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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Открытое мероприятие "Достопримечательности Лондона"
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Открытое мероприятие "Достопримечательности Лондона"


Приложение 3

Faces of London

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 5-6 классов общеобразовательной школы

Цели внеклассного мероприятия:

1. Практические:

  • развитие умения аудировать;

  • активизация лексики по теме «Достопримечательности Лондона»

  • развитие говорения (умения сообщать, объяснять, рассказывать).

2. Образовательные:

  • приобретение знаний по теме «Достопримечательности Лондона»

  • знакомство с достопримечательностями Лондона.

3. Воспитательные:

  • воспитание положительного отношения к культуре народа изучаемого языка;

4. Развивающие:

  • развитие исследовательских способностей учащихся;

  • развитие умения общаться, а также таких черт характера как трудолюбие, целеустремленность, активность, самостоятельность, инициативность.


  • компьютер, мультимедийный проектор;

  • экран (для показа презентации в Prezi;

Ход мероприятия

Слайд 1: комната ребенка в квартире

Мальчик учит английский дома и засыпает за учебником и видит сон

Слайд 2: самолет, стюардесса

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight 4B7 with service from Nizhnevartovsk to London. We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately seven minutes time. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off. Please turn off all personal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones. Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. Thank you for choosing Mountain Airlines. Enjoy your flight.

Слайд 3: аэропорт Хитроу, двухэтажный автобус

Мальчик просыпается и удивляется, что он в Лондоне, попадает на экскурсию по городу

Слайд 6-8: Экскурсия по Лондону. Биг Бен.

Perhaps even small children know what a Big Ben is. Firstly, it’s the symbol of Great Britain and one of the most beautiful sights of London. Secondly, it’s the largest and the most famous clock in the world. Originally, Big Ben is a tower. It’s one of the highest towers of Westminster Palace. Officially, the clock has started its work on 31 May 1859. According to one of the theories the clock has been named Big Ben after Sir Benjamin Hall, who directed work on the casting of the bell. Another theory claims that it has been named after Benjamin Caunt, who was one of the well-known heavyweight boxers of the 19th century. Surprisingly, the tower of Big Ben used to be a prison where over riotous parliamentarians were kept. Big Ben has become a popular souvenir for tourists.

Слайд 9: Вестминстерское аббатство

One of the most attractive constructions is Westminster Abbey. It attracts visitors not only with its architectural glory but also with its rich history and cultural importance. Westminster Abbey is the place where many outstanding Englishmen are buried, among them well-known poets, writers, scientists, statesmen, painters and many others. Many people who visit the Abbey want to commemorate such great men as William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Robert Burns, Bernard Show, Lord Byron, Walter Scott, Geoffrey Chaucer, and many others. 

Слайд 12: Тауер

The Tower of London is one of the most interesting historic sights of London. It is situated in the center of London on the north bank of the River Thames. The Tower was founded during the Norman Conquest of England sometimes at the end of 1066. It has 20 towers and the most important of all is the White Tower, which was built by William the Conqueror. The Tower has a long and rich history. It has once been a royal palace, a fortress, a prison, a place of execution and even a zoo. Today, it’s mainly a historical museum. 

Слайд 14

Букингемскмй дворец

Buckingham Palace is one of the major tourist attractions in London. It is the official residency o the British monarchy. At the moment British monarchy is led by Queen Elizabeth II. Each time the royal family is in the palace, a flag flies on the roof. 

Слайд 15

Британский Музей

Виртуальная Экскурсия


The British Museum houses the world's largest[h] and most comprehensive collection of Egyptian antiquities (with over 100,000[54] pieces) outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. A collection of immense importance for its range and quality, it includes objects of all periods from virtually every site of importance in Egypt and the Sudan. Together they illustrate every aspect of the cultures of the Nile Valley (including Nubia), from the Predynastic Neolithic period (c. 10,000 BC) through to the Coptic (Christian) times (12th century AD), a time-span over 11,000 years The seven permanent Egyptian galleries at the British Museum, which include its largest exhibition space (Room 4, for monumental sculpture), can display only 4% of its Egyptian holdings16-17Department of Greece and Rome[edit]

The British Museum has one of the world's largest and most comprehensive collections of antiquities from the Classical world, with over 100,000 objects. These mostly range in date from the beginning of the Greek Bronze Age (about 3200 BC) to the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine I in the 4th century AD18

3 May 2014 – 15 March 2015. This exhibition will trace the development of the fashionable white wedding dress and its treatment by key fashion designers. 20 September 2014 - 11 January 2015. Constable: The Making of Master reveals the hidden stories of how John Constable created some of his most loved and well-known paintings. 

Now you see

Self-portrait, John Constable, c. 1799-1804, pencil and black chalk heightened with white and red chalk.

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop’s Ground, 1823, oil on canvas, drawn by John Constable

The British Museum library is now named the British national library. It was formed in 1973 from the British Museum library and other national collections. It has a copy of every book that is printed in the English language, so that there are more than six million books there. They receive nearly two thousand books and papers daily. The British Museum Library has a very big collection of printed books and manuscripts, both old and new

Музей Мадам Тюссо

Виртуальная Экскурсия

the museum of Madame Tussaud was first opened in London in 1835. The founder, Marie Tussaud, was originally from Strasbourg. She was taught the art of wax modelling when she was a teenager. Approximately at the age of 17 she created her first wax figure of Voltaire. Today, her museum contains hundreds of wax figures of prominent people: sportsmen, politicians, singers, actors and actresses, etc. Moreover, the museum of Madame Tussaud has now branches in many other cities across the world. Осматривая экспонаты в музее, ученик натыкается на одноклассницу, которая поет песню на английском языке, дети танцуют.

Вбегает друг нашего героя и будит его со словами: «Просыпайся, надо английский на завтра учить!»

D:\Лилия\ПК\уч год 14-15\мероприятие МУзеи Лондона\DSC02490.JPG

D:\Лилия\ПК\уч год 14-15\мероприятие МУзеи Лондона\DSC02496.JPG

D:\Лилия\ПК\уч год 14-15\мероприятие МУзеи Лондона\DSC02497.JPG D:\Лилия\ПК\уч год 14-15\мероприятие МУзеи Лондона\DSC02491.JPG

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