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Project work "Top 10 of Global Animals"

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My name is…

My house

I am…

I eat…

I am necessary for human

A cow


I live in palace and like to walk on the field

I am a different color.

I have horns.

I eat grasses

and feed.

I give a milk

and meat.

A lion


I live in Africa.

I am king of animals. And I have a big family which is named “Pride”, I always protect and feed its.

At breakfast I eat a meat, at dinner – meat…again, at supper – MEAT!!!

I am at the head of animals, what for people for me?

A sea lion


I live in seas and oceans.

I like cold water. I look like a marshmallow. And I am from big-eared seal’s family.

I eat a fish and mollusces.

I have a beautiful eyes.

I like to lie on the rookery.

A kangaroo


Africa is my motherland.

I am always jumping and my children always with me in my “natural bag”.

I eat the grass and that’s why I am class.

People like my bag and my little kangaroo in it. And also I’m necessary for meat and skin.

A hippo


I live in Africa.

I look like a barrel and

I can kill about 3000 people in the year. I dwell only in fresh water.

I eat grass and fruits.

I am unusual animal and people spent money to see me in the zoo.

A sea horse


My house is oceans and seas.

I’m look like a chess horse. I move in vertical line.

I like to eat aquatic plants.

I am one of the most inquisitive and singular types of fish.

A giraffe


My motherland is Africa

I have a long neck, long feet. Everybody who see me firstly think that I am an awkward, but I’m very strong and I can protect to myself.

I eat leaves from trees, I like flowers from cactus

I was a model for create a crane. And I’m necessary for skin and fur.

A monkey


Jungle is my house

People say that I’m crazy but they forgot that they were come from my family.

I eat a lot of bananas.

I’m exotic animal, funny and I like children in the circus.

A bear


I live on cold continents and in Asia

I’m big and pigeon-toed

I eat meat and fish and I like rasberries.

I’m symbol of Russia.

A camel


I live in deserts.

I can live two weeks without water. I have 38 teeth and can live to 40 years. I have incredible sense of smell and can smell the water across 60 kilometres.

I eat camel thorn. And drinks a lots of water.

Inhabitants of the desert are very valuable to me and called “The Ship of The Desert”. I’m necessary for ride.

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