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Разработка урока английского языка(11 класс)

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КГУ" Средняя школа №4"

Гулина Людмила Владимировна

Урок английского языка в 11 классе по теме:

«Unusual island»

Topic : Unusual island

Aims : To involve students into discussion about Australia, to learn to get more information about this continent.

Objectives : by the end of the lesson SWBA to :

- present information about famous Australian persons (7- 10


- define the level of their knowledge about Australia


1 Org .moment. Greetings (Good afternoon, students! Glad to see you! )

Warm-up "Wishes". (Let us wish each other something beautiful. S-1: I wish you comfort on the lesson,S-2: I wish you sunsets to warm your heart, etc. )

2 Video about Australia ( 1 min.) Theme and aims of the lesson.

The students watch video, answer the questions and guess the theme of the lesson, define aims and objectives.

Teacher: - What have you seen?

3 Revision .

a)Phonetic drills. let' us practice the pronunciation, look at the board and read these words one by one, please!


the Southern Hemisphere

the Indian Ocean

the Pacific Ocean

the Murray River

the Gibson Desert

the Great Sandy Desert

the Great Victoria Desert

New South Wales



Western Australia

Northern Territory






upside down / down under

b)What is Australia? T: So, welcome to Australia! It is a fascinating country!!!

What is Australia? Work in groups (the students read letters , name and write adjectives , f. g.-the 1-st group:

Australia - amusing, unusual, sunny, tremendous, rare, attractive, lively, impressive, adventures. Every group puts your answers into "the basket of ideas".

c)" Big and small circle"

The students in" small circle " have cards with questions, the students in "big " circle stand opposite and answer. They go from one partner to another and remember answers.

Questions: Where is Australia situated ? Is it a continent or an island? What Oceans is Australia washed by? How many states are there in Australia? What are the Australian states? The main industry of Australia is... What is Northern Territory famous for? ....is the tropical corner of Australia? What is the Capital of Australia? In what places of Australia are fruit, wheat, potatoes grown? What big cities do you know? Name the Australian deserts. The east coast of Australia was discovered by....

4. Practice :( every student has card" self-assessment" and puts scores for every answer)

a) Answer the questions about Australia. (every student takes 1 card with number , answers his question . The questions are on the interactive board. )

b)True or false

One student reads the statements :

- Australia is the largest continent in the world

-It is situated in the southern Hemisphere

-Melbourne is the Capital of Victoria

-There are 6 states in Australia

Tasmania is an island state

-Australia is washed by 3 Oceans

-Most people live in the north of the country

( The students show "red" card if "true" and "green" if "false'' then check themselves using true answers)

c) What do these numbers mean?

1500 1770 180 ( every group explains one date)

5.Introducing: " Famous Australian persons".

Work in groups.

a ) Preparing posters .( There are 3 pictures on the board: Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman and Mel Gibson. Every group takes one picture , material and makes poster).

b) Presentation of posters. Assessment.

6. Home-work: find information about interesting famous person and retell.

7. Reflexion:

Teacher: I hope the lesson was useful for you. I liked the way you worked.

Look at the aims of the lesson once more and define the level of your achievement. Give me your cards "Self-assessments" , I'll look through and put you notes. (The students stick smiles on the picture of the tree.) On the top- high level etc.

- The lesson is over. I wish you good luck. Good bye.

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