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Конспект урока с использованием технологии КМ "The Girl on the Motorbike"

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Проект урока с использованием технологии развития КМ на примере текста

The Girl on the Motorbike” (10 класс)

Практическая цель: развитие умений в чтении

Развивающая цель: развитие КМ

Образовательная цель: расширение знаний по теме “Halloween

Воспитательная цель: воспитание интереса к культуре страны ИЯ

  1. Вызов

  • What do you know about this holiday?

  • When is it celebrated? (Where? How?)

  • What are the attributes of this holiday?

  • What people do during this holiday?

  1. Вызов

  • Прогнозирование по заголовку/ картинке


  • Чтение текста до первой остановки


  • When did the action take place?

  • Who is the main character of the story?

  • Where was he going?

  • What had he been doing in London?

  • What place did he approach at 2 o’clock?

  • What kind of place was it?

  • Who did he see on the road?


  • Who was the girl?

  • What was she doing there?

  • What would Clive do, would he stop or not?


  • Чтение текста до второй остановки


  • What did the girl ask him?

  • What was she doing in such a lonely place?

  • What did Clive feel as the girl climbed on?

  • How did the girl look like?

  • What did Clive ask the girl?

  • What did he hear?

  • Where did Clive stop?


  • What made Clive freeze in horror?

  • Do you think that something happened to the girl?


  • Чтение текста до третьей остановки


  • Was there any sign of the girl?

  • Did he try to find her?

  • Why did he go to the police station?

  • What was the reaction to what Clive had said?


  • Why wasn’t the sergeant worried?

  • Would he find her?


  • Чтение последней части текста


  • What Clive learnt about the girl?

  • Were there any like cases that happened to Clive?

  1. Рефлексия

  • What was mysterious about this girl?

  • How can you characterize Clive?

Домашнее задание (на выбор):

- сочините синквейн;

- придумайте историю про “Halloween


- придумать сценку;

- приготовить костюм к празднику;

- как празднуют “Halloween” в разных странах



Hair-rising, chilling

Frightening, killing, threatening

Making your hair stand on end


The Girl on the Motorbike

In the early hours of 5 April 1989 a motorbike was speeding along the A20 in Kent. The night was dark and there was very little traffic on the road. Clive Taylor was in a hurry to get home. He had left London later than he had expected.

As he approached Wrotham Hill, he glanced at his watch. Exactly two o'clock. A minute later he reached the bend at the top of the hill. It was a dangerous place for accidents.

Suddenly, he saw a girl. When he had stopped, the girl calmly walked up to him and asked him if he could give her a lift. He asked her what she was doing in such a lonely spot. She said that there had been an accident. Clive looked around, but he couldn't see a car or any other people.

Clive told her to get on the pillion2 and to hold tight. As the girl climbed on, Clive suddenly felt very cold, but he noticed that she was only wearing a light dress.

They rode on down the hill and Clive talked to the girl over his shoulder.

At the bottom of the hill there was a telephone box. Clive pulled off the road and stopped. But when he turned round, he froze in horror. The girl wasn't there.

Had the girl fallen off the pillion? In a cold sweat3, he rode back up to the spot where he had first seen the girl. But he couldn't see her.

She had simply disappeared.

By this time, Clive was desperate. He rode as fast as he could to the nearest town and found the police station. He told the policeman at the desk what had happened. The policeman asked him to describe the girl. When he had finished, the policeman told him to sit down and asked him if he wanted a cup of tea. To his surprise, the policeman didn't seem very worried.

Then the policeman told Clive that ten years before, there had been an accident on Wrotham Hill. A girl and her boyfriend had been on their way back from a party, when she had fallen off the pillion of the motorbike and been killed. Since that time several motorcyclists had seen the girl. The accident had happened at exactly five past two.

Proper names:

Kent [kent] — Кент (назва графства) Clive Taylor — Клайв Тейлор Wrotham Hill — Росман Хил

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