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Сценарий КВН в 9 классе "Do you know English-speaking countries?"

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Сценарий КВН «Do you know English-speaking countries ? »

Meeting and greeting of the teams.

Good morning, everybody! We are happy to see you at our competition. It is devoted to the English speaking countries. This competition will show your achievments and your knowledge of the matter. Be actieve, honest. Industrious and helpful and you’ll be sure to win.

Introduction of the teams and the captains.

Now its time to introduce the names and the emblems by the captains of the teams !

The 1-st game:

Do you know English-speaking countries? I’ll give you 1 minute for this kind of work. Every country you name earns you one point. A geographical map of the world on the wall!

The 2-nd game:

“ Flags and capitals”

2 pupils from each team. 6 points.

I want you to look at the blackboard. You see many different flags. The 1st team must put cards with the names of the countries and the 2nd team must put the names of the capitals. The winners will be those who finish their work first. Here are 2 envelopes with cards. Captains, take your envelope, please!

The 3d game:

Countries and citizens”

Now we’ll see whose captain is the best. Come up to me and fill in the form. Open your envelopes and let’s begin the game. In the envelope : America ( the answer- an American, the Americans etc)

The 4 th game:

A word game”

2 teams, 5 points

It’s high time to organize a competition between the teams. Every team gets a card with a long word. You have to make other words from the letters it contains. The letters can be used in any order. I give you 5 minutes. The winner is the team that finds the largest number of words. In the card: Measurement. The answer: are, am, sure, men, net ,nest, rest, measure etc

The 5th game:

Riddle countries”

2 teams, 4 points

Guess the names of these countries. Listen to the teacher and be very attentive! The winner will be the team that gives the right answer and does it quicker than the other team.

1 This is one of the largest countries of the world. It is washed by the Atlantic ocean in the East and by the Pacific ocean in the West. What is it? ( the USA)

2 This country has a very high living standard. People speak many languages there. The main symbol on the flag is a maple leaf. What is it? ( Canada)

3 It is a country which looks like an island. It is not very big, but it’s very beautiful. It’s the country of fog and rain. There are a lot of places of interest. ( Great Britain)

4 This country occupies a whole continent. It has strange animals and plants. It’s far from our country. ( Australia)

The 6 th game:

The ABC game”

You’ll get some letters from the English alphabet. You must put these letters in the right order , so as to get the name of the country. The winner will be the team that finishes this kind of work earlier. ( Ireland- for example)

The 7th game:

Make the right choice”

2 teams. 1 point for the right answer.

You know it is very important to make the right choice in our life: the right choice of a friend, a university, a job, a colour, a style in music, dancing, clothes, etc. Now you’ll get the cards with the tasks. Choose the right answer.

1 Scotland is situated in

Europe/ Britain / Asia

2 What is the name of the city one of whose parts is called the West End?

New York / London / Canberra

3 Great Britain is a

Monarchy / Constitutional Monarchy /Republic

4 Who spoke these lines :” To be or not to be – that is the question” ?

Hamlet / King Lear / Othello

5 Ernest Rutherford was a

Mathematician / Physicist / Physician

6 American Congress consists of the Senate and the House of

Lords /Representatives /Commons

The 8 th game :

“ Parts and wholes”

1 pupil from each team. 6 points

Combine these parts so as to get a name. Who will be the first?

San Britain

Great Zealand

New Francisco

John Starr

Ringo Harrison

George McCartney

Paul Lennon

The 9th game :

English or American?”

2 teams, 8 points

Now I’ll see whether you can tell American English from British English. 2 teams take part in this game . I’ll say the word and you’ll give an American version of this word. The winner will be the team that names as many words as possible.

English American

A flat an apartment

A lift an elevator

A tin a can

A sweet a candy

A form a grade

The tube the subway

A cinema a movie

Holidays vacations

The 10 th game:

2 teams. 10 points.

Do you like music? I see. Could you name any American or British singers, pop groups and composers? Well done! I’m absolutely surethat the subject of most pop songs is love. The Beatles sang about it. Elvis Presley sang about love. Your task is to show how you can sing something from the Beatles repertoire. Who will begin?

The end of the competition:

Dear friends! It’s a pity but our competition has just finished. Thank you for coming and taking an active part in the games. You are really bright and industrious. You can do different kinds of work. You know a lot about English-speaking countries. And I’ sure that your good knowledge of English will help you in your future life.

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