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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Программа Рождественского концерта на немецком и английском языках

Программа Рождественского концерта на немецком и английском языках

  • Иностранные языки

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Программа концерта, посвященного Рождеству

  • 7 а класс-сценка (Панова Л.К.)

  • 6б класс- песня (Панова Л.К.)

  • 5 а.б классы-стихи (Латыпова Г.М.)

  • 6 б – песня (Панова Л.К.)

  • 9 а-2 стихотворения (Панова Л.К.)

  • 7 а.б-песня (Панова Л.К.)

  • 8 класс-песня (Костина Г.С.)

  • 10 а класс-песня (Латыпова Г.М.)

  • 5 класс-композиция (Шаталина И.Г.)


  1. Good morning, dear teachers and pupils! We are glad to see you here in our school!

  2. Welcome to our concert devoted to Christmas!

  3. Our first performance has been prepared by pupils of the 7 (seventh) form. They are going to show us a small play.

  1. Let's remember our childhood too. What' s happened with us when we were little? Pupils of the sixth form are singing a song “When I was one”

  1. Now you are older and of course you are looking forward to our favourite holiday Christmas. What do you know about it? Our pupils of the fifth forms want to recite poems about Christmas.

  1. We should know about traditional food. But tastes differ, you know… And our boys and girls of the sixth form are going to perform a song “Somebody likes chocolates…”

  1. And now we have time to dream a little and think about weather. How does it change, how does our mood change? Pupils of the ninth form Lopoukhov Danil and Akhmetshina Gulshat will recite nice poems.

  1. Christmas is nearer. But how long will it take us from today to Christmas and New Year? Let's listen to the beautiful song “ How long…?” The seventh form is singing for you.

  1. All of us know this popular song. Let's sing it together! Pupils of the eighth form are ready to sing it and you can join to them too.

  1. Christmas time is very special for us. It is so nice to listen and to sing Christmas songs. Our elder schoolchildren are going to sing a song “Last Christmas”.

  1. Let's watch and listen to Christmas traditions in Germany. It is so interesting to learn more about other cultures. They are only pupils of the fifth forms but they can tell us about them.

  1. We would like to finish our concert with such words : Thank you for coming to us, we appreciate your attention and it will be very nice if you come again.

  2. Merry Christmas, dear teachers and pupils!

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