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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Методическая разработка открытого урока английского языка по теме "КОНФЛИКТ ПОКОЛЕНИЙ"
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Методическая разработка открытого урока английского языка по теме "КОНФЛИКТ ПОКОЛЕНИЙ"


Разработка отрытого урока в 10 классе по теме

« Конфликт поколений»

Тема: Жизнь общества

Подтема: Конфликт поколений

Задачи урока:

Образовательные: расширить словарный запас; совершенствовать грамматические навыки, навыки аудирования;

развивать навыки говорения и чтения.

Развивающие: развивать навыки межличностного общения, мышления, творческую инициативу, способность говорить экспромтом; повышать удельный вес самостоятельной работы.

Воспитательные: воспитывать чувство коллективизма, сочувствие к человеческим проблемам; акцентировать внимание на высоких моральных ценностях.

Оборудование: мультимедийная доска, слайд-шоу «Is it easy to be a teenager?», запись песни «Nobodys Hero», презентация к чтению «Three Guests», раздаточ-ный материал для чтения, тест для аудирования, оценочный тест.

Тип урока: закрепление знаний, умений и навыков.

I. Вступительная часть.

1. Приветствие.

- Good morning, dear friends!

Today some guests are present at our lesson. I’m happy greet you on behalf of all my pupils.

2. Введение в иноязычную атмосферу.

- Today we are going to speak about wonderful time, full of romantics, inspiration, search, disappointments and finds.

Look through a slide-show I’ve prepared for you. Guess what time I mean and try to answer the question, given at the end of the show.

Просмотр презентации «Is It Easy to Be a Teenager?».

  • So, the time when the person tries to find his place in the world is called…( Youth)

  • Now, let’s find the answer to the question «Is It Easy to Be a Teenager?»

(Let me act as a reporter who interviews young people for a youth magazine «TeenLife»). «Микрофон»


-Is it easy to be a teenager?

-I don’t think so, because we have to come across some problems, such as important exams, the choice of future profession.

-Is it really difficult time?

-It is. It’s time of hard work and conflicts at school.

-What’s your opinion?

-I don’t think so. It’s beautiful time romantic adventures and love.

-What’s your point of view?

-Sometimes young people face such serious problems as smoking, alcohol and drugs. It makes them unhappy.

-What do you think of this time?

-In my opinion it’s cool to be young because you are healthy, active and fun-loving. You can even be irresponsible and lazy.

-What about your family relationships?

-Frankly speaking, it’s the time when I feel misunderstanding and pressure in my family.

3.Сообщение темы и задач урока.

-By the way, recently I’ve come across a letter sent to our magazine. The author of it is a fifteen year-old girl. Let’s find out what made her write the letter to «TeenLife».

One of the pupils reads the letter.

Dear TeenLife,

I am a 15 year-old girl and the only child.

My problem is that my parents don’t let me go out anywhere. I can’t go to parties or discos like others of my age. My parents are also suspicious of my friends and keep asking me questions. Even if I am only a few minutes late coming back home, they ask me too many questions which start with

Where? Why? Who?

What can I do to help my parents believe me?


T-Can you say by your own experience that such a problem, let’s call it Generation Gap, really exists?

P- As for me I can. My friends and me often face it.

-Then, let it be the topic of our today’s discussion. We’ll find out the reasons for the problem and offer some solutions to it.

-Is the topic interesting and actual for you? (Of course, it is.)

-What are your expectations of the lesson?

-I expect to enlarge my vocabulary on the topic.

-I believe I’ll get a real opportunity to participate in the discussion.

- I hope to show my better knowledge of English.

-I’d like to get some pieces of advice how cope with my own family problems.

-OK, then. Off we go!

II.Основная часть

-The first thing I’d like you to do is to split into two teams: «Parents « and «Children». Choose the leader to coordinate the work of the group. Introduce them, please.

1.Совершенствование грамматических навыков.

Выполнение упражнения на употребление придаточных условных предложений II типа.

T- It’s an open secret different conflicts are the reason for the generation gap.

Misunderstanding and disagreements destroy family relationships.

What are these disagreements? Let’s discuss them.

Express your ideas using the second Conditionals.

Brush up the grammar rule:

We use …(Past Simple)in the if-clause (don’t forget about the verb «to be» which is always expressed as «were»), and would + Indefinite Infinitive in the main clause.

Second Conditional

If Past Simple + Would Indefinite Infinitive

If I were you, I’d …

Parents: -If I were you I wouldn’t say angry and rude words to parents.

