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План конспект на тему '"Christmas with Ben"

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Form ----2 term Date_______

The theme of the lesson: Lesson 3. Christmas with Ben.

The Aims of the lesson:

1. Educational. To learn to talk about family holidays and traditions on these days.

2. Developing. Work in groups. Making predictions, expressing ideas and opinions, words, comparing information, verb “to be” and present simple tense.

3. Bringing –up: to bring up pupils to think about their holidays, think about how to celebrate.

Type of the lesson: ----mixed lesson

Methods: ---interactive methods, group work, and individual work

Visual aids: -------pictures, cards

Procedure of the lesson:

1.Organization moment:

Good morning, pupils! Who is on duty today?

What is the date today? Who is absent today?

II. Checking up the home task.

1) What was your home task for today’s lesson?

2) work on cards

III. Warm-up.

New words: present, Christmas tree, family holiday, stockings, all, for, frost, snow, maiden

IV. Explaining the new lesson.

Еx.1 page 36 Listen “Christmas with Ben”

Еx.2 page 37 Listen “New Year in Kazakhstan”

V. Reading

Pupils should read texts

Еx.1 page 36 Read “Christmas with Ben”

Еx.2 page 37 Read “New Year in Kazakhstan”


VI. Speaking

Answer the questions

  1. What do you see in the picture?

  2. What are they doing?

  3. Is Christmas family holiday?

  4. How do we usually celebrate this holiday?

  5. How do we celebrate a New Year in Kazakhstan?

  6. What are the Alibek’s family celebrating?

VII. Conclusion.

Look at the board and think what are these in pictures

Speak about it



VIII. Home task.

1) Giving home tasks.

Home task. Write about New Year

2) Giving marks

The lesson is over. You are free.

Good bye.

Checking up: ---------------------------------

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