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План-конспект по английскому языку на тему "Bad Habits" (6 класс)

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Мұғалімнің аты-жөні, жұмыс орны:

Жумасатұлы Максат, «№4 ЖББ мектебі» КММ

Пәні: Ағылшын тілі


Сынып: 6 «а, б, в»

Сабақтың тақырыбы:

Жаман әдеттер.


Диалогтік оқыту арқылы оқушылардың сөздік қорын дамытуға жағдай жасау

Күтілетін нәтиже:

Көңіл-күйлері жақсарады. Өткен тақырып бойынша алған білімдерін анықтайды.Сөздік қорлары кеңейеді.

Диалог құру арқылы сөйлеу дағдылары қалыптасады. Әр оқушының өзіндік «Мені» қалыптасып, шығармашылық қабілеттері дамиды. Өзін-өзі реттей келе, ізденімпаздықтары артады.

Сабақтың критериилері:

  • Ресурстар: түрлі-түсті маркерлер, А3 қағаздар, Power point, Active board

  • Сабақтың әдісі: тәжірибе, дискуссия, көрнекілік

  • Сабақтың түрі: дамыта оқыту

Құнды идеялар:

Оқушы тек еркін пікір жүргізіп, айтып қана қоймай, өз ой-пікірін қағазға түсіреді немесе суреттейді. Жалпы алғанда, бәсекеге қабілетті, жан-жақты тұлға қалыптастыру. Негізгі идеяны суреттеу. Мұнда мұғалім тарапынан сабақтың тақырыбы мүлдем айтылмайды. Сол тақырыпқа байланысты тапсырмалар береді. Оқушылар тапсырманы орындау барысында жаңа сабақтың тақырыбын ашады. Және қосымша сурет бойынша өз ойларын жазып, сызу да беріледі. Оқушы сабақта еркін отырады.


6 сыныпқа арналған оқулық «Messages»

Сабақтың барысы/мұғалімнің жазбалары:


Мұғалімнің іс-әрекеті

Оқушылардың іс-әрекеті







Organization moment

8 min

T: Good morning, dear children! Sit down! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

How are you? What’s the weather like today? What health habits do you know? Are they good or bad?

  • Children greet

  • Repeat “golden rules”

  • Appears an atmosphere of cooperation in the class

  • Thumb


  • Power point

  • Paper of A4

  • Contract

  • soft toy

Repetition of the last topic

6 min

To begin the lesson we’ll practice the pronunciation of the sound [l]. Remember the articulation of this sound.

Look, listen and read:

Look, like, love, feel, ill, well, leg, level, pill, terrible.

Can you give me your examples?

Pupils: read, spoke, told, swum, etc.

P: What were you doing yesterday at 7 o clock?

P: I was cleaning the room.

  • Smiles


  • Power point

  • Active board

Explaining the new material

6 min

What shall we do for today? We are going to deal with the very important problem. What problem is it? Look at this word snake. Here is the question for our discussion for today. Can you divide it and read?


Let’s check. Does your health depend on you?

Pupils , answer my questions!

-red coloured words are verbs

-blue coloured words are nouns

-green coloured words are adjectives

-Thank you very much, sit down, please!

Now, I switch off my slide. Let’s find verbs, nouns, adjectives!

-Who wants to go to the blackboard?


  • Smiles

  • Pictures


the text

6 min

1). There are a lot of proverbs about health. We know some of them. Give English equivalents to the Russian proverbs:

(Healthy body, healthy mind. Eat to live not live to eat. Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. What is tasty is not always healthy.)

2). And you? Do you follow the healthy lifestyle? Answer my questions.

Do you get up early? Do you do your morning exercises? Do you go in for sports? Do you smoke? Do you follow a diet? Do you skip your breakfast? Do you have enough sleep? Do you sleep too little? Do you snack between meals? Do you eat a lot? Do you like eating sweets? Do you care about your health? Is your lifestyle regular?

3) What does our health depend on?

Some people take care of their health. They take fresh air. They have regular lifestyle. They follow balanced diet. They have good habits. But other people don’t care of their health. They have bad health habits.

4). What good and bad habits can people have? Look at the word salad. Read. In your opinion, which habits are bad for our health? (Physical inactivity, Drinking alcohol, snacking, Going in for sport, Balanced diet, Eating a lot, smoking, Skipping meals, Sleeping enough, Regular rest, Sleeping too much, Taking drugs, Sleeping too little, Morning exercises).

5). Look at the picture. These teenagers look pale and tired. They may smoke a lot and exercise too much. The girls might diet too much. Give your ideas. Why do the teenagers look so pale and tired? Use the table

Pupils read the text with one sentence and translate them.

  • Smiles

  • Papers of A4

Asking and answering the questions

4 min

T: We have a lot of celebrations and traditions

-What holidays do you know in Kazakhstan?

-When do we celebrate them?

T: Thank you very much! I ll give you stars for actively participations.

P: answer the questions

Of all these British holidays which one do you like most? Why? 

I show you blank how to make up sentences.

I like _______because ____________.

For ex: I like Thanksgiving Day because they have a lot of traditional food.

Pupils make up themselves.

  • Smiles

  • Test

Working with exercises

5 min

Listen o the text again and answer the questions. Answer the questions:

What did the old gentleman complain of when he came to consult the doctor?

What did the doctor recommend the patient after examining him carefully? How many cigarettes could the man smoke every day?

When did the patient come to see the doctor again?

How did the patient feel after the rest-cure?

Did the patient follow all the doctor’s orders?

Why did one cigarette a day almost kill him as he said?

* The leaders help for children.

  • Smiles

  • Cards


6 min

Some bad habits are really deadly. Which are they? Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs are really deadly habits. Why? I want you to learn some words and phrases to discuss the problem (фразалар). Which arguments against these habits can we use to convince your friends or parents not to smoke or drink too much alcohol? Place them in order of importance.

Children work in group:

  • ABCD


  • Smiles

Summing-up the results of the lesson: everybody’s work Evaluation, marks announcement

  • Cards


Giving homework

4 min

* To reflect on today’s lesson learners are to choose one of the skills or roles (Team Worker, creative Thinker, Reflective Learner, Manager) describing its today’s usage and improvement. Learners then should stick them on the smart board next to the image.

Your homework for the next lesson is learn by heart new words

and to make up 5 sentences using the new words.

The end of the lesson

-The lesson is over

-Good bye

* children stick their roles on the smart-board next to the image.

* Manager evaluate children using RED, BLUE or YELLOW smiles and Traffic light

  • Power point

  • Active board

Teacher: M.Zhumasatuly

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