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Контрольный тест для 6 класса по английскому языку

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FINAL TEST the 6th form


1. She plays … tennis perfectly. A) in B) - C) the

2. When … you born? I … born in 1989. A) was, was B) are, am C) were, was

3. He usually … part in a horse race. A) is talking B) takes C) take

4. In summer it’s … than in winter. A) hot B) more hotter C) hotter D) the hottest

5. … Britain attract many tourists? A) Is B) Do C) Does D)-

6. There isn`t………cheese in this sandwich. A. some B. a C. any

7. We go on picnics … the 7th of April. A) in B) on C) - D) at

8. Travelling by plane is … . A) the interesting B) most interesting C) the most interesting

9. The weather today is … than it was yesterday. A) worse B) worst C) bad

10. … of the park there’s a café. A) In the middle B) Behind C) Near D) In front of

11. Does Richard … computer games? A) plays B) play C) playing

12. He … at the moment. A) is writing B) writes C) write

13. … do you do on Sundays? A) When B) Where C) What D) Why

14. Mike walked to school…… A) now B) yesterday C) every day

15. Peter has breakfast … 8 a.m. A) in B) at C) –

16. At 6 o`clock yesterday we………dinner. A. are having B. were having C. have

17. I go to see my Granny … the morning. A) at B) on C) in

18. What … this film about? A) do B) does C) is D)-

19. … he play the musical instrument? A) - B) Does C) Do

20. Mr. Williams … got a parrot. A) have B) has got C) has D) haves

21. Omar ... New York this year. A) has visited B) have visited C) visit

FINAL TEST the 6th form


1. … you at home yesterday? A) Was B) Were C) Are

2.. … pupils came to see the show. A) Much B) Little C) Few

3. It usually … in winter. A) snows B) snowy C) snow

4. We’ve got … eggs, go and buy some. A) few B) little C) less

5. Tom is … than his brother. A) oldest B) older C) the oldest

6. They didn’t … to school yesterday. A) went B) go C) goes

7. There are……..apples on the plate. A) many B) much C) any

8. His work is …. than her work: A) important; B) the most important; C) more important;

9. How .......... bananas do you want? A) many B) much C) any

10. My birthday is .......... the 5 th of October. A) in B) at C) on

11. They … at 6p.m. tomorrow. A) arrived B) arrive C) will arrive

12. He never .. early. A) doesn’t get up B) don’t get up C) gets up D) get up

13. Sarah … out last night. A) didn’t went B) didn’t goes C) didn’t go

14. What … you doing? A) are B) ‘s C) do

15. He …. School last June. A) left B) has left C) did leave

16. My friends……….in the sea tomorrow. A) swim B) is swimming C) will swim

17. I haven`t been to London ……..three years. A) since B) for C) after

18. She………a letter at the moment. A) is writing B) writes C) has written

19. What…you doing when your father came? A) was B) are C) were

20. She was watching TV… A) sometimes B) now C) at 7 o` clock yesterday

21. She just the dishes. A) washed B) washes C) has washed

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