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Разработка конспекта урока по теме "Tourism"


Form 9

Lesson 2

Date: _______

Theme: Tourism

Aims: to learn new words and speak about types of tourism.

Expected result: pupils can use their knowledge

Plan of the lesson

  1. Org.moment

  2. Checking the home task.

  3. New theme

  • New vocabulary

Now look at the pictures and try to remember the names of the types of tourism. Take the cards and match the types of tourism with the definitions.

Match the words with their definitions

  1. Ecotourism

  1. a complete trip , including the place to live, meals, transport, excursions in one all-inclusive price

  1. Doom tourism

  1. travelling to another country for the purpose of getting medical help in this country

  1. Domestic tourism

  1. travelling to a country other than that in which people live

  1. Medical tourism

  1. a new tendency about travelling to places that will not exist on the new generation

  1. Pro-poor tourism

  1. a form of tourism when people visit natural areas not disturbed by industry and urban life

  1. Educational tourism

  1. a tour that takes place in an unusual, exotic district and includes special types of activities such as sky diving, scuba diving, surfing, mountain climbing and bungee jumping

  1. Backpacker tourism

  1. a holiday spent in the same country you live but in another place

  1. Package tourism

  1. the main purpose of this tour includes visiting another country to learn about its culture or to work and get the skills learned inside the classroom such as in The International Trains Program

  1. International tourism

  1. this type of tourism is characterized with low-price, independence, using a backpack or a rucksack, the use of public transport and living in hostels or tents.

  1. Adventure tourism

  1. a kind of tourism which includes helping the poorest people in developing countries

1-e, 2-d, 3-g, 4-b, 5-j, 6-h, 7-i, 8-a, 9-c, 10-f

  1. Listening

Listen to me and say what type of tourism I am talking about.

  1. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

  2. Going to Africa to give food to the children.

  3. Flying to China to learn Chinese.

  4. Visiting Australia to surf the big waves.

  5. Travelling to Paris, then leaving for Amsterdam, then visiting London and Cardiff.

  6. Going to Israel to get some new medicine.

  7. Spending summer at the Black Sea.

Walking along the Great Canyon in America with good friends and a big rucksack with you.

  1. Doom tourism.

  2. Pro-poor tourism.

  3. Educational tourism.

  4. Adventure tourism.

  5. International tourism.

  6. Medical tourism.

  7. Domestic tourism.

  8. Backpacker tourism.

We are going to watch the video about a girl. Her name is Keisha. She will tell about the type of tourism she likes. To understand the text we need the words:

Experience/to experience


To be pushed into a situation





To party

To figure out

Опыт/испытывать, переживать

Умения/жизненные умения

Быть поставленным в какую-то ситуацию





Ходить на вечеринки


Watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. What kind of tourism does Keisha experience?

  2. How long has she been practicing this type of tourism?

  • Keisha experiences backpacker tourism.

  • She has been backpacking for two years.

  1. While-listening

Take the cards. Tick the points Keisha likes about backpacking.

  • I can experience and see something new every day.

  • I can eat new exotic food.

  • I can meet people from all over the world.

  • I can have fun when I learn about new cultures, music, dancing and styles.

  • I can party with people of different nationalities.

  • I can get education in foreign countries.

  • I can learn life-skills I would never learn anywhere else and discover something new in myself.

  • I can escape everyday life.

  • I can make my choice because no one tells me what to do.

  • I can learn to be tolerant and patient.

  • I can avoid stress I experience at home.

  • I can do something new every day.

  1. Home task

  2. Evaluation

  3. Marks

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