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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка открытого урока на тему "Kazakhstan and Great Britain" (8 класс)

Разработка открытого урока на тему "Kazakhstan and Great Britain" (8 класс)

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School №28 named “Akbay”

Teacher of English: Dilfuza Yayazova

Demonstrative lesson

Kazakhstan& Great


Aims: To develop pupil’s abilities in speaking;

To educate feeling of international friendship and love our Motherland;

Type of class: game lesson

Teaching equipment: the world map, the case full of money, slides, national things of Kazakhstan& Great Britain, flag, national food and drinks of each country, colored balloons.

Procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greeting pupils;

  2. To sing the anthem of Kazakhstan;

  3. Report of student on duty;

Teacher’s words: Dear boys and girls! Today we have got an unusually game lesson. Today we’ll speak about two great countries: about Kazakhstan-young, great and beautiful country and about Great Britain whose language is spreader all over the world. So our topic is GB &Kz. Here we‘ve got two teams: the first team is a team named “Kazakhstan” and the second team is a team named “Great Britain”.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is the case full of money. It was given by the World Bank as a help in the time of the financial Decline. It’s the price of the victory of both teams. Are you ready to get this case? O’K

Now look at the rating table. There are some tasks for you



Great Britain


Home task

Countries & flags

Brain attack

Wear African

Find me

National food

Each team gets mark for an answer.

I wish you good luck and let’s begin our lesson.

The 1st step is INTRODUCTION

Each student stands up and introduces himself. For example: My name is Barno. I’m beautiful girl, etc.

The 2nd step is HOME TASK

You had to learn names of countries, its capital, language and nationalities. Now we will see how you were getting ready.

Fill in…












The 3rd step is “Countries and Flags” (working with the world map)

There are some flags and you should put it on the right places.

The 4th step is “Brain attack”

There are balloons with questions in it. Each team chooses a cell where kept back the question.

The 5th step is “Wear African”

The teams should wear an African boy.

The 6th step is “National food”

Each team should choose and prepare their national food.

The last step “Find me”

Each team should find 5 things concerning its country (Kz - dombra, Kz flag etc. GB-kilt, English flag etc.)

Now the time to see the result and define which team is winner.

Presentation the case.

The lesson is over

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