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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыУрок-защита проектов в 8 классе «Путешествие моей мечты»

Урок-защита проектов в 8 классе «Путешествие моей мечты»


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Муниципальное казённое общеобразовательное учреждение

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Урок- защита проектов

«Путешествие моей мечты»



учителем второй

квалификационной категории

Сорокиной Т.С.



  1. повышать познавательный интерес к английскому языку, прививать интерес к путешествиям;

  2. развивать способности к логическому изложению, к догадке, развивать способность осуществлять продуктивные и репродуктивные речевые действия, развивать коммуникабельность;

  3. oвладеть лексическим материалом и расширить кругозор по теме “Путешествие”;

  4. формировать лексические и грамматические навыки говорения, обучать умению строить высказывания по модели.

Оснащение урока:

  1. иллюстративный материал по теме

  2. дидактические карточки – задания

  3. презентации учеников «Тайланд», «Хайнань», «Петербург», «Китай», « Египет», «Франция"

Ход урока

I. Организационный момент.

  • Good morning, students!

  • Good morning,teacher!

  • It’s good that we are together again,isnt’t?

  • Yes,it’s good!

  • It’s nice, isnt’t?

  • Yes, it’s nice!

  • It’s great, isnt’t?

  • Yes, it’s great!

II. Речевая разминка.

- Look at the blackboard. Here you can see some opinions about travelling. Read, translate and express your own attitude towards them, please:

I like to travel! It`s just great! Travel offers sense of freedom!”

Renee, 19

Travelling becomes more and more dangerous ...”

Elizabeth, 64

Usually I travel to relax and to learn something new ...”

Stuart, 28

- So you see that many men – many minds. And what do you think about travelling? Do you like to travel?

1. Where do you usually spend holidays?(in the village, abroad, in the hometown, travelling around the country)

2. What types of things do you like doing on your holiday? (go sightseeing visit museums swim sail sleep sunbathe play tennis see friends go fishing climb go to the theatre camp walk learn English)

3. Do you know where you are going next summer?

4.How do you prefer to travel?(by car,by air, by train, by sea,on foot)

III. Этап формирования лексических навыков говорения.

Now let`s try to answer the question of the lesson. The first model will helpyou. Here you can see some sentences. They are not complete. You should complete them with phrases given in the table.

P1: People like to travel with friends.

P2: Usually they travel for pleasure.

P3: When they travel they like to go sightseeing.


People like to travel ...


with friends

with parents

with a dog

with grandparents


Usually they travel ...

on business

for pleasure

in search of adventures

from curiousity

to see the beauty of the world


When they travel they like to ...

go shopping

meet new people

make new friends

go sightseeing

learn traditions of other countries


Because travelling is ...





good for health


But sometimes it can be ...







And still travelling ...

broadens our outlook

gives us life experience

leaves unforgettable impressions

helps us explore the world

allows us to understand other people better

Respond to the statements which you have in your cards and say about yourself. Use the example and do it one by one.

Т-P1: Most people like to travel with friends. And what about you?

Т-P2: I also like to travel with friends. Usually people travel for pleasure. And you?

Т-P3: I also travel for pleasure. Do you travel for pleasure?

1. I have never travelled alone. And you?

2. I love my dog. That`s why I always travel with my dog. And you?

3. Usually people travel for pleasure. Do you travel for pleasure?

4. Sometimes they travel in search of adventures or from curiosity. And you?

5. Teenagers don`t travel on business. And what can you say about yourself?

6. When tourists travel they want to see the beauty of the world. And you?

7. When people travel they want to go shopping and to go sightseeing. What about you?

8. When people travel they may make new friends and learn traditions of other countries. What do you think about it?

Работа в парах.

Agree or disagree with the following statements. Work in pairs. The models may be helpful.

P1: Businessmen usually travel from curiosity.

P2: No, you`re wrong. They don`t travel fron curiosity, they usually travel on business.

1. Teenagers usually travel with their parents.

2. Lonely people like to travel alone.

3. Tourists always travel on business.

4. An adventurer travels in search of adventures.

5. When young people travel they like to make new friends and to go sightseeing.

P1: Small children usually travel with parents or grandparents.

