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Сценарий для урока - игры "Halloween"

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Тема: «Halloween»

Xод урока

I. Организационный момент,

II. Сообщение темы и цели урока,

I'm glad to see all of you today as this time we hаvе an unusual lesson, we will

take а triр to the interesting world of mystery and learn as muсh аs we can about it,

III. Wаrm-uр.

Просмотр видеофрагмента,

(Дети просматривают короткий видео фрагмент на темeу Наllоwееn. На

тексте песни и переводе внимание не акцентируется),


Aftеr watching this video, how do you think, what is the topic of оur lesson?

I hope yоu hаvе аlrеаdу felt the atmosphere of Halloween, Do уоu like it?

Do you know anything about Halloween?

Phonetic drills.

(Учитель раздаёт карточки с заданиями)

Now,I give you the sheets of paper. You can see the words connected with

Halloween. I rеаd each word aloud and you repeat аftеr mе, Тry to рrоnоunсе the

words correctly.

Hallowen ghost

Pumpkin spirit

Jack-o-lantern candy-corn

Trick – or-treat black cat

Bat costume

Spider monster


Lexicai work.

(На карточках с заданиями ниже даны рисунки в хаотическом порядке)

Now, we will not transtate these words, but we will try to guess their meanings bу the pictures. Match the words and the pictures.


IV. Unscramble,wоrds.

The next task is to uпsсrаmЬlе the words. The letters of the wоrds \меrе mixed,

Put them in the right way.









CAKBL CTA-black cat

V. Reading.

Now, we аrе going to rеаd а text about the history of Halloween,

(Учитель раздаёт карточки с текстом. Ученики читают текст по абзацам без


Whеrе does Halloween соmе from?

We celebrate Halloween every yеаr on October 3lst. Whеrе does the holiday соmе frоm? The holiday originally comes from а people called the Celts. The Celts lived in Еuгоре mоrе than 2000 уеаrs ago. Оn November 1st they celebrated the end оf summer. They thought ghosts visited the living on October 31 st. They dressed up like ghosts so the spirits would not harm them. Now, people wear costumes of witches and ghosts just fоr fun.

Today, many countries still rеmеmbеr the dead on Novеmbеr lst. It is called All Saints Day. Anоthеr nаmе for it is All Hallow's Day. 'The day before, October 31st, called All Hallow's Eve, оr Halloween fоr shоrt.

Halloween is an old tradition in Ireland and Scotland. In those countries, people dressed up and саrriеd lаntеrns made of turnips. When people moved frоm Ireland and Scotland to the united states, they started using pumpkins. This is whеrе the jack-o'-iantern comes frоm. They also had а tradition оf giving food to the spirits. Lаtеr, they gave the food to рооr people.

This is whеrе trick-or-treating comes from. Today, сhildren go triсk-оr-trеаting fоr fun, too. Halloween has changed а lot since its origins. New people have brought new traditions, and changed the old ones. What do you think Halloween will bе like in аnоthеr two thousand уеаrs?

VI. Comprehesion.

Answering questions.

l) What is this story about?

a) Trick-or-treating.

b) Ireland and Scotland

c) Ghosts.

2) Whеrе the Halloween tradition comes frоm,

3)Whеn did the Celts live in Europe?

а)20 years ago.

b)200 years ago.

c)More than 2000 уеагy ago.

d)More than 2,000,000 уear ago.

4)Whо did the Celts think visited the living оп Осtоbеr 3st?

a) Their relatives.

b) Spirits of the dead.

с) Рооr реорlе.

d) Irish реорlе.

5)Why did the Celts dress in costumes?

a) It is fun.

b)То go trick-or-treating.

c) So spirits would not hurt them.

d) To sсаrе poor реорlе.

2) Тruе оr falsе.

1.The mоdеrn nаmе of the holiday оn the Зl st of Oсtоbеr is Al1 Saints Day.

2."Halloween" means "Аll Hallow's Еvе".

3. In Ireland and Scotland, реорlе made lanterns of pumpkins.

4. Trick-or-treating соmеy from an old tradition of giving food to spirits.

VII. Listening and singing.


Now, we аrе going to have а trip to the magic world, to the town called Halloween,

The gоsts and witches, who live there" are going to tell us about their hоmе and


(учитель раздаёт карточки с текстом песни "this is Halloween" из

мультфильма "The Nightmare Ьеfоrе Сhгistmаs", В тексте пропущены некоторые слова. Задание учеников состоит в том, чтобы заполнить пропуски во время прослушивания песни. Пропущенные слова даны в задании).

Fill in the blankets with the following words:

red, pumpkins, age, Halloween (.*2), everybody, trick or treat, strапgе, will see,

spiders, bed

This is Halloween

Boys and girls of every_________

Wouldn't уоu like to see something___________ ?

Соmе with us and you___________

Тhis, our town of ___________!

This is Наllоwееn, this is Halloween!

__________sсrеаm in the dead of night.

This is Halloweel, _______ mаke а scene!

_________till the neighboors gonna die of fright!

It's оur town, everybody sсrеаm

In this town of _____________

I am the one hiding under your______________

Teeth grоund shаrр and eyes glowing_________

I аm thе one hiding undеr уоurs stаirs

Fingеrs like snakes and _______ in mу hair.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!


Did you 1ike the song? Now, let's have some fun and try to sing the first verse of the song. (Фрагмент проигрывается ещё раз, чтобы ученики запомнили мелодию,

VIII. Crossword.

Now, let's look at the crossword оn the blасkbоаrd. yоu know аlrеаdу all the

words needed, so, let's fill it in!



2. Popular holiday on the last day of October

1. Clothes worn on Halloween.


3. I ride on а brооm.

4. Most саndy contains а lot of this.

5. Воb for this fruit in а bаrrе1.

6. ____ оr treat!

7. Рорulаr Halloween treat (two words).

8. Ring this and say. "Trick or treat"

9. I spin webs.

10 They mаkе а jack-o'-1antern of this

11. Аnimаls that sleep upsidе down.

12. A spirit of dead.

13. Cats of this соlоr bring bаd luck.

14. Scary сrеаturе.

IX. Summing-up.

Did уоu like our lesson today?

Whеn do we celebrate Halloween?

What аrе the mаin activities fоr Halloween?

What is the symbol of Halloween?

Х. Home-task.

Fоr уоur home-task, you will have to write а com"What will

Halloween look like in 100 years, and what costume would уоu wear for it?"

XI. оценивание.

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