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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Present Simple 5 класс
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Present Simple 5 класс


Учитель Биясил Мадина Канапиянкызы

Тема урока: Present Simple

Класс 5

Цели и задачи урока:

Образовательная цель: активизировать употребление Present Simple в речи студентов. Аудирование и фонетическая отработка лексики.

Развивающая цель: развитие грамматических навыков с употреблением времени Present Simple. Развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи.

Воспитательная цель: привитие интереса к изучаемому языку.

Литература: К.Качалова, В.Аракин, С.Лосева.

Оборудование: карточки, ТСО, магнитофон, DVD, таблицы.

Ход урока:

1Организационный момент:

а) Приветствие

б) Ознакомить с темой и целями урока

The theme of our lesson is Present Continuous и Present Simple tenses

The aims of our lesson are to teach you to use these tenses in your speech, to show you the difference between these tense

в) Беседа с дежурными:Who is on dutyWho is absent? What is the weather like today? Please take an active part in weather discussing?

гДавайте повторим слова по теме «Сезоны и погода». Let us revise some words of theme seasons and weather. I will read you some Russian rhymes and you must say me English rhymes.

— Лечу впервые самолётом, а за окошком осень - autumn

— Ни гор не вижу, ни дорог, кругом туман иначе - fog

— Зима! Покрылось льдом река, не нужен больше мост. Пройдём и так наверняка, мороз-английский frost

— Дождь идёт, сказал Андрей, дождик по-английски - rain

— Иногда идёт весною, мокрый снег иначе - snow

— Капель звенит: дзинь-дзинь, дзинь-дзинь, пришла весна-иначе spring

— Лучший сезон, знаете сами, конечно-это summer

— Ветер воет и гудит, ветер по-английски-wind

— Уже зима! Одень-ка свитер! Зима иначе будет-winter

2 Проверка домашнего задания.

What is your home task for today?-Ex.7p.96

Let us check up some sentences, open your exercise-books and follow the reading of other students. Good. Now take their exercise-books I will check them myself.

Фонетическая зарядка.

Let us continue the lesson.

Phonetic exercises

1) Listen to the tape and repeat the sounds (используется магнитофон и кассетаUNIT).

(Раздать листы с фонетическими упражнениями)

2) Let us revise some rules of readinglook at the cards and repeat afterme(карточки с гласными, после каждой карточки на планшетках студенты пишут транскрипцию слов).





Uu-cut, cute, turn, pure.

Yy-my, syd, myrtle, tyre.

3) Now let us play a game. Ill divide you into 2 teams. I want two students to come out, to choose necessary sounds and to put them into the right place. Whose team answers better will get balls.

4 Let us revise grammar rules.Развитие грамматических навыков cупотреблением времени Present Simple (обобщить грамматику потаблицам).

1) Образование Present Simple (3 лицо ед.число -s,es). Look at the table and say how Present Simple forms-affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. Who can say? What action does this tense express?

2) Now make up your own sentences in these forms. Who does it quicker and right, will get balls.

e.g. She leaves home at 7.Does she leave home at 7. She does not leave home at 7.

3) Take the boards do exercise 2 at page 2. Read the task. You must write these verbs in the 3 person in singular on your boards and explain the rules of reading.5 verbs for you and 5 for you. Образуйте третье лицо единственного числа.








3)get on



4) Ex.3 p.2.Read and translate how Mrs. Brown describes her daily way to work. Then say it in the third person singular changing pronouns. Прочитайте, как госпожаBrown описывает свою каждодневную дорогу на работу. Напишите её рассказ в 3 лице, ед.числе, употребляя местоимение she.

I leave home at 7.30.I drive to the railway station, where I leave my car and catch the 7.45 train. Then I take the underground. I get off at Victoria and walk about 100 meters. If I miss the train. I take a taxi.

5) Ex.4.p.3, 2.students of each team will do it. Who does it quicker will get a ball. Make up questions, using verb do/does.

1)I work in a bank.

2)They live in Oxford.

3)She goes by bus.

4)We play football.

5)He drives a car.

1)Claire eats in a canteen.

2)Robert drinks beer.

3)Tim and John know it.

4) Mrs. Johnson teaches English.

5)Frank has a car.

6) Ex.6 p.4.Make up interrogative sentences.

1) I like coffe.

2)She drinks whisky.

3)They go by taxi.

4)We live in Paris.

5)She drives a car.

1)Jim watch TV.

2)Paddy and Lucy study.

3)Daniel go by train.

4)Alison finishes work at 6.

5)They speak French.

7) Ex.8 p.4.Fill in the questions with these words what, where, when, how often,why.

1)........does Phil work?

2)........do you go to school?

3).......do they play tennis?

4).......does Debbie live with Jason?

5).........do you get up?

1)..........does she have for lunch?

2).....do Liz and Ruth live?

3)...........do your children start school?

4).........do you go to the dentist?

5).........does Jack wear a uniform?

8) Ex.9.Put the words in right order and make up questions.

1)How often, you, go, to the cinema, do?




5)He, go, why, by train, to work, does?

9. 1) Listen to the tape, to the story and say what tenses are used in these sentences, read them and translate team. Find sentences with Present Simple and read them.Ex.1,2 p.9-disk 25.

2) Answer the questions. The students of one group read the questions to the students of another group.Ex.3 p.11.

· What is Mr. Green’s job?

· Which street does he work?

· When does he leave his flat?

· Where does he get on the underground?

· Where does he get off?

10. Now I want you to tell us about yourselves using Present Simple. Which team can do it better? But first let us revise some words of this theme and write word dictation on the boards.

5. Закрепление темы урока.

· How does Present Simple form?

· What action does Present Simple express?

6. Домашнее задание: пересказать текст. Retell the text.Ex.7 p.490

7. Подведение итогов урока.

What have we done at the lesson. These girls were very active, they get excellent marks.

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