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План-конмпект урока на тему "Защита окружающей среды"


План- конспект урока английского языка по теме «Защита окружающей среды» в 3 классе

Учителя английского языка МАОУ «Гимназия №19» Приволжского района г.Казани

Зиминой Эльмиры Вячеславовны

Цель урока: Воспитание бережного отношения к природе.

Обучение монологической речи, умению дискутировать, высказыванию

своего мнения.

Ход урока.


Good morning dear boys and girls!

Good day our dear guests!

We are glad to greet you at our lesson.

Today we are going to have an unusual lesson- a lesson- conference. The theme of our conference is “Environmental protection”.

You know that today there are many ecological problems. They are acid rains, polluted water and air, the green house effect. And these ecological problems are happening in the whole world. For me the most important of them is the problem of pollution. What are the reasons for it? I think

  1. people throw away too much litter. There is too much litter everywhere;

  2. heavy traffic;

  3. growing number of factories and plants.

Today we are going to speak about how we can help to solve this problem and save our planet for next generations.

Ведущий 1: Good morning dear guests and friends. Our today’s discussion is devoted to the problems of ecology, environmental protection and recycling.

Ведущий 2 : We are glad to meet our guests from different countries.

( представляет собеседников )

The USA , the Netherlands , New Zealand , Turkey , England , Russia.

Ведущий 1 : April 22 is the Earth Day. People all over the world think about our planet. They think about water, air, planets and animals on the earth. They say: “ Our planet is in danger.” But many people don’t know what to do to save our tiny world, how to protect animals, woods, how to keep the water clean and air fresh. But they are ready to do it. They try to help nature.

Ведущий 2 : Now the representatives of the young generation will express their opinions on the problem of the ecology.

Первая делегация : Water is very important for life on the Earth. It is in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. But very little water on the Earth is good for drinking. In many rivers and lakes water is very dirty. Sometimes people can’t even swim in the sea because it isn’t clean. In many places water is not drinkable. It is dangerous to use it when you cook. Even fish die in such water.

Сценка. 1.участник : oh, Tom! I can’t recognize you! What happened to you?

2 участник : Oh , Pete! I have swum in our river Kazanka. The water is so dirty. I think it’s dangerous to swim in it! And of course you mustn’t drink it.

Вторая делегация : We agree with you. The way people live has changed the climate on our planet. Nowadays the temperature is rising. The climate has become milder and warmer. If the temperature grows by 3-4 degrees it will be impossible to live on the planet . During the last 100 years people has produced a lot of carbon dioxide.

Третья делегация : Where does the carbon dioxide come from, I wonder?

Вторая делегация : People and animals breath in an oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. We produce it when we burn things. But trees take the carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen.

Четвертая делегация : In addition I want to say that some people activities do a lot of harm to the forests. People cut down trees to built farms , homes and roads. Many animals lose their homes and many plants die. Modern plants and factories send a lot of smoke into the air.

These changes can be dangerous for our fragile planet which needs protection. Pay attention to this picture. It is our reality. Remember! Our earth is in danger.

Ведущий 1 : Everybody knows the word “ ECOLOGY “. But what does it mean?

Пятая делегация : I think ecology is a science which studies the relationship between all forms of life on our planet with its environment. This word came from the Greek “Oikos” which means “ home”. This idea of “home” includes the whole planet of ours , its nature, animals, birds, fish, insects, all other living beings and even the atmosphere around our planet.

Ведущий 2 : As Mr.Brown said there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere . But do you know that this gas works like a glass in a green house? It lets heat get in but it doesn’t let much heat get out. So the atmosphere becomes warmer and warmer.

Пятая делегация : Unfortunately many territories , water basins, lakes, rivers, seas and oceans and atmosphere are polluted of all kinds of technological, agricultural, chemical, nuclear and other wastes.

Вторая делегация : I have read an article about ecology recently and I’m in a low spirit now because of the health of our planet. The problem of pollution has become global. The intensive development of science, industry and chemistry is the cause of this problem.