P2: Yes, you`re right. Small children usually travel with parents or grandparents.

1. Travelling is useful, enjoyable and good for health.

2. Usually travelling is dangerous and expensive.

3. Sometimes travelling can be disappointing and tiring.

4. People like to travel because it gives us life experience and helps us explore the world.

5. Travelling broadens our mind.


1. There are some character – sketches of different people. They express their attitude about travelling. Match the sketches and the people.

1. a businessman

2. an experienced traveller

3. a professor of History

4. a couch potato


A. He likes to travel alone or with his students. They travel from curiousity. They like to see the beauty of the world and learn traditions of other countries. They think that travelling is fascinating and enjoyable. It broadens our mind and allows us to understand other people better.

C. He likes to travel alone or with his friends. Usually he travels for pleasure or in search of adventures. When he travels he likes to go sightseeing or explore unknown places. He believes that travelling is exciting and gives us life experience.

B. He doesn`t like to travel at all. He believes that it`s better to stay at home, because travelling is dangerous, troublesome and expensive.

D. Usually he travels alone on business. When he travels he likes to meet new people. He thinks that travelling is useful but sometimes it`s a bit tiring.

There are 2 cards with different opinions. Find 4 words in each card which cannot go with the word “travelling”.

Example: Travelling can be useful, fantastic, and enjoyable. Travelling can`t be pretty.



terrific exciting pretty interesting useful fantastic intelligent perfect smart fascinating fresh amazing marvellous good for health great superb enjoyable

dangerous expensive disappointing exhausting tiring dreadful cold stormy troublesome windy awful nightmarish slow uninteresting horrible

Физминутка where can you stay to have a night, rest in another country? Yes, let’s stop at a hotel California.Let’s sing a song.

Защита проектов

Is there anywhere you would particularly like to visit? (Pupils answer the teacher`s question)So,we’ve come to the main part of our lesson-your projects ”Travelling of my dream”or “The best trip in my life”. Can you share your dreams or impressions with us?we’love to listen to you.

Others should estimate the projects. Put up one of the cards after the report. ( “Terrific!” “Amazing!” “Great! “Superb!” “Good” “Not bad” )

1.Коровушкина Оля Тайланд

2. Лахай Саша Хайнань

3.Чегодаев Денис Петербург

4. Короткова Вероника китай и египет

5. Логина Полина Франция

Travelling abroad

So, would you like to study abroad or travel around the world, become a diplomat or an international executive? If so, you'll need to be sensitive to your environment. Here is a quiz to check your knowledge of international etiquette.

  1. Which should you never offer a Moslem to eat?

  1. beef;

  1. pork.

  1. What do you have to do before you go into a mosque?

a) put on white clothes;

b) take off your shoes.

  1. At a traditional meal in India, you should eat:

  1. only with your right hand;

  1. only with your left hand.

4. In a Buddist country, you shouldn't:

  1. pat a child's head;

  1. hold hands with a child.

6. Which is banned in Singapore?

  1. alcohol;

  1. chewing gum.

7. Which colour is worn at a traditional Chinese funeral?

  1. black;

  1. white.

9. What do Italians do at midnight on New Year's Eve?

  1. throw old things out of the windows;

  1. sit on the floor and hold hands.

10. If you're invited to a meal in Brazil, you should arrive:

  1. shortly before the stated time;

  1. some time after the stated time.

11 . On holiday in Spain, you are invited to go on a paseo. This:

  1. a walk?

  1. a picnic?

12. In Russia, what do you do before going on an important journey?

  1. kiss your hat;

  1. sit in silence for a short time.

On this lesson you’ve answered the question why people travel, you spoke English much,you were very creative with your homework. Thanks to everybody,bye!

Текст выступления учащихся

Korotkova Veronika

1.First of all I’d like to visit Egypt.

