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Итоговая контрольная работа 5 класс

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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку  в 5 классе

(УМК «Spotlight»)

  1. Choose the correct item

  1. Frank usually…his work at school.

A do B doing C does

  1. Mr Smith is a …. . She always delivers our letters.

A baker B doctor C postman

  1. Will you come swimming with me? No, I … .

A don’t B won’t C will

  1. Who’s Denis? He’s Tom’s … .

A mother B sister C brother

  1. She lives on the … floor.

A ground B three C one

  1. Whose car is that? It’s …. Car.

A Doris’ B Doris C Doris and Kate’s

  1. You … eat at the lesson.

A must B want C mustn’t

  1. What is he … now?

A read B reading C reads

  1. How … sugar do you need?

A many B some C much

  1. I’m British. I’m from…

A the USA B the UK C Russia

  1. There are five … in the box.

A doll B car C pets

  1. We haven’t got … rice at home.

A any B some C a

  1. Tom and I are brothers. … live together.

A they B their C we

  1. What’s the time, please? It’s half … ten.

A quarter B past C after

  1. Has he got … books?

A that B this C these

  1. Would you like to go fishing with me? No, thanks! It’s ….. .

A exciting B fun C boring

  1. Do I look great in it? Yes, … fits you perfectly.

A it B its C those

  1. you help me with my homework? Of course!

A do B will C Are

  1. He … at the cinema.

A am B are C is

  1. Sue wears a … in the summer because it’s hot.

A jeans B coat C skirt

  1. Put … your gloves and scarf. It’s cold.

A off B in C on

  1. Can you put … rice on my plate, please?

A some B any C a

  1. We eat breakfast in the … .

A evening B morning C afternoon

  1. Why don’t you come swimming? I’m sorry, I … .

A won’t B don’t C can’t

  1. does the lesson start?

A what B when C why

  1. You … go swimming. There isn’t any water.

A must B can C can’t

  1. This book belongs to Kate. It’s … book.

A his B our C her

  1. My hobby is walking. I like to go … in the mountains.

A swimming B sunbathing C hiking

  1. You … swim here. The beach is closed.

A can’t B can C must

  1. Jim wants to go on a … to see the lions.

A cruise B safari C beach holiday


30×2 60

  1. Choose the correct respond.

  1. What is Tim’s nationality?

A He is British.

B He is from the UK.

  1. How can I help you?

A No, thanks.

B I want to buy a souvenir.

  1. Are there any apples?

A Yes, there are.

B Yes, they are.

  1. Where is the chemist’s?

A It’s on the ground floor.

B It’s in front of the sofa.

  1. Can I park my car here?

A No, you don’t.

B Sorry, you can’t.


5×4 20


  1. Read the e-mail and mark the sentences T(true), F(false) or DS( doesn’t say).

Dear Mike,

How are you? Here we are at my granny’s country house and we’re having a great time! The house is new and very beautiful. It‘s got 2 floors and 4 bedrooms. All the bedrooms have got a beautiful fireplace and their own bathroom.

It’s a bit cold and snowy here, but the sun is shining. In the morning my mum makes us breakfast and then we all go for a little walk to the nearby village. Sometimes we feed ducks in the river. After lunch we play chess or Scrabble, or we walk.

At the moment, my grandma is decorating the house with balloons. It’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow. We’ll probably have a little party for her.

See you soon.


  1. Mary’s bedroom has got its own bathroom. ……………

  2. It’s hot. …………….

  3. Mary’s grandma is a good cook. ……………..

  4. Chess is Mary’s favourite game. …………….

  5. Mary’s grandma is decorating the house for a party. ……………


5×4 20

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