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Конспект праздника “St.Valentine’s Day”.

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Праздник “St.Valentines Day

для учащихся 6х - 7х классов


Подготовили и провели 14.02.2013г.

учителя английского языка

Соколова Е.Г., Новикова Л.Н.

Казакова И.И.


  1. A song

  2. Listen to the students’ presentation devoted to St.Valentine’s Day.

  3. Do the Heart Puzzle

  4. Complete the sentences choosing the right words: February, January, white, make, month, year, sell, friends, love.

  5. Odd the word out.

  6. Make a Happy Valentine’s Face

  7. Match words with similar meanings

  8. Use the code key to find the secret message

  9. Listen to the fairy tale poem “Little Red Riding Hood” by Roald Dahl. We are sure you’ll never guess the end of the story.

  10. Have a look at the Valentine Cards! They‘ve been made by your classmates for the Contest. Will you listen to the students?

  11. The song “My Bonnie”.hello_html_246898.jpg


St. Valentine’s Day”

1. Красев Д.-Симакова А.

The 14th of February is St. Valentine’s Day. On this day people send each other greeting cards, sweets and flowers. Greeting cards are Valentine cards. They are very colourful. Traditional Valentine colours are red, pink, white and blue. Sometimes people make their own cards instead of buying them at the store. You can see human hearts, ribbons, children and cupids on them. Valentine cards are usually sensitive and funny.

2. Козинова Л.-Гурина А.

There are several legends about the history of St. Valentine’s Day. The ancient Romans celebrated one of their pagan holidays on the 14th of February. That’s why Cupid, the Roman god of love, is one of earliest popular symbols of the day.

43. Мальков Д.-Ерошкин И.hello_html_11388ed5.jpg

On this day we remember St. Valentine, a saint, who died on the 14th of February. He was Roman but he helped the Christians. He was put in prison and fell in love with the keeper’s daughter. He wrote loving messages to her and signed them “ your Valentine”.

4. Архипов О.-Рыбин Д.

It is a very old tradition. On that day all the girls in the village wrote their names on pieces of paper, which were then put in a jar. Each boy took out one piece and read the name of his sweetheart.

5. Виденин В.-Деревянко К.

Today in Britain boys and girls send anonymous cards to the person they like. Many valentines have romantic poems others are humorous. But almost all valentines ask “Be My Valentine”. This may mean be my friend or be my love or be my companion.

6. Агеев Р.-Еслюков С.

Valentine’s Day is not a legal holiday; schools and banks are open as usual. Shops sell valentines and decorations for Valentine’s Day parties and dances.

Schoolchildren decorate their classrooms with bright red paper hearts and celebrate the day in their classroom. They also make valentine cards for their friends and parents.

7. Еремина Н.-Ширшова Д.

St. Valentine’s Day is now a day for sweethearts. It’s the date for exchanging love messages, for sending poems and simple gifts, such as flowers and candies to parents, relatives, good friends.





As soon as wolf began to feel

That he would like a decent meal,

He went and knocked on Grandma’s door.

When Grandma opened it, she saw

The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin,

And Wolfie said, “May I come in?”

Poor Grandma was terrified,

He’s going to eat me up!” she cried.

And she was absolutely right.

He ate her up in one big bite.

But Grandmamma was small and tough,

And Wolfie wailed, “That’s not enough!

I haven’t yet begun to feel

That I have had a decent meal!”

He ran around the kitchen yelping,

I’ve got to have another helping!”

The added with a frightful leer,

I am therefore going to wait right here

Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood

Comes home from walking in the wood.”

He quickly put on Grandma’s clothes,

(Of course he hadn’t eaten those.)

He dressed himself in coat and hat.

He puts on shoes and after that

He even brushed and curled his hair,

Then sat himself in Grandma’s chair.

In came the little girl in red.

She stopped. She stared. And then she said,

What great big ears you have, Grandma.”

All the better to hear you with,” the Wolf replied.

What great big eyes you have, Grandma,”

Said Little Red Riding Hood.

All the better to see you with,” the Wolf replied.

He sat there watching her and smiled.

He thought, I am going to eat this child.

Compared with her old Grandma

She’s going to taste like caviar.

