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Разработка теста по английскому языку "Grammer test"

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10 -11 class

Use Past Simple, Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous to complete the sentences.

  1. Jane just (return) from Berlin. She (pick) up a few German phrases while staying there.

  2. 2. “The plane (take) off exactly on time,” she said glancing at her watch.

  3. I (know) Mary since my childhood,” said Sam.

  4. I can say that she really (achieve) popularity and I’m sure she will win the competition.

  5. We are all aware of the fact that John (contribute) articles to this magazine for some time already.

  6. We can’t say we (establish) good relations with our business partners.

  7. When I was in the US, I (take) the opportunity of visiting Washington D.C.

  8. I can’t believe my eyes! Alice (tame) Karai, that scary dog.

  9. When we (be) younger, Uncle George (tell) us unbelievable stories about his contemporaries.

  10. Until the 1960s most children in Britain (take) an exam at the end of primary school. The school system (change) since then.

  11. They (work) on the project for more than two years but I can’t see any positive results.

  12. Victorian attitudes about how children should be brought up largely (disappear).

  13. I love you. I (love) you all my life.

  14. Jane (write) her essay for two weeks already and I don’t think she is completing her work.

  15. We (live) in this area for nearly 15 years.

Past Continuous or Past Simple

  1. They (to come) in, when I (to have dinner) with my friends.

  2. I not (to go) out last night, because it (to rain).

  3. I (to see) that Kate (to sit) at the nearest table.

  4. On Sunday, when I (to come) from a walk I (to meet) a strange man.

  5. He not (to sit) me, as he (to read) a book when I (to come) into the room.

  6. I (to sit) on the river bank, when my friends (to join) me.

  7. When we (to enter) the room he (to smoke and to speak) to his friends.

  8. He not (to see) me, as he (to read) a book when I (to come) into the room.

  9. When I (to awake) this morning it to be so late that the sun (to shine) high in the sky.

  10. I (to go) to the institute yesterday when I (to see) a house on fire.


  1. has just returned, picked

  2. has taken

  3. have known

  4. has really achieved

  5. has been contributing

  6. have established

  7. took

  8. has tamed

  9. were, told

  10. took, has changed

  11. have been working

  12. have largely disappeared

  13. have loved/have been loving

  14. has been writing

  15. have been living/have lived

  1. came in, was having dinner

  2. didn’t go, was raining

  3. saw, was sitting

  4. was coming, met

  5. -

  6. was sitting, joined

  7. entered, was smoking and speaking

  8. didn’t see, was reading, came

  9. awoke, was shining

  10. was going, saw

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