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Методические материалы по теме "There is/are"


There is. There are.

Упражнение 2. Вставьте is или are.

There _____ two cups of tea on the table. There _____ some milk in the cup. There _____ an orange in the salad. There _____ six balls in the box. There _____ some cheese on the plate. There ______ a blue chair at the door. There _____ five chicks and a hen on the farm. There _____ a table and nine desks in the classroom. There _____ a big window to the left of the door. There _____ three rooms in our country house. _____ there three cups on the coffee-table? ____ there a carpet on the floor? There _____ no cats in the sitting room. There_____ a cat on the table. There_____ 3 dogs in the box There _____4 hens in the house. There _____ a pot on the table. _____ there a bathroom near the kitchen?    _____ there four rooms in the house? _____  there a kitchen under your bedroom?

  Упражнение 3. Write in There's / There’re.

_________ some sandwiches in the fridge. _________ a biscuit on the plate. _________ some jam on the table. _________ some cornflakes in the cupboard. _________ some sugar in the glass. _________ two cups of tea on the table.

Упражнение 4. Write in Is there or Are there.

Go to your kitchen. Give short answers.

Yes, there is.         Yes, there are.      No, there isn't.        No, there aren't.

……….there any sausages in the fridge? No, there …………….

……….there any sugar in the cupboard? Yes, there…………

…………there any rolls on the table? No, there………………….

……………..there any eggs in the fridge? No, there………………

…………. there any jam in the fridge? Yes, there…………………….

…………..there any biscuits in the cupboard? Yes, there………….

Упражнение 6. Составь и запиши предложения.

1. pears / there / ten / in the / are / bag / .

2. aren’t / pupils / there / classroom / in the / .

3. an egg / on the / there / plate / is / ?

4. on the / there / a / cat / chair / is / white / .

5. a turtle / on / there / isn’t / farm / this / .

6. at the / two / bikes / door / are / there / ?  

Упражнение 8. Circle the correct word.

There is / There are a big hall downstairs.

There is / There are two bathrooms upstairs. There is / There are beautiful trees in the garden. There is / There are a kitchen downstairs. There is / There are three bedrooms in the house  

Упражнение 10. Write in There's / There’re.

There________ a kitten in the kitchen. There____two puppies in the bathroom. There______five mice in the living-room. There_______a hamster in the hall. There_____three tortoises in the bedroom. There_____ three mice under the cupboard. There_____four tortoises under the carpet. There________ a cat near the cupboard. There______two dolls on the chair.There_______ a rabbit under the chair.

Упражнение 11. Circle the correct answer.

1.Is there a fridge in the kitchen? a Yes, there is.              b. No, there isn't.

2. Are there two cupboards in the kitchen? a. Yes, there are.           b. No, there aren't.

3. Are there any telephones in the kitchen? a. Yes, there are.           b. No, there aren't.

4. Is there a cooker in the kitchen? a Yes, there is.            b. No, there isn't.

Упражнение 12. Circle the correct word. Give short answers about your room.

Is / Are there a sofa in the room?

Is / Are there any chairs?

Is / Are there any lamps?

Is / Are there a wardrobe in the room?

Is / Are there two armchairs?

Is / Are there a carpet on the floor?

Упражнение 13. Write in isn't or aren't.

There ________a sofa in the room. There ________any armchairs. There ________ any lamps. There ________a bookcase. There ________a bed. There________any books.  

Упражнение 15. Write the sentences in your exercise-book.

1. the living-room / There's / in / a sofa

2. in / isn't / the kitchen / There / a mirror /

3. the bedroom / there / in / Are / beds / two / ?

4. Are / wardrobes / the hall / there / in / two /?

5. a lamp / there / Is / room / your / in / ?

  Упражнение 16 Circle the correct sentence.

1 A. There are armchair in the room.    B. There are two armchairs in the room.

2. A. There's a sofa in the bedroom?   B. Is there a sofa in the bedroom?

3. A. There's a TV in the flat.      B. This is a TV in the flat.

4.A. Are there chairs in the hall?   B. Are there any chairs in the hall?  

Упражнение 17. Make up sentences.

1) the bathroom, a mirror, in, is, there.

2) 3 chairs, are, there, the table, near.

3) behind, a lake, is, the house, there?

4) many, there, in, toys, the box, are?

5) isn't, in, a cat, there, the bedroom  

Упражнение 19. Fill in is/are, was/were.

There _______ two banks in our street. There _____ a cafe behind the supermarket last year. Now there _______ a museum there. There _____ a cinema and a sports centre to the right of the park. Five years ago there_____two shops in Central Square. Now there_____ two cafes, a theatre and a cinema.  

1.   Choose was or werehello_html_59875abe.pnghello_html_59875abe.png

2.   Complete with was or werehello_html_59875abe.pnghello_html_59875abe.png hello_html_6b9d4dbe.gif sad because I broke Mrs Smith's window.

He hello_html_6b9d4dbe.gif born in 1995.

3.  Complete with there was or there werehello_html_59875abe.png

Упражнение 1. Поставьте there is / there isn't / there are / there aren't / is there?/ are there?

1. Dunford is a very modern town. There___________ many old buildings.

2. Look!There____________________a photograph of George in the newspaper!

3. Excuse me. _______there a restaurant near here?

4. There_______ five people in my family: my parents, my two sisters and me.

5. We can't take any photographs. There__________a film in the camera.

6. How many students_________ there in your class? 

7. Where can we sit?____________there any chairs.

8. __________there  a bus from the city centre to the airport?

Упражнение 3. Поставьте there is / there isn't / there are / there was / there wasn't / was there? / there were / there weren't / were there?

1. I was hungry but there_______anything to eat.

2. __________there  any letters for me yesterday?

3. There_________ a football match on TV last night but I didn’t see it.

4. “We stayed at a nice hotel.” ‘Did you?_________ there a swimming-pool?”

5. The suitcase was empty. There______________any clothes in it.

6. When we arrived at the cinema, there__________a long queue outside.

7. I found a wallet in the street but there____________any money in it.

8. “________ there  many people at the meeting?” “No, very few.”

9. There _________ 24 hours in a day.

10. We can’t visit the museum. There___________enough time.

11. I’m sorry I’m late. There__________ too many cars in the street.

12. The radio wasn’t working because there____________ any batteries in it.

13. Ten years ago there_______500 children at the school. Now there________over a thousand.

14. Look! This bag is empty. There_______ nothing in it.

15. There______ twelve students in my group.



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