2. First place I would like to visit is Chair-there is a wonderful Egypt museum.

3. I would go to Giza, it’s impossible to be in Chair and not to see the most splendid from all ancient museums.

4. I dream to see the tomb at Beni-Hasan

4. One more Egypt sight is this temple of Seti I

5. Inside there are 7 chapels devoted to a God whom people worshipped in Obidose.

6. The temple of Gor is built on the place of a battle between Set and Gor. I wish to visit it too.

7. The last but not the least sight I want to see in Egypt is the temple of Ramzes II in Abu-Simbel.

8. This temple was built in honour of reigning at those times Ramzes II

9.I wish my dream come true.

I like this country very much. I travel to enjoy the beauty of the country. This year we visited a tea ceremony. I was in the Mammoths’ Museum. We did a lot of sightseeing in Manchuria. From “Mountain of Love” all the city is seen. There is a registry office and a monument to eternal love. We visited Chinese disco. We were in the park with singing fountains. There are many nest-dolls (“matreshkas”) of enormous size. The biggest one has size of 5 floor house. We had dinner in the restaurant “Oasis” where exotic plants grow. We saw Chinese grandmothers and grandfathers in beautiful clothes dancing in the street. So that was the travelling of my dream.

Mitrofanova Nastya

  • My biggest daydream is to visit France. Paris is enormous city where different folks are mixed. There are many historical monuments and museums.

  • I should like to visit Art Museum where pictures of great artists are kept. Eiffel Tower has become the visiting card of Paris since 1889.

  • I want to visit Notr Dam De Pari. Also I’d go to the capital of China - Beijing. I’d like to see Great Chinese wall, which length hasn’t been measured exactly untill nowdays.

  • I want to visit England too. So those were the countries I want to visit most of all.

Akbashev John

Travel helps as to explore the world.Travel helps as to understand other people better. I would like to go to England. It is a very beautiful country. The Center of England is London.it’s most attractive place for me.

First of all I’d like to visit Big Ben. Big Ben is an integral part of the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is the name given to the clock on one of the towers of the Houses of Parliament. The clock with its bell is named after sir Benjamin hall the chief commissioner of works when the houses of parliament were rebuilt in 1850. Sir Benjamin Hall was a very tall and stout man. His nickname was Big Ben. The clock was the largest in the world and still the largest in Great Britain. The clock faces have a diameter of almost 25ft(7/5m),the hour hand is 9ft or 2/7m long and the minute hand is 14ft(4/25/) long.

Also I’d like to see The Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge , named after its two impressive towers, is one of London's best known landmarks. This Victorian Bridge is now more than 100 years old. Designed by Wolfe Barry and Horace Jones, and completed in 1894, the middle of the bridge can be raised to permit large vessels to pass the Tower Bridge. It used to be raised about 50 times a day, but nowadays it is only raised 4 to 5 times a week.

The bridge is 60 meter (197 ft) long and its towers rise to a height of 43 meter. From the top of the towers, you have a great view on the center of London. You can also visit the inside of the tower, where you can observe the original mechanism used to raise the bridge.

then I would go Madame Tussaud’s Museum.There are wax figures of famous people. London is a very beautiful city.I would like to go there.

Korovushkina Olga

I like to travel, because it helps us to investigate the world and understand people better.

This year my family and I went to the country of orchids- Thailand. First place we went sightseeing was the river Kvaj.On the way we visited coconut plantation, houses of a Thai farmer, then we went to the floating market Damnen Saduak, driven by boats along the channels. Walking by boats, we saw people living in houses built on water . I saw cocoas and banana trees so closely for the first time .

After that we went to the manufacture of hand-made furniture being under home nursing of the king.

We also visited Elephants’ Village situated in the jungles. On the way we saw wild monkeys. In the Elephant Village about forty elephants live and work in almost natural conditions. After the fascinating walk on elephants we were invited to the elephant show where elephants played football, basketball, threw darts, did massage and studied Art – they were painting on T-shirts which then were sold to spectators, and for such funny show elephants were given bananas and money.

After the Elephants’ Village we went to the cave of Buddha where we could make a Buddhist ceremony and got prediction for the future. In this cave an eremite lives who cleaned it from time to time . Also this cave is protected by a baboon. It can bite you If it doesn’t like you . Not far from this cave there is “death road”. This road is named so because it has been constructed in 1912 year, and never restored.

