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My plans for the future

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Открытый урок по английскому языку

Тема урока: My plans for the future

Цели урока:

1)образовательная - к концу урока учащиеся должны сказать

3-4 предложения о своих планах на Новый год

2)развивающая – развивать коммуникативные умения учеников

3)воспитательная – воспитывать умения планировать своё время

Оборудование: раздаточный материал,№1(handout№1),№2,№3,

презентация, отрывок мультфильма, песня (слова песни) Jingle Bells

Ход урока:

Greeting and Aim.

Good morning dear boys and girls. I’m glad be with you today. It will be a New Year in two weeks. And we are going to speak about our plans for the New Year Eve. So, the theme of our lesson is «My plans for the future».By the end of this lesson we should be able to tell about our plans for future holidays

Введение в иноязычную среду.

1. But first introduce yourselves, please (play with ball)

What’s you name?

How old are you?

What’s your neighbor’s name?

What season is it now? - What season will be next?

What month is it now?-What month will be next?

What day is it today?-What day will be in a day?

Do you like English?

2. Let us practice some English sounds слайд (English sounds) listen to me and repeat after me altogether.

3. Read the words one by one

4. Now let’s work in the groups

Divide please into two teams and do task on the cards. You have 3 minutes

By the end of this stage we will able to match words with the pictures and the collage will be a result of work. Which team will be the first? Start, please!

Приложение №1)

5. Tell me please: did you like to celebrate a New Year? It’s my favorite holiday, because it recollects me the smell of childhood.

Will you decorate the New Year Tree?

Today each of you will decorate the New Year Tree with your plans for the future.

Let us work in pair.

First we will match the word combination with their Russian equivalents. (Приложение № 2)

6. We continue to work in pairs. I give you some envelopes. In each of them you will find one sentence developed into pieces. Collect from these pieces one sentence. Puzzle them into a paper ball. (Приложение № 3)

Now read and decorate our New Year Tree. (Физкульт.минутка)

Wonderful. Now you’re flying. Good job.

7. Children, let’s relax and watch a moment of cartoon «Once upon a Christmas» c «Gift of the magi».

  • Do you remember this melody?

  • What is this melody?

  • Do you know the words of this song?

This is popular Jingle Bells song. It’s became very popular in our country too.

Let’s repeat and then sing this song. (Приложение №4 «текст песни»)


Поем Lets sing

танцуем Let’s dance.

8. Закрепление.

Next task is to answer on my questions and then ask the neighbors (игра с мячом)

  • Will you play snowballs?

  • Will you sing Jingle Bells?

  • Will you have winter holidays?

Continue please this game with your questions (mingling).Let’s work in chain

9. Домашняя работа.

Home work: write down please a letter to your friends about what will you to do for the future holidays, if you want you can draw a picture about your plans for the future.

10. Подведение итогов, рефлексия.

At the end of our lesson I want to know do you like or do not like the lesson.

We decorate our New Year Tree with the star. If you like the lesson take please yellow rays and put it on the top of he star, if you don’t like the lesson use black one.

Thank you for your work at the lesson .You make me happy. The lesson is over.

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