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Сценарий урока "Tea time" в 6 классе

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Сценарий урока «Tea time» 6 класс

Warm up: introduction (3 minutes)

T: Hello! Nice to meet you! How are you?

S: Hello! Fine!

T: Sit down! My name is Olga Alexandrovna. I’m your English teacher for today. Let’s start our English lesson!

T: Watch the video and guess what we are going to talk about today?

S: We are going to talk about tea.

T; Yes, you are right!

Do you like drinking tea?

How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

How do you drink your tea (with or without sugar, with lemons, with a lot of sweets, with cakes or jam, with sandwiches)?

When do you drink your tea (in the morning, before sleeping, after a meal)?

S: (answer the questions)

Preparation: lesson objectives (2 minutes)

T: In different countries there is a tradition of tea drinking. What countries can you name? What nations do like drinking tea most of all? Where is tea a very popular drink?

S: In Britain, Japan, China, Russia, India tea is popular.

T: Today we are going to talk about three countries where tea drinking is widely spread. Listen to the piece of music and guess what country is it?

S: (listening the 1st piece) It is China.

T: Yes, you are right. It is believed that tea has been discovered in China.

S: (listening the 2nd piece) It is Russia.

T: Well done! Tea is an important part of our native culture.

S: (listening the 3rd piece) It is Britain.

T: Right. The British considered the most tea drinking nation in the world.

T: Today we are going to compare traditions of tea drinking in three different countries: B, C, and R.

Before reading activity (4 minutes)

T: On your desks there are cards with some information about tea.

What do you think what country does it belong to?

Place the information near the country you think it is from.

S: (put their cards on the board, read the sentences using the construction I think…)

Group work (15 minutes)

  1. Group division (1 minute)

T: