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Самостоятельная работа по английскому языку на тему too\ enough


1.Task 1 Заполните пропуски с помощью too/enough

1.It`s …noisy in here. I can`t do my homework. 2. She isn`t strong …to carry all those boxes. 3. The children aren`t old …to stay home alone. 4. The soup is …hot to eat. 5. The film is …scary for me. 6. The city centre is close…to go on foot. 7. The sleeping bag is thick …to keep you warm. 8. It`s …cold today to sunbathe.

Закончите диалоги, используя too/enough.

1.A: Can we go to the beach today? B: No, it`s …(hot). 2. A: Can Gary drive a car? B: No, he`s …(young). 3. A: Can Rachel do this puzzle? B: No, it`s …(difficult) 4. A: Can Martin swim in the lake? B: No, the water isn`t …(deep). 5. A: Can Poncho catch the cat? B: No, he isn`t …(quick). 6. A: Can David buy a house?  B: No, he isn`t …(rich). 7. A: Can Evelyn go deep-sea diving? B: No, it`s …(dangerous)


Task 2. Вставьте подходящий предлог места.

There's nobody waiting____the bus stop. Meet me____the bus station. I often have a coffee____the Calypso Cafe. I'm a student____Brighton College. Molly is____work at the moment. He saw a nest ... the tree. How many misprints are there ... this book? Don’t sit ... the window. Is the post-office close ... your house? What subjects do you study ... school?

Task3. Make infinitives (add “to”) or gerunds (add “-ing”) of the verbs in brackets to make the following sentences grammatically correct.

1. When I’m tired, I enjoy ... television. It’s relaxing. (watch)
2. It was a nice day, so we decided ... for a walk. (go)
3. It’s a nice day. Does anyone fancy ... for a walk? (go)
4. I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind ... (wait)
5. I wish that dog would stop ... It’s driving me mad. (bark)
6. I’m still looking for a job but I hope ... something soon.

7. Make him … speak louder. 
8. Help me … carry this bag. 
9. I must … go to the country. 
10. It cannot … be done to-day. 
11. She asked me … read the letter carefully and … write an answer. 
12. Let me … help you with your work. 

Task 4 Fill in the gaps

My House

My name is………, I’m ……………….. years old. I was born in\at a small village called ……… and I live there. My father works in\ on a farm, my mother does housework. I go to school and my younger brother tarries in\at home with mother. It’s very beautiful in\ at our village both at\in winter and summer; there are many forests and fields around. Besides that the Syas river runs in our village. There is a horse, two cows and also goats and chickens on\in our farm. Early in\at the morning before going at\to school I help my mother to milk the cows or feed the chickens. There is a real Russian stove in our wooden house and when it’s cold my brother and I perch on it to warm ourselves. At the weekend my mother bakes the pies and we ride a horse with father. In\on May our whole family plants potatoes. Apple, plum, cherry trees strawberry plants and raspberrycanes grow around our house at our parcel. In summer we swim into\in the river, gather berries and mushrooms in\at the forest. Besides that my father can cook very delicious shashlik. In the evenings we go fishing. In winter we like to make the snowman. I love my rustic home.

Task 5. Translate into Russian.


Space station- atraction-

Neighbour- success-

Flat- in love-

Turn on- volume-

Clean- tradition-

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