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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс

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годовая контрольная работа

по английскому языку

учени(ка/цы) ФИО

5 класса «А,В,Г»

Part 1 Аудирование.

Listen to the recording and select the correct answer

1. What is the tour guide’s name?

A) Kristina B) Kristy C) Christie D) Kirsty

2. What is the weather like? It’s … .

A) cloudy B) sunny C) windy D) rainy

3. Who are the pupils waiting for?

A) The tour guide B) The writer C) The driver D) William Shakespeare

4. What is the name of the restaurant?

A) Blue Ball B) Blue Bell C) Blue Bill D) Blue Bull

5. What birds can the children feed on the river bank?

A) Sparrows B) Ducks C) Swans D) Swallows

6. What is the name of the street where Shakespeare was born?

A) Home Street B) Henry Street C) Henley Street D) Honey Street

7. What does the guide say they can drink in the café?

A) Tea B) Chocolate C) Cola D) Coffee

8. What is situated near New Place?

A) A café B) A museum C) A music shop D) A theatre

9. When are they meeting at Courtyard Theatre?

A) At six B) At half past seven C) At half past six D) At six forty

10. What time are they leaving Stratford?

A) After ten-thirty B) After midnight C) At midnight D) No later than half past ten

11. The children must be quiet because Ellie … .

A) watches other animals B) may be sleeping C) eats meat D) plays football

Part 2 Чтение

Read the text and choose the right answer.

It's Sunday afternoon and Kate and Sue are at Mary's birthday party. She's eight years old now. Some kids are dancing in the sitting room. Mary is opening a present at the moment. Patrick and Simon are in the kitchen. They are eating chocolate cake. Peter is playing a video game in Mary's bedroom. Kate and Sue like parties very much. Children have a lot of fun at parties.

1.      It's … afternoon.                                        A) Sunday B) Saturday C) Monday

2.       The girls are at … birthday party.              A) Sue's B) Mary's C)   Kate's

3.      How old is Mary? … .                                 A) Eight B) Eighty C)   Seven

4.      … children are dancing.                             A) All B) Some C) Three

5.      What is Mary opening? … .                      A) The door B) The present C) The box

6.       Patrick and Simon are eating … .            A) cake B) sweets C)   biscuits

7.      They are in the … .                                   A) kitchen B) living room C) bedroom

8.       Peter is playing … .                                  A) a game B) the guitar C) a video game

9.      Where is Peter? He is in the … .                A) kitchen B) bedroom C) living room

10.  Who likes the parties very much? … .       A) Sue and Mary B) The boys C) Sue and Kate

3. Choose the right answer to the following sentences.

1. I usually go … bed at 10 o’clock in the evening.

A. to

B. in

C. at

2. The Smiths / the car

A. The Smiths’ car

B. The Smiths’s car

C. the car of the Smiths

3. Henry is … than his brother Bob.

A. strong

B. stronger

C. the strongest

4. Transport in London is … in Europe.

A. the expensivest

B. the most expensive

C. more expensive

5. There are many people … the park today.

A. on

B. into

C. in

6. What … the time, please? – Two o’clock

A. am

B. is

C. are

7.  I … sorry. My father … not at home now.

A. are, am

B. are, are

C. am, is

8. My friend usually … exercises, he … lazy.

A. doesn’t do, is

B. don’t do, is

C. does, are

9. My mother … now because she is tired.

A. sleep

B. sleeps

C. is sleeping

10.  In the evening I often … to see my friends.

A. go

B. goes

C. am goinghello_html_1ef1e084.png

4. Read these descriptions and then label the pictures with the correct names 

Kate is fatter than Tracy.

Emily is thinner than Diana and taller.

Tracy is shorter than Diana, but taller than Kate.

Jenny is shorter than all the others.

Kate is taller than Jenny, but shorter than Tracy.

1. A ) Tracy B) Emily C) Jenny

2. A ) Emily B) Kate C) Jenny

3. A ) Tracy B) Diana C) Kate

4. A ) Jenny B) Diana C) Tracy

5. A ) Diana B) Emily C) Kate 

5. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form:

  1. My friend (sing) now.

  2. They (work) in the shop.

  3. His brothers (make) a file now.

  4. I (be) a dancer.

  5. Her cat (be) white.

  6. We (can) jump and run.

  7. She (must) do her homework.

6. Make a question:

  1. My mother is reading a book in her room now.

  2. The weather is cold in winter.

  3. He is the best player in our team.

  4. His cat is bigger than her cat.

  5. Our brother gets up at 7 o’clock.

  6. There are three bedrooms in my flat.

  7. You must clean your room (общий).

7.Translate into English:

  1. Осенью идет дождь, а дни короче, чем летом.

  2. День рождения моей тети 13 февраля.

  3. В твоей комнате есть компьютер? – Нет.

  4. Ее бабушка-учитель. Она работает в школе.

  5. Моя мама - самая лучшая.

  6. Могу я открыть окно?

  7. Холодно.

  8. .Жарко.

  9. Темно.

  10. Светло.

  11. Поздно.

  12. Тепло.

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