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, “But Grandma,

What a lovely great furry coat you have on.”

That’s wrong!” cried Wolf. “Have you forgot

To tell me what BIG TEETH I’ve got?

Ah, well, no matter what you say,

I am going to eat you anyway.”

The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.

She whips a pistol from her knickers.

She aims it on the creature’s head

And bang, bang, bang, she shoots him dead.

A few weeks later, in the wood,

I came across Miss Riding Hood.

But what a change! No cloak of red,

No silly hood upon her head.

She said, “Hello, and do please note

My lovely furry wolfskin coat.”

K E Y Shello_html_m6901d1bc.jpg

1. Complete the sentences choosing the right words

  1. Valentine’s Day is in February.

  2. February is the second month of the year.

  3. We give our friends pretty Valentine cards.

  4. Some people make their own cards instead of buying them at the store.

  5. Valentine cards are red, pink, white.


2. Odd one out.

  1. A festival, a party, a celebration, a parade, a clock.

  2. A companion, a friend, a car, a classmate, a person.

  3. Decorations, paper hearts, flowers, pictures, desks.

  4. A sweetheart, a boyfriend, a wife, an enemy, a husband.

  5. Funny, romantic, serious, sensitive, humorous.

3. Match words with similar meanings

1 E , 2 D , 3 G , 4 F , 5 C , 6 A , 7 B

4. Use the code key to find the secret messagehello_html_158675cb.jpg

19 83 8 7 26 69 19 77 42

83 58 2 8 42 58 17 83 7 68 8

7 83 7 2 2 42

68 7 77 8 79 69 19 79 8 51

33 7 42 !






My Bonnie lies over the ocean

My Bonnie lies over the sea

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me.

Refrain: Bring back, bring back

Bring back my Bonnie to me, to me

Bring back, bring back

Bring back my Bonnie to me


The winds have blown the ocean,

The winds have blown the sea,

The winds have blown the ocean

And brought back my Bonnie to me





Here’s special valentine

With lots of love for you,

And since you’re very special

Here are hugs and kisses, too!

Not only when it’s Valentine’s Day

But always all year through,

You’re thought about with words of love

And wished much gladness, too!

You’re just the nicest kind of boy (girl),

So very grown up, too

No wonder that this Valentine

Brings lots of love for you!

I hope that Valentine’s Day,

Will bring you lots of fun!

He thinks you’re extra-specially nice,

And so does everyone!

Happiness is never far behind

When thoughts of you come into mind!

Sending a wish with lots of heart

For a day that’s happy from the start!

Sending a basket of Valentine’s wishes

Filled with lots of love and kisses!

Just a little note to say,

Have a happy, happy Valentine’s Day!”

A friend like you…

Is a dream come true!

Just wanted to say…

Have a bright, delightful

Valentine’s Day!

You’d make the nicest Valentine

That there could ever be!

And so I’m asking,

Pretty, please, be Valentines with me?”

It’s such a treat to know

Someone so sweet!

It’s high time we were Valentines!

Roses are red,hello_html_6b40a764.jpg

Violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet

And so are you.

You light up my life, Valentine!

Although I know that friendship reaches

Far across the miles,

I’d still be glad to see one of

Your warm and friendly smiles.

And though I know

The times we’re shared

Will last within the heart,

I just can’t keep from wishing that

We weren’t so far apart!

With tons of love on Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a valentine,

And this is what it’s for –

To say that every day

You’re loved

More and more and more!

With love and wish for your happiness

on Valentine’s Day and always!


You’re dad and mother

Who both are very dear,

That’s why you’re thought of lovingly

Each day throughout the year –

Guess anybody would be proud

And very grateful too,

To have a dad and mother

As fine as both of you!

If you will be my valentine,

My charming little dear,

The sun can never help but shine

Throughout the coming year.

If you will be my valentine,

You’ll see in all your walks

Fresh lemon drops on every twig,

And peanuts on the stalks


But if from you I never hear,

Nor even get a line,

I’ll ask some other nicer girl

To be my valentine.

What the world needs now…

Is more special people like you!hello_html_m6fa4e736.gif

You stole my heart!

You’re at the top of my list

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