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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / План=разработка урока Kazakhstan and Great Britain at a glance.
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  • Иностранные языки

План=разработка урока Kazakhstan and Great Britain at a glance.




The aims: To enlarge lexical knowledge.

To develop the language skills of reading, understanding the text, using the presented words.

To bring up the logical and critical mentality, be careful with health.

The aids: Cards

Tests on computers



1.Organization moment.

2.Recite the poems about winter.

Great Abai loved and wrote about nature. He devoted his poems to the four seasons of the year. Let’s see how Abai described winter in his poem.

Broad-shouldered, white coated , powdered with snow

Blind and dump ,with a big silvery beard

Grandad winter plods on with a flown on his brow

By everything living hated and feated.

3.Talk to your partner

No smoking


Work with diagram

Physical exercises

No drugs

Take care





4.Get the new information

‘’ Health problem ‘’

Ai it turned out some teenagers don’t have breakfast and regular meals. They are rarely careful about what they eat and drink. Teenagers often eat junk food such as chips, cakes, chocolates, biscuits which have got cholesterol in it. It causes a stomach- ache.

Some teenagers cough because they smoke. Smoking influences people’s health very much- smoking destroys lungs. People’s breath becomes heavy because they start smoking in young age. Why do they smoke and drink alcohol? Maybe they want to be cool and feel independent. But it’s wrong. Smokers often have problems with their health such as problems with skin and hair, heart and teeth.

Other problems which teenagers have are the problems with eyesight and hearing. When they get home, they sit down and watch TV, play computer games or listen to loud music. Most of them get a television, a stereo or a computer in their bedrooms. They affect their eyes and ears.

After reading this information I’ll give them to make projects.

The1st group- Presentation

The2nd group-Role- Play


Stand up! Stand straight!

Left arm, right arm- stretch them together

Left leg, right leg- put them together

Hands up, hands down

Hands on the head and look around

Sit down, sit straight!

6.Read and Explain

Work with cards

‘’ A man is what he eats’’

Food is the petrol for people. Food is the form of fuel. We eat on order to be healthy and strong. Eating proper food is important to be healthy. There are fibe basic healthy types of food a person should eat.

7 One of the interesting part of the lesson is anagrams :

Lehtah health

Ugoch cough

Maisonin insomnia

Luf flu

Tircyhesm chemistry


To be healthy is not only eat proper food but it means;

  • go in for sport

  • get fresh air

  • keep a diet

  • do not drink alcohol

  • never smoke

  • never take drugs

  • do many exercises

  • take a break from work

  • see a doctor once a year

  • eat less oil and fat

  • eat lots of fruit and vegetables

Mind these rules, please.

After that, I glue the pictures of healthy and junk food onto two sheets of paper. Label the pictures.

The task: look up to the pictures and write a story about the healthy mode of life.

8.Answer the questions :

Here, I ask children to give answers in three languages: Kazakh, English, Russian.

Do you usually visit the doctor when you are taken ill?

When did you last visit the doctor?

What problem did you have?

What advice did the doctor give you?

What do you usually do when toy have a cold?

Do you know any home remedy for the flu( sore throat, twisted your ankle)

9. Solve the riddles :

The outside is shell,

The inside is meat.

It grows in a tree

And is good to eat.” ( nut}.

It hears everything

And says nothing” ( an ear).

Children should talk about their opinions and that’s’ why it is necessary to give them a chance to discuss.

10, Discussion :

Porfiry Ivanov’s fitness system: some advice”

1.Bathe twice a day in cold water.

2.Stand barefoot on the ground.

3.Do not drink and smoke.

4.Try to go without food and drink at least once a week.

5.At 12.00 on Sunday go out barefoot into the open air.

6. Love the nature/

7. Greet everyone.

8. Help people.

9. Trust people and love them.

10. Put away thoughts of disease, failing health and death.

11.Important thing is to act.

12. Be modest.

11. The role- play

At the doctor “

It is important to listen to the text and understand it.

12.Auding of the text: “ A bad mistake “

A man fell ill. His wife called a doctor. The doctor examined the patient: he sounded the man’s heart and lungs, felt his pulse and did many other necessary things. Then the doctor gave the patient some medicine. The color of medicine is black. The man’s wife made a mistake and gave her husband some ink instead od the medicine as the color of the ink is also black. When the woman found out her mistake she came into her husband's ’room and cried “ Oh, what shall we do now?” I”ve made a mistake and gave some ink instead of the medicine. Her husband was a joyful and good- natured man. He thought a minute and said smiling: Don’t worry. Never mind. Bring me a piece of blotting paper. I”ll eat it up and soon I”ll be quite well again.

The 1st group: Answer the questions.

The 2nd group: True or False.


In conclusion of our lesson we’’ll take the proverb:

Health is above wealth “

Translate, please.

Do you know proverbs about health in other languages?

Tastes differ”.

We should eat to live, but not eat to live”

Doing nothing is doing ill”.

He who has health, has hope, and who has hope has everything “

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

14.H\W: Topic “ Healthy life”

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Краткое описание документа:

данная разработка урока предусматривает описание и сравнения культуры двух стран. Воспитывает гордость за свою страну  и учит учащихся любить предмет.Данная разработка позволяет учащимся не только пополнить свой лексический запас, но и уметь использовать его  при развитии навыков говорения, сравнения, составления диаграм и умения сопоставлять факты.

данная разработка дает ыозможность учителю провести урок более интересно и не традиционно. Работа вгруппах, применять такие фориы работы как работа в парах,индивидуально, умение готовить презентации.

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