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Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку

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Лексико-грамматический тест

Choose the only correct variant

1. Thomas Clark is ... last person I want to see.

a) a b) an c) the d) -

2. You can hardly find … person who doesn't like or need music.

a) a b) an c) the d) -

3. Please give me a cup of coffee with ... cream.

a) a b) an c) the d) -

4. They became successful ....

a) businessman b) businessmans c) businessmen d) businessmens

5. This is....

a) Liz and Mary's room b) Liz's and Mary's room с)А room of Liz and Mary d) Liz and Mary room

6. “What a language English is!” a Frenchman exclaimed ... despair.

a) out of b) from c) in d) at

7. This newspaper isn't very popular ... young people.

a) for b) with c) about d) over

8. ... is a blue Ford

a) Their b) Its c) These d)Theirs

9. Help … to sandwiches, please.

a) yourselves b) you c) me d) your

10. There isn’t ... sense in what you suggest.

a) many b)much c) few d) few
11. Of the two evils choose the

a) less b) little c) fewest d) least

12. He could open the lock ....

a) easily b) easy c) most easy d) easiest

13. Don't talk about them. Let's talk about something ....

a) an interesting b) more interesting c) most interesting d) and interesting

14. He gave me ... how to do it better.

a) most advice b) lots of advices c) a lot of advices d) a lot of advice

15. ... many computer software programs that possess excellent word-processing capabilities.

a) There are b) There is a lot of c) The d) Some

16. How much ... it ... to phone to Paris?

a) does ... cost b) is ... costing c) has ... cost d) has ... costed

17. John is a good boy. He ... his room before he leaves for school.

a) is always tidying b) always tidied c) always tidies d) had always tidied

18. You …. things! Can't you be more careful?

a) are always losing b) had always lost c) always loose d) has always lost

19. Nobody phoned, ... ?

a) did he b) didn't he c) did they d) didn't they

20. The lion ... silently … its prey.

a) was ... following b) was ... followed c) had ... been followed d) did ... follow

21. She told me that she (заказала) the ticket in advance.

a) booked b) has booked c) books d) had booked

22. ... your grandparents ... at this university before the war?

a) Were ... studying b) Did ... study c) Had ... been studying d) Had ... studied

23. Six public holidays ... in Great Britain.

a) celebrate b) are celebrating c) are celebrated d) celebrates

24. I'm afraid we’ll ... revise some-parts of the contract

а) can b) ought to c) must d) have to

25. - ... I have a single room on me third floor? - I'm sorry; we won't ... give you any room. The hotel is full up.

a) should, be to b) can, be allowed to c) ban, be able to d) nay, have to

of the contract.

Find one error in each sentence

26. He thinks she is beautiful but I don't agree with her.

a) b) c) d)

27. John asked me if I know where she lived.

a) b) c) d)

28. They say what the best thing to do when you meet a bear is to run.

a) b) c) d)

29. If you want to know if it will rain today, turn on the radio or TV and listen the weather forecast.

a) b) c) d)

Choose the only proper word

"How I get my kids to cook"

The kitchen is a great place to (30) --- quality time with a child. That's how it is for (31) --- Frankie and his grandmother, Dorothy, of Willoughby, Ohio. "My husband and I watch Frankie and his little brother, Mathew, a few mornings a week", Dorothy (32) - Frankie and I love to (33) --- together. We sometimes (34) --- cookies or his favourite, Apple Bread Pudding". Frankie is learning to add (35) --- and (36) --- the mixture. Dorothy handles the baking duties "We really (37) --- our time together", she adds. "We bake and sing, then have a delicious (38) --- to proudly share." Apple Bread" Pudding is a comforting (39) --- with a tasty blend of flavours. Relates Dorothy, "When Frankie (40) --- this pudding, he declares, 'Yum yum in my tummy'."

30. a) lose b) spend c) waste d) loose

31. a) five-year-old b) five-years-old c) five-years d) five-year-aged

32. a) declares b) explains c) adds d) recommends

33. a) mince b) fry c) bake d) boil

34. a) make b) do c) mould d) cake

35. a) parts b) components c) elements d) ingredients

36. a) stir b) poke c) mix d) agitate

37. a) dote b) enjoy c) fancy d) admire

38. a) song b) game c) talk d) treat

39. a) food b) course c) dessert d) desert

40. a) bites b) nibbles c) takes d) eats

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