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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыКонспект урока по теме: «Healthy way of life»

Конспект урока по теме: «Healthy way of life»


Тема урока: «Healthy way of life»

Учебная цель:

создать условия для:

●практики речевой деятельности;

●формирования и развития коммуникативных умений (воспринимать на слух и понимать краткие сообщения, письменно оформлять несложную информацию);

●расширения словарного запаса.

Развивающая цель:

создать условия для:

●развития у учащихся умения выказать свою точку зрения, своё отношение к обсуждаемым проблемам;

●развития способности к анализу, обобщению;

●развития познавательного интереса;

●развития творческих умений, фантазии, воображения;

●развития языковой догадки;

●развития умений учащихся проводить интерактивный опрос и обрабатывать полученные данные.

Образовательная цель:

создать условия для:

●расширения кругозора учащихся о правильном питании, вреде курения и алкоголя.

Воспитательная цель:

создать условия для:

●воспитания у учащихся ответственности за своё здоровье;

●воспитания устойчивого негативного отношения к вредным привычкам;

●формирования у учащихся представления о здоровом образе жизни;

●формирования умения работать в команде, помогать друг другу;

●воспитания чувства толерантности.

Оснащение урока: видеозапись, плакаты.

На доске: I think that, I suppose…, I guess…, To my mind…, As for me I think…, I agree with you…, I disagree with you…

Ход урока:

Оргмомент. Ситуативная обусловленность.

1. Good morning, boys and girls! How are you all today? How are you, Natasha? And how are you, Katya?

2. So, children, some people care about their health, others don’t: they have bad health habits. Children, what will we discuss at our lesson today?

3. You all are right. Today we will discuss healthy way of life.

I. Фонзарядка

Let’s get down to the phonetic practice:

4. Listen and repeat: t- habit , too much , to little eating, terrible,

d- diet, a balanced diet, food,

r- drink, drinking alcohol, regular,

II. Речевая зарядка

Look at the table. Practice reading all possible phrases, using the following substitution patterns.

It is not useful to eat vegetables

terrible to sleep too much

necessary to smoke

important to go in for sports

dangerous to keep a diet

to eat at night

to drink alcohol

to move a lot

to take vitamins

to go to bed late

to skip breakfast

to take drug

3 Correct the mistakes

1. Eat more sugar (less).

2. Don’t eat vegetables.

3. Eat many fat. (little)

4. Eat the same things. (different)

5. Eat less fresh fruit. (more)

6. Eat a lot of salt. (little)

7. Eat a lot between meals. (don’t)

4.. Look at the black board

Match the proverbs with their translation

1Health is better than wealth. Кто рано ложится и рано встает, здоровье, богатство и ум наживет.

2. Eat at pleasure, drink with measure. Здоровье дороже богатства.

3. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Аппетит приходит во время еды.

4. Appetite comes with eating.Ешь вволю , пей в меру

5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Что полезно одному, то другому вредно .

6.One mans meat is another mans poison.Яблоко в день убережет тебя от посещения доктора.

5. I think you will agree with me if a person wants to be healthy he should have healthy habits. I suppose it will be interesting to ask our guests about their heath habits. Take question lists and interview teachers, after that Katy and Sasha combine the facts and make a report.




1. Is it easy or difficult for you to get up early?

2. Do you skip breakfast?

Is your lifestyle regular or chaotic?

Do you do morning exercising?

(дети проводят опрос и выводят результаты на экран)

6. T. You were asked the same questions. Let’s see what your attitude toward your heath is.

Vika, tell us about our results.(Ученица делает выводы об отношении к здоровью учеников 9 класса)Приложение№1

Acccording to a survey the pupils of our form do not take care about their health. The majorities of us skip breakfast. As far as I know skipping breakfast is bad for young people; It is easy for one pupil to get up early. Majority of us has chaotic lifestyle; but there is a good thing. All pupils of our form do morning exercising in the school.

T. And now it is time to see what our results are.

According to a survey the teachers take care\ do not take care about their health._____ people skip breakfast _____ people do\don’t do morning exerсising ; is it easy\difficult for_____ people to get up early; Majority of you have chaotic\regular lifestyle. There is no doubt you take care about your health. You can\ can’t be an example for you pupils.


7. Look. at the pictures. You see very thick people. Imagine that this pupil can listen to you. What would you give him to improve his health.

P1.He shouldn’t eat a lot of fat food and sugar. May be he has bad breath..

P2. I agree with you he should control his weight.

P3 He should eat more fruit and vegetables.

P4.He should take vitamins.

P5.To my mind he should go in for sport.

P6. I think he should move a lot.

P7 He should burn calories.

P8.I disagree with you for the first he should to go to the doctor. Thank you. It will help him.

8. T: Dear boys and girls! We are having a guest today. Let me introduce to you S. She is a young British doctor. She is going to tell your very important and interesting information. You are welcome. Ms. S

According to the Cancer Research Campaign British children are putting their health to risk by refusing to eat fruit and vegetables. More than 2 thousand boys and girls were questioned. One in 20 said they hadn’t eaten any vegetables, with one in 17 not eating any fruit.

The findings are alarming, because a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables could reduce the number of cancer deaths by up to a third.

Children’s eating habits would improve if parents stopped rewarding them with sweets.

It is important to make the foundations of a healthy lifestyle early.

9.Вопросы Т.

1 .What is the article about?

2. How many children were questioned?

3. How many children didn’t eat vegetables and fruit?

10.Комплексная релаксация Т.(включают тихую музыку)

I think you are tired a little. Let’s relax. Please shut your eyes. Imaging you are at the Black Sea now. It is summer. The weather is wonderful. The sky is blue. The sun is shining. A light wind is bowing from the sea. The water in the sea is warm and pleasant. You are lying on the beach and enjoying all these wonderful things. You are quiet. You have no problems. You you’re your family, your friends, your school, your teachers love you . You are happy. You have a good spirit. Please, breathe in. Breathe out\four times\ open your eyes now. How are you?

11.Let’s have a debating part of our lesson

I need 2 speakers judge a timekeeper and trainers.

Our topic will be «Health is the best wealth»

1. First will give arguments for.

2. Second will give arguments against.

You will be polite and tolerant to each other.

1. I have no problems with my health though I am a smoker and a bit overweight. I like smoking. It helps me to relax. I’ve been smoking since I was 12. All my friends are smokers. I know all the facts, but you live once, don’t you? So why not enjoy yourself?
2. I don’t agree with you. It is a bad habit. It may be dangerous for your health .Your teeth, your bad breath. And I know some firms don’t employ people who overweight or who are smokers. Think about yourself!
р3 You will be nervous.

1 .As for dieting I think it is dangerous. You are what you are. It is impossible to change. Besides, I like chocolate bars, ice-cream and the like. Eat only cucumbers? Never.

2. You are wrong. You should pay a lot of attention to your health. Try to do everything to be healthy. Keep your fit, go in for sport it will help you in your future life.

12.Критики поводят итоги дебатов и пишут

To finish with we’ll have to make up a Declaration of a healthy lifestyle.

  • give up smoking

  • don’t abuse alcohol

  • don’t overeat. Follow a healthy diet full of vitamins

- think positive and avoid stresses

Teacher. So thank you very much for your work . Your hometask is on the blackboard. Don’t forget to write.


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