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Комплект заданий для учащихся 5-6-х классов (викторина)

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Комплект заданий для учащихся 5-6-х классов.


Time: 10 minutes.

Task 1

Listen to Irene talking to her friend about her family’s reading habits. What does each person in her family like to read? For questions 1-5 write a letter A-H next to each person.

You will hear the conversation twice.



0 Irene H



1. Grandma

2. Dad

3. Mum

4. Brother

5. Sister


A books

B diaries

C emails

D letters

E magazines

F menus

G newspapers

H postcards

Task 2

Listen to Marie talking to her friend about how she spent her weekend.

For each question, choose the right answer (A, B or C).

You will hear the conversation twice.



Marie’s cousins are visiting from

A Ireland

B Scotland

C England


6. Where did they go on Friday night?

A shopping

B a restaurant

C the Zoo

7. On Saturday, they went to the cinema at

A 5.00

B 6.00

C 7.00

8. Which film did they go to see?

A Rock Star

B Star Trek

C Star Wars

9. Marie didn’t see the film because her cousins were

A talking

B laughing

C eating

10. Marie’s cousins left on

A Sunday night

B Monday morning

C Monday afternoon


Time: 25 minutes.

Task 1

Make one text putting the paragraphs (A-E) into the correct order from 11-15 in your answer sheet.

The English-speaking Waiter

A In the busy summer months Thanasis is a waiter in his family’s restaurant. In July and August, the restaurant is very popular with tourists from all over the world. Because he is the only person in his family who can speak English, it is his job to look after the tourists when they eat at the restaurant. He explains the menu, he takes their order and he even carries the heavy trays to their tables.

B Thanasis is 10 years old and lives in a small village on a beautiful Greek island. Like all children his age, Thanasis has just completed year 4 in primary school. But unlike other children his age, Thanasis also has a full-time job for two months of the year.

C Together with his classmates, two evenings a week, he attends classes at a language school in the same village. There is no bus service when his classes end, so his mother picks him up and brings him home.

D Thanasis doesn’t mind, he enjoys learning English. He is very pleased that he can help his family in the summer and the tourists are very happy that they can order their meal in English. What does Thanasis want to do when he grows up? He wants to own a restaurant, of course!

E Where did he learn his English? There is no school in Thanasis’ village, and during the school year he travels 12 kilometres every day by bus to a nearby village to go to school.

Task 2

Now read the text again. For items 16-20 find the correct answer (A, B or C) and write it in your answer sheet.


In the summer, the other children in Thanasis’ village

A work full time

B go to school

C don’t work

16. The restaurant Thanasis works in

A belongs to his family

B is closed in the winter

C is not very busy.

17. Thanasis helps his family in the restaurant because he

A wants to be a waiter

B gets paid to

C can speak English.

18. Where does Thanasis go to school?

A in his village

B in another village

C in a nearby town.

19. Thanasis is very happy because

A he likes school

B he talks to many tourists

C he can help his family.

20. What job does Thanasis want to do when he’s older?

A he wants to have his own restaurant

B he wants to be an English teacher

C he wants to be a waiter.

Task 3

For questions 21-25 read about the people who are looking for a home to buy. Decide which home would be the best for each person.

21. Ferdinand lives with his family in the countryside, but travels to the town centre every day for work. He wants to buy a one bedroom flat close to his job, where he can stay during the week.

22. Lisa works in town but wants to live in a small house in the country. She doesn’t have a car, so she needs to be close to public transport.

23. Henri and Isabelle have two children. They want to move to a house in the country that has at least three bedrooms and a big garden.

24. Jamie and Antoinette are looking for a holiday home either by the sea or in the countryside. They want to find an area that’s lively and fun, where they can meet plenty of people.

25. Pieter and Dagmar are looking for somewhere to retire. They want to buy a bungalow or a flat with two bedrooms, in a quiet area of town that’s close to the shops.

A This is a country cottage with views of open fields in a wonderful village location. The accommodation consists of two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen/breakfast room, bathroom, and a small garden. The cottage is close to local shops and there are regular train and bus services into the town.

B A large , four-bedroom, two-bathroom detached home with living room, dining room, large kitchen/breakfast room, study and double garage. The house has 1000 m2 of land and is in a beautiful location with views of the countryside.

C This is a three-bedroom home in a quiet area, with fantastic views of sea. It has a small easy-to-look-after garden. There are local shops, schools and services within walking distances, and it’s a thirty-minute drive to the town centre.

D A beautiful ground-floor apartment in a pleasant and peaceful part of the town. It has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a south-facing private garden. The apartment is five minutes’ walk from the town centre and local services.

E This is a classical style villa within walking distance of the sea, restaurants and cafes. It has three bedrooms, a large lounge, two bathrooms, fitted kitchen, garage, shared swimming pool and a small well-kept garden.

F This is a comfortable one-bedroom third-floor apartment in a new block of ten flats. It is located within walking distance of the town centre, shops and train station.


Time: 25 minutes

Task 1

For questions 26-30 read the text below and decide which word (A, B or C) fits the space best. There is an example (0) done for you.

The Tasmanian devil

The Tasmanian devil is an unusual animal found only (0)… the island of Tasmania in the southeast of Australia. (26)…people know the devil from the popular cartoon character, Taz, but this little animal is in fact a real animal. What does a real devil look (27)…? It is the size of a small black dog and just as cute. (28)… don’t let its size fool you. The devil can bite!

Like many other Australian animals, these little black animals are marsupials. This means (29)… like kangaroos, for example, they carry their babies in a pouch. Surprisingly, the mother devil (30) … look after four little babies at a time!


0 A on B in C at

26 A Every B Each C Most

27 A as B like C of

28 A But B And C So

29 A which B that C when

30 A does B has C can

Task 2

For each sentence 31-35 find a notice which means the same. There is one extra notice you do not need to use.

  1. You must not do these things here.

  2. Call this person if you want to buy this.

  3. You can come here on any day to play this.

  4. There is nobody here now.

  5. Come here on this day if you want to do this.








Task 3

For questions 36-40 choose the correct variant (A, B or C)

  1. Our team is… The Strikers.

A said B called C known

  1. I have been … for The Strikers for two years now.

A joining B doing C playing

  1. We are a very good team but we sometimes…a match.

A take B win C lose

  1. I have learnt a lot of…playing for my team.

A ways B things C kinds

  1. It is … to always do your best.

A special B useful C important

57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
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