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Интеллектуальный марафон по английскому языку (5 класс)

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Quizmaster: Dear friends! We are glad to see you here. These students are the members of our jury. Today we are going to have a competition called «Intellectual Marathon». Firs of all we want you to form… teams.

-So … teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest student. There are…people in each team, but the teams haven’t got the names.

  • Now choose the names for your team.

  • Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game! Well, we wish you success. Be active, honest and helpful!

  • It is time to start our game. You can get one point for each right answer.

- The first contest of the game is “The ABC game”.

Teams, you’ll get some letters from the English alphabet.

You must put letters in the right order, so as to get the names of animals.

- The second is contest is “Proverbs and sayings”. Each team will get a sheet of paper with task. You should replace the numerals by the letters to make up a proverb.

2-b 5-h 8-0 11-r

3-e 6-m 9-s 12-w

  • The third contest is “Jumbled Words”. Make up words of the following letters. These words are the names of school subjects. For example: ooglyib, rat, ythosri, ghlinse, aeoygghpr, scuim, shtma, retatilere (Key: Biology, Art, History, English, Geography, Music, Maths, Literature).

Is that clear? Off we go then.

  • The 4-th contest is “Trends additions”. You should make up words with the help of adding one or two letters to the word and rearranging the letters in the words. A clue is given to help you.

nose + c = scone

vest + o = stove

chat + w = watch

lead + i = ideal

fine + k = knife

pale + t = plate

rags + s = grass

wolf + e + r = flower

  • The 5-th contest is “Count-down”. You must make up the longest word from 9 letters.

For example: atenoriml (terminal). We give you one minute.

Great! One point for this team.

  • The 6th contest is called “Word search” find all the hidden in the crossword. They go down, across, diagonal. (Clothes)

- The 7th contest is called “Which Job?”. It requires on your part matching jobs and people’s occupation. Match the words in the lists.

- The 8th contest is called “What’s the time?”. Match the pictures and the sentences.

- Our game is over now. While our judges add up your points let’s sing a song. We are giving you the words of the song.

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