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Разработка урока "It's a small world!"






МОБУ лицей №1

с. Большеустьикинское

Открытый урок по английскому языку в 8 классе по теме:

It’s a small world!

Учитель: Сибагатова Лилия Ризаевна


сhello_html_6c54004d.gif. Большеустьикинское

2010 год

Тема: “Its a small world!”

Тип урока: Комбинированный урок

Учебник: Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В. “English, V”.

Цели урока:

  • Воспитательная – воспитание цивилизованной личности, культуры мышления, нравственное и эстетическое воспитание.

  • Обучающая – обобщить и закрепить знания по пройденной теме.

  • Развивающая – развивать творческое и логическое мышление учащихся.

Оснащение урока: на уроке используется урок в компьютерном варианте в программе PowerPoint; также используются записи мелодий, текста, песни; магнитофон; карточки с заданиями.

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент: приветствие учащихся с учителем.

Good morning, class. Sit down, please.

How are you, children? – I’m fine too, thank you!

  1. Фонетическая зарядка: какое число, день недели, страны, континенты, моря, океаны и т.д.

The main idea of today’s lesson is to summarize and to systematize the knowledge about continents and countries, which you’ve got during the last several lessons. At the end of the lesson I’ll give you the marks for your answers and for working. So, I hope everybody will be working well.

  1. Let’s try and remember grammar, which we have already learnt.

    1. Ok, you know that we can build new nouns from some adjectives by adding the suffix – th. So, look at the monitor of the computer and build new nouns from these adjectives:

Warm – warmth Wide - width

Long – length Strong – strength

Very well. Now, the task is to make the right choice.

  • Jack’s pullover is too (wide / width).

  • I can’t get my suitcase through the hole because of its (wide / width).

  • What is the (length / long) of this street?

    1. As you remember the construction “Used to” is pronounced [ju:st] and refers to repeated actions in the past (past customs). We can translate it as «Когда-то …».

Please, translate the following sentences to Russian:

    • My mother used to live in Ufa.

    • When I a child I used not to like fish.

    • Did you use to be good friends when you were children?

And the Past Continuous Tense: it consists of the auxiliary verb “was / were” and the main verb plus the ending – ing, and use when we want to show the action in the concrete time in the past.

So, say what the people were doing at different time yesterday:

    • Angelina (at 5 o’clock / to walk) in the street.

    • Ruslan and Vladick (at 7 o’clock /to play) football.

    • The Johns (at 10 o’clock in the evening / to have) a supper.

Let’s check your answers. Look at the monitor, please.

IV. Listening. (4 minutes)

So, Let’s listen to the text “Things Used to be Different Many Years Ago”. Your task is to listen to the text attentively, then in written form in your notebooks for tests answer the questions, which will be given after the text.

Look at the monitor, please.

There are some words from the text:

    • Proper name: Mary Baker

    • Nouns: the medical college, a nurse.

Listen, please.

Now, answer for the questions in your notebooks for the tests, please.

Exchange your notebooks with your neighbors and check the answers. The answers you can find on the monitor of the computer.

V. Reading.

Look through the text, find and read the sentences with the construction “Used to” and translate them.

VI. Checking homework.

Your homework was to prepare for retelling about Russia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. (2-3 pupils)

VII. Speaking.

The next task – is to say the country, the capital, nationality and the state language of the given countries. Ok, look at the monitor of the computer.

  1. Germany – Berlin – German – German

  2. India – Delhi – Indian – English and Hindi

  3. Great Britain – London – English – English.

  4. Canada – Ottawa – Canadian – English, French

  5. Spain – Madrid – Spanish – Spanish

  6. Vietnam – Hanoi – Vietnamese – Vietnamese

  7. Egypt – Cairo – Egyptian – Arabic

  8. Russia – Moscow – Russian – Russian

  9. Bashkortostan – Ufa – Bashkir – Russian, Bashkir

  10. The United States – Washington – American – English

  11. Australia – Canberra – Australian – English.

  12. China – Peking – Chinese – Chinese

  13. Italy – Rome – Italian – Italian

  14. France – Paris – French - French

    • How many continents are there on our planet? What are they?

    • Which of these countries are in Europe?

    • Which of these countries are in Asia?

    • Which of these countries are in America?

    • Which of these countries are in Africa?

    • Which of these countries are in Australia?

VIII. Writing.

On your desks there are some shits of papers on which there is a task. You have to imagine that you are foreigners and introduce yourself to us. You have to say as in the model: “Hi. My name is Lily. I’m from England. I’m English. My language is English.”

Who is the first?

  1. Laurence/ France.

  2. Olga / Russia.

  3. George / The USA.

  4. Mercedes / Germany.

  5. Said / Egypt.

  6. Carmen / Spain.

  7. Natalie / Italy.

  8. Judy / Australia.

  9. Ioko / China.

  10. Hana / Vietnam.

  11. Sara / India.

  12. Kelly / Canada.

IX. Singing a song “It’s a small world”.

And for the end of our lesson let’s sing a song “It’s a small world”.

Let’s listen to the song at first.

    • Say, please, what the type (genre) of music of this song. (March).

    • Who is the signer? (A man of middle age).

    • What is this song about? (About our planet).

Repeat after me all together.

Now, let’s listen and try and sing the song.

X. Объяснение домашнего задания:

Your home task will be first of all - to learn this song by heart, and try and give the Russian equivalent of this song.

XI. Подведение итогов за урок. Выставление оценок.

Please, finish the following sentences:

    • Moscow is in … (Europe)

    • The Australian speak … (English)

    • Europe and Asia are separated by … (The Urals)

    • Egypt is in … (Africa).

    • The National Russian flag is … (White, blue and red).

    • John is a typical name of … (England).

    • The name of the flag of the United Kingdom is … (The Union Jack).

  • Thank you for your perfect working. Do you like the lesson? Why?

  • The lesson is over. Stand up, please. Good-bye.

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