voyage through ...known territories.

  1. Their opinions were ignorant and ...educated.

  1. The atmosphere of the meeting was really ...formal.

  2. We must leave the site for an ...finite period

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Четвертная контрольная работа к учебнику English 6 автор Афанасьева для школ с углубленным изучением английского языка. Употребление грамматических времен present continuous, past continuous, future continuous, причастие I,II, словообразование-приставки un/in, употребление фразового глагола to give.

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