Шестая делегация : Frankly speaking, I’m also interested in this problem. I know that rapid growth of our population needs more and more land, food, goods and modern conveniences for newly born people.

The production of them in large amounts will greatly increase the pollution of the environment. That’s just what I was going to say.

Входят дети в зеленых галстуках с плакатом “ Save our planet.”

Делегаты : Oh, look! They are from “Green Peace”.

By the way “Green Peace” organizations play a great role in the decision of this


Ведущий 1 : A lot of people are talking about the global warming nowadays. Now let’s listen to a member of Greenpeace from Scotland , talking about the possible effects of global warming.

Прослушивание кассеты.

Седьмая делегация : Let me tell you about the Green Schools in our country. The 1st Green school was created in 1991 in Georgia to teach children how to protect the environment. Now there are more than 120 schools all over the United States. These schools are participating in Deep West program.

What is Deep West program?

They work on several environmental projects, including monitoring and cleaning lakes and rivers, planting trees, studying nature and recycling cans and paper.

Звучит песня. “ The future is in our hands.”

We want to see blue seas

We want to see green trees

We are defenders of our lands

We want to breathe clean air

We want to show we care

We know the future’s in our hands.

We want to see birds fly

Up into a clear sky

We are defenders of our lands

We want to see flowers grow

To pollution we say “No”

We know the future’s in our hands.

Вторая делегация : Modern life is bad for some animals especially Indian tigers and African elephants. But many less dangerous wild animals and birds are also disappearing from the Earth. Modern life is bed for them. The air is not fresh. The water is not clean. They don’t often have good things to eat and space to live. You can find their names in the Red Book. People must take care of them all. We must find the right balance between land, people and animals.

Третья делегация : At the beginning of the 20th century the world had over nine million square kilometers of forests. Every day people use paper and cardboard both made from wood. We use different kinds of wood in furniture and in other ways.

Вторая делегация: Every year over 100 000 sq.km. of forests disappearing and a lot of forests are so badly damaged that they will hardly be able to recover.

The huge forests help to control the world’s weather and to produce much oxygen in the air. We cannot cure old illnesses like cancer and new ones like AIDS. It may be that the medicines we need will be discovered in wild plants in savannas, deserts or rain forests. If we destroy these places we will never find the cure.

Вторая делегация : But have you read about awful harm caused by nuclear tests, atom bombs and accidents at our power station. Nobody can forget Chernobul. I guess it’s high time to start solving this global problem and to make our life in our home happy and healthy.

Четвертая делегация: We have to remember the wise words of the great English writer Garswothy who said: “If you don’t think about the future you will not have it”.

Третья делегация : So in 1985 the New Zealand government made the whole country a new clear free zone and since then New Zealand has been the centre for protest against nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Шестая делегация : Environmental protection is one of the main problems nowadays. Industrial civilization is characterized by numerous factories and automobiles. Through their activities people pollute water, land and air. In Turkey, for example, a lot of people consider that caves can be an ideal place to live. The inhabitants of the caves live there to escape the noise and confusion of modern life. There is no pollution in caves , the air is clean. People didn’t use chemicals to built their homes.

Ведущий 1 : We know the noise and confusion of modern life are bad for us. But there are some recommendations to prevent air pollution. While traveling try to use your legs. Leg power can save your money, keep your fit and help you to live longer. Regular exercises cut the risk of heart diseases by 50 %. It is recommended to use public transport. You can relax on the bus or train, read a book or talk to someone.

Ведущий 2 :Let’s say all together :

Save our planet !

Our planet is in danger !

Don’t turn our planet into a pile of rubbish !

Recycle cans , plastic bottles and paper !

Оснащение урока.

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  2. физическая карта полушарий

  3. плакаты по защите окружающей среды

  4. флажки стран участников конференции

  5. нагрудные отличительные визитки

  6. магнитофон

  7. детские рисунки

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