We had a stop at falls Sajok ache, where we took a lot of nice pictures of majestic wall. Now it is a great memory.

After sightseeng we had a romantic supper under the star sky in a floating hotel, listening to the mysterious sounds of jungles.

Then my parents and I visited a bench of the local doctor who prepares the medicines from local plants very and very skillfully.At the end of that excursion each tourist could receive a pineapple

just having been torn away.

Also we went to the Versailles garden where the botanical garden was stretched on hundreds of hectares.

Also we had a trip to an island in the distance of twenty five kilometers from Pottage. The sand was much lighter than usually, ‘white’. This island has a trade of pearls and cockleshells. There was also an excursion to a jeweler factory in a special car. A guide told us the story about the origin of jewels.

More than that we had a journey to China- Manchuria and Beijing. Although we also were

in those cities for a little time, nevertheless we noticed a difference between them.

Manchuria is a trading city where it’s possible to arrange the auction, but there are many

poor people. There is one feature in this city- those tourists who speak Chinese with sellers

Can get a purchase for free. Beijing is a rich city and of men of means. Clothes , make- ups,

hairdressers differ in many ways from the previous city. In Beijing we didn’t see ‘ the nest’,

but we saw it when we went by plane on the way back .

So that was the best trip in my life!

Kutsenko Alyona

  • I like to travel with my friends and parents. My daydream is to visit two places -Egypt and Emirates. These countries are so beautiful and ancient. First of all I would like to visit Egypt.

  • In Egypt I want to visit the Heops’s pyramid and to listen to the guide about this pyramid to tell my friends afterwards. I want to see the sphinx very much and examine it from all the sides.

  • The Emirates in general that splendid place I’ve heard and seen on television set. I was impressed by the beauty of that country , so it’s now in my plans for the future.

  • Egypt helps me to study myths about pyramids .I think I’ll visit these countries with my own friends and parents someday.

Chegodaev Denis & Gomzyakov Slava

Sights of St.-Petersburg

The northern capital … a city of white nights and drawbridges, beautiful sights, rich in historical persons and unpredictable weather.

At all rights it is possible to consider St.-Petersburg as one of the most beautiful cities of the world and cultural capital of Russia. Each visitor of the city can make sure of it. Petersburg attracts tourists not only by cultural-historical riches, but also with quality of service.

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of Petersburg is its architectural shape, sights of Petersburg. The city was built up under the direction of Trezini, Rastrelli, Kvasov, Voronihin, Rossi, Stasov, Kvarengi, Monfferan and other architects.

Now Petersburg is a city of architectural harmony and the European elegance, a strict combination of architecture of different epoch and various architectural styles. St.-Petersburg suggests the visitors to visit more than 170 museums.

One of the most known and huge museums of the world - the Hermitage - is located in St.-Petersburg. The museum complex includes seven buildings, the Neva located on quay, Palace Square and Millionth street. The Hermitage collection totals more than three million exhibits presented in 400 halls. To get acquainted with such collection one will have to visit the museum not once or twice.

The world's largest exhibition of Russian fine arts is the State Russian museum. The collection of the Russian museum includes about 400 000 exhibits.

One more sight of Petersburg is one of the largest cathedrals of the world, the biggest in Petersburg, the former main cathedral of Russia - the Isaakievsky cathedral. The cathedral was under construction 40 years under the project of August Monferan. The temple is capable to contain 10 thousand persons. There are 400 kg of gold,

16 tons of malachite have left.

It was built according to the last achievements of engineering and still now excites imagination by its design.

Here are some places of St.-Petersburg I would like to visit Thousand of tourists from all over the world come here to see the sights of this great city every year. St.-Petersburg is called "An open-air museum “
I wish my dream to visit this "museum“ come true.