Children: -If I were in your shoes I would let your children go out everywhere.

P. –If I were a child I wouldn’t make a mess and help about the house more willingly.

Ch. – I wouldn’t be suspicious of children’s friends, if I were a parent.

P. -I wouldn’t upset parents with bad marks, if I were a teenager.

Ch. – I wouldn’t punish children, if I were Mom or Dad. I would talk to them more.

P. - I wouldn’t stay late when I go out with friends, if I were young.

Ch. – I would give a child more freedom and more pocket money, if I were you.

T- Thank you for your arguments. To my mind mutual respect and understanding is the way to overcome family disagreements.

2. Развитие навыков аудирования.

Pre-listening activities

T - Parents-children relations can be sometimes very complicated. But when we grow up we realize that our parents are the dearest people.

-By the way, can you say that your parents are special for you?

P. – As for me , I can. They are the only people with whom I can feel protected and safe.

- Listen to a song «Nobody’s Hero» . Can you predict what the song is going to be about just looking at the title.

P. –Perhaps, the song is about a lonely person.

-It seems to me it’s about a person who has complicated relations with other people.

- OK , we’ll see if your ideas are true.

Children are listening to a song.

After-listening activities.

T- I hope you enjoyed the song. Now, be ready to do the following tasks.

  1. Suggest the alternative title to the song.

  2. Formulate the main idea of the song.

  3. Name the wrong things farther did.

  4. Complete the sentence «Son was proud of his Dad because…»

Students are writing the test.

-You’re welcome to check up your answers. Here are the keys.

3.Развитие навыков чтения.

«Scrammbled text»

T - I’d like to offer you three very important things in people’s life: wealth, success and love. They are real values for each family. Which of them would you choose.

P -I’d prefer wealth because parents should provide their children with comfortable life.

- I’d choose. Where there is love, there is happiness.

- I’d rather have success because it helps a person to be wealthy and happy.

  • T – Arrange parts of the text together to get the story about family values. You’ve got a set of the parts of the text on your desks.

  • What proverb would be the title to the text?

  • Men build houses, women make homes.

  • There is no place like home.

  • Where love is, all is.

  • My home is my castle.

Students are reading and matching the parts of the text.

  • What title would you suggest for the text?

  • Compare your ideas with the original.

Students are reading the text in the slide-show.

-So, what are the results? My congratulations!

- What other values do you consider to be important for perfect family relations?

P – Mercy, faith, togetherness, support, patience, understanding, respect, trust, dignity of one’s personality, sympathy, communication, goodness, peace...

-I see. Let this starfall of values never leave your home!

-Let’s make a list of wishes for parents and children using values mentioned above.

-Where there is pain, I wish you peace and sympathy.
- Where there is self-doubting, I wish you confidence in your ability.
- Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I wish you patience, and strength.
- Where there is fear, I wish you dignity in your personality and courage !

-Where there is misunderstanding, I wish you trust and support.

-Where there is anger, I wish you goodness and mercy.

-Where there is loneliness, I wish you communication and togetherness.

-Where there is unhappiness, I wish you faith and love.

T- Let your wishes come true.

III.Заключительная часть.


T - Our lesson is coming to the end.

What are your impressions of it? Complete the following sentences:

  • The lesson was interesting/ informative/useful … (The lesson was interesting, informative and exciting.)

  • I enjoyed… (I enjoyed slide-shows and music very much.)

  • I didn’t manage to… (I didn’t manage to understand the song properly.)

  • I didn’t like… (I didn’t like use of grammar structures very much because it’s my week point.)

  • I’ll continue to think over eternal human values.( Of course, I shall. They are worth thinking over.)

  • excited me most. ( The fact that some young people destroy their lives excited me most.)

  • It was difficult for me to… (It was difficult for me to arrange the parts of the scrambled text quickly.)

2.Домашнее задание.

Your home- assignment for the next lesson is to respond to Susan’s letter.

  • Tell her how you build relationships with your parents.

  • What helps you to overcome misunderstanding which happens sometimes?

What type of writing is it? (It’s personal and social writing.)

Determine the style of the letter (It’s semiformal.)

Don’t forget about the structure of the letter:


3. Подведение итогов.

-Thank you for being active during the lesson. It was a real pleasure for me to cooperate with you.

- Your marks are…

-In conclusion I’d like children and parents to remember wise thoughts:



  • Have a nice day!

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