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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса за первую четверть

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку ученка(цы) 6 «г» класса


I. Write the verbs in the past forms:

II. Complete the sentences using nobody, anything, everybody, somebody, nothing, anybody, something, and everything.

1. _________________could do the sum as it was very easy.

2. Did you watch____________________ interesting on TV yesterday?

3. _________________knew the answer to the question.

4. Ann was so sad yesterday that __________________ interested her.

5. I’d like to do __________________ exciting today.

6. _________________wants to do the project with Mary. Will you help her, Jim?

7. Aunt Mary is moving to a new house. ________________must help her.

8. Helen speaks English so well. __________________ understands her.

III. Use the right forms of the verbs in the brackets:

1. At 6 p.m. Jill (to listen) __________________ to the news and her mum (to cook) __________________.

2. Sarah (to have) ________________ a lot of homework to do and (not to go)____________ to the cinema yesterday.

3. Russian people (to defend) _________________their country in 1941.

4. I (to write)______________________ an essay when my cousin (to come)_____________ yesterday.

5. When it (to start)___________________raining, they (to rebuild)____________________ their garage.

6. My aunt (to move)___________________ to Klin in 1997.

7. Dad (to miss)____________________us so much that he (to decide)_________________ to come back home earlier.

8. Who (to found) _____________________the city of Vladimir?

9. Peter (to cut)__________________and (to water)_______________________ the plants from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. yesterday.

10. Bill (to change)______________________ his job several times last year.

IV. Write the where necessary:

1. ______Moscow Kremlin

2. ______ Gordons

3. ______ Summer Garden

4. ______Great Britain

5. ______ Magadan

6. ______ Dvortsovaya Square

7. ______ Nevsky Prospect

8. ______ Maly Theatre

9. ______ Baltic Sea

10. Peter _____ Grate.

V. Choose the right words in the brackets:

1. Skyscrapers are very (tall/high) buildings.

2. There are many (tall/high) palms on the beach.

3. We can see stars (tall/high) in the sky.

4. There was a narrow but very (tall/high) tower in the middle of the square.

5. Sarah put the (tall/high) glasses on the table.

6. The oak tree is a (tall/high) tree.

VI. Choose the right words from the box to continue the rows:

Few: apples,________________________________________________________________


Little: news,________________________________________________________________


VII. Write everything about your last summer holidays use all new words from unit № 1.








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