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Конспект итогового урока по теме "Seasons"

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Урок по теме Времена года . Уч. Верещагина 3

Задачи: Контроль знаний по теме Времена года.

Привитие вкуса к чтению стихов на английском языке.

Активизация творческих способностей учащихся , формирование

интереса к предмету.

Звучит музыка П. И. Чайковского ;Времена года;

Teacher . Hello, dear children! Do you like music? Yes, it’s really wonderful

and it’s called «Seasons».Great Tchaikovsky wrote it 100 years ago

but still we can recognize every month he wrote about. Listen- It’s

MAY ( White nights).And now it’s February “ Maslenitsa” . Great

composer spoke in his music about the beauty of Nature. Today at the

lesson we shall speak about the beauty of all seasons, with the help of

poetry and great music .

What do you think is the most beautiful season?

P1 I think it is winter. It is so beautiful when the snow is falling and everything around becomes white. I like winter very much.

Teacher. What poems do you know about winter?

P2. The windows are blue at night

But in the morning they are white

And snowflakes are falling

Come out” they are calling.

Get out of bed and take your sled

This cold and snowy day

The Sun is bright , the snow is white

For outdoor to play.

P3. I also like winter, because it’s such a merry season. Children can play snowballs, skate and ski in winter. And I like New Year- it’s my favourite holiday.

I like it when Father Frost comes and brings everybody presents.

Teacher. Yes , winter is wonderful and I like it very much too. Let’s sing a song about seasons.

Chorus Snowflakes

Snowflakes fall on trees and walk.

Snowflakes fall as white as chalk.

Snowflakes fall into my hand.

Snowflakes brighten up our land.

Teacher. Thank you, children. And now listen to Chaikovsky’s wonderful music again. What do you think it is?

P4. I think it is Spring.

Teacher. Right you are It is “ the … song’- March.- the first spring month. Do you remember any poems about spring?

P5. Spring is here , summer is near

Grass is green, son ice and clean.

Winter, spring, summer , fall-

I like spring best of all.

P6. Spring is my favourite season too. I like warm sunny weather. It is fun to be outdoors. Many children like to make small ships and play with them. There are so many merry streams. Birds come from warm countries and sing their wonderful songs.

Teacher. What’s your favourite month?

P6. It is May. And I know the poem about MAY..

In the merry month of May

All the flowers are gay

In the wind they dance and say

Welcome, welcome, merry May!

Teacher Oh, I see that you really like spring . And now , what spring holidays do you know?

P7 Well, in March we have the 8 of March- a holiday for girls and our mothers

And in April there is April Fool’s day.

P8. And on the 9 of May we celebrate Victory Day .

Teacher Right you are. Spring is a wonderful season and nature is very beautiful in spring, because it awakens after a long winter sleep. But now- it’s high time to listen to Chaikovsky. What month do you think it is?( Barcarola)

P9 I think, it is a summer month. May be, June?

Teacher Yes. It’s June. Why do many children like June?

P10. Because school is over and we have holidays.

Teacher What is your most favourite summer month?

P 11. I like all summer months. It is such fun to go to the river and swim all day in warm water,sunbathe, play different games. I and my friend like to go to the forest to pick mushrooms. And everything is so bright- the Sun., the sky, the grass and flowers- there are so many of them.

Teacher. Can you recite a poem about summer?

P12. Certainly. Come, little children, come away,

For the Sun shines bright today.

Little children, come with me,

Birds and flowers to see.

Get your hats and come away

For it is a pleasant day!

Teacher. Thank you. And now , open your hearts to music again! What do you hear in this music. ?

P1. It is so sad !

Teacher. I agree with you. This is October “An autumn song” and you hear rain and wind and dark clouds, going along the sky. Do you think autumn is a dull season?

P2. No. Autumn is also very beautiful. I think it’s the most wonderful season of the year. All colours are so bright- yellow, red, brown, golden! And then, we return to school and meet our classmates again. I like autumn very much!

And I like the poem.

Autumn is the season , when apples are sweet

It is the season, when school friends meet.

When noisy and gay and browned by the Sun

With their books and bags to school they run!

Teacher So, children, can you answer the question- what is the best season of the year?

P I think all seasons are wonderful. Every month of the year is beautiful and we find so many interesting things to do.

Teacher I agree with you. I can’t say , what I like most- summer or winter, spring or summer. Every month is unique and brings us joy. Do you remember the song 12 Months by Bonny M. Let’ sing it!

Chorus January, February, March……( Song)

Teacher Well, you are real singers. And now who will recite the poem “12 Months”?

It was your homework to learn it by heart.

P3. January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.

February snows again and sometimes it brings us rain.

March brings sunny days and winds , so we know that spring begins.

April brings the primrose sweet, we see daisies at our feet.

May brings flowers , joy and grass and the holidays for us.

June brings tulips, lilies, roses, fills the children’ s hearts with posies.

Hot July brings apples and cherries and a lot of other berries.

August brings us golden corn , then the harvest time is born.

Warm September brings us school-days are shorter , nights are cool.

Fresh October brings us rain

Red November brings us joy, fun for every girl and boy.

Cold December brings us skating, For the New Year we are waiting!

Teacher And now I want you to listen to our students , who were the best in the Poets contest . Julia, you are the First

Nataly, let’s listen to your poem.

Январь приносит снег к нам в дом

Февраль его уносит.

Март- солнце , ветер за окном

Апрель примулы бросит.

Майсчастье. радость нам несет

Июнь – тюльпаны. розы.

Июль- жару и летний зной,

Август – дожди и грозы.

Сентябрь в школу нас ведет,

Октябрь фрукты нам несет.

Ноябрь- рыжий шалунишка

приносит радость всем детишкам.

Декабрь морозит нос и уши

И новый год спешит на ужин !

Teacher . Thank You . And now it’s your turn, Lida.

В январе у нас мороз- мерзнут уши . мерзнет нос .

В феврале идет снежок- что же делать нам , дружок ?

Наконец-то день прекрасный – солнце светит в небе ясном.

Март пришел к нам погостить и ребят повеселить.

Примулы цветут в апреле , в мае будет веселее.

А в июне , милый друг, все поедем мы на юг.

нам июль подарит солнце , август постучит в оконце.

Сентябрь в школу поведет, октябрь вновь дождик принесет.

В ноябре детишки рады глади чистого пруда –

Снег, мороз, коньки, подарки- ждем мы Новый год всегда !

Teacher Thank you, girls ! It was a pleasure to listen to you. You are real poets and we’ll publish your poems in our school book” Teen’s soul.”

Well, children , . I hope, music of great Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky and poems and songs helped you to understand that Nature is wonderful and we must enjoy every season and weather!

You were creative today and show that you can speak about seasons very well. Well done. Thank you and good bye.

Краткое описание документа:

 Заключительный урок по теме  " Seasons " по учебнику Верещагиной -3. Урок контроля знаний с использованием музыки П. И. Чайковского, стихотворений на английском языке по теме и детских  переводов стихотворения "12 months " 

 Задачи:     Контроль знаний по теме' Времена года".


                 Привитие вкуса к чтению стихов на английском языке.

                 Активизация творческих способностей учащихся , формирование                   интереса к предмету.




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