Sorokin Sergey

  • Hello!
    I have already had a traveling of my dream. It happened this summer. My parents and I visited Shumak. It is very beautiful there. Clean air, picturesque nature and a round splinted mountainous view.
    There are curatives springs on Shumak. people from all the planet visit it: England,France,USA,and other countries come here every year. Thank you for attention!

Firchuk Zhanna

I like to travel very much, but most of all beauty and mistery attract me . If it were possible to travel not only in space, but also in time, my travel would be such:

First I would visit Egypt - the most mysterious place. Territory of Egypt is one of the most ancient centers of civilization.

In it I would like to look at Heops’ pyramid in Giza - a tomb of the Egyptian pharaon of IV dynasty . This pyramid is the highest pyramid of Ancient Egypt, and the only one from all, I pointed below, the monument has been kept till now.

In Alexandria there was an Alexandria beacon that helped ships. Its light was visible in huge distance from the coast even in a foggy day.

Then I would attend Greece.

In Olympia there was Zeus statue earlier. Zeus is the Supreme god in Greek mythology . Having overthrown the father of titan Kronosain Tartar, he became the lord of gods and people.

Rodoss Colossus is an ancient greek bronze statue of the god Gelios. The colossus was created by Hares for a harbour in Lindos; it was put in honour of Selevk's I victory over Demetrij Poliorket. The colossus fell to the ground in 224 b. c. during the earthquake, most likely, its remains were melted in Middle Ages. The statue has not been restored yet.

After I would move to the territory of Turkey.

In Galikarnas the mausoleum was erected to the governor Mavsolu by his wife Artemisiya. Only ruins from the mausoleum remained at present times.

In Efes the temple in honour of the goddess Artemis - the goddess of hunting, the patroness of pregnant womenwas built.

At the end of my travel I would like to visit in Babylon the most beautiful, in my opinion, a monument - Semiramida's hanging gardens, by legend, created for her by her husband the tsar Navuhodornos 2. Semiramida - tsarina of Assyria who conducted aggressive wars in Mussel. However, it’s not true, because Semiramida ruled in 9 century B.C., but gardens were constructed in 6 century.

I must say that I have chosen those places not casually, in fact they are 7 ancient miracles of the world - the well-known list of the most glorified sights.

Naumova Kristina & Dubovaya Elena

I advise you to visit one of the the most luxurous hotels in Dubai.

This is Burj Al Arab, the single hotel in the world with 7 stars, which was built for one and a half year...

and opened their door in 2003..... This hotel is found in Dubai, Arabic Emirates. Yes, much oil and much money....Only to enter and look costs 60. Can you imagine how much it costs to spend a night there..?

.... In a small room, like this.... Or this Well, I can say : you can enjoy the night in one of those luxary

room for small price from $7,500 till $15,000... You can have dinner in such restaurant You can swim in one of multiple pools.... Take shower or bath here...You can swim in one of multiple pools.... You can swim in one of multiple pools....to meet with partners... ... or play tennis with Nadalom... Madly, isn’t it? And who worries about the ball flies off? For the cost of 1 hour of the play on the court it’s possible to buy thousand balls...You see the Winter under the Roof , can you ski, when outside is +35? С... Yes, this too is in Dubai It was several years ago… And now... That is that. Great, isn’t it..?(see the size of palms...) This is a virtual model of Burj Tower In 2008, it became the highest in the world. This is a virtual model of Burj Tower In 2008, it became the highest in the world. This is the largest park in world and it will be finished in 2009 Dubailand We shall be able to see dinosaur life-sized This complex from 40 buildings on beach residence Dzhumeyra This scheme of the development of the zone Marina Dubai Dzhumeyra Palms - the most small palm , which we see on the plan... Building are located on frond The view from a plane, the hotel Burj Al Arab The Type with air of the zone Dzhumeyra..... This stem of the palm This is World : imitating card of the world, group island whole in $ 7 milions. Note: To get to the private island you need the helicopter or motorboat. And finally, see at revolving skyscraper.... Tower of 250 metres has 59 floors installed on concrete base, which serves the axis for rotation. The Floors will be in collected condition and is strung on peg of the building. This is an italian project and is not yet completed. The Design costs 500 million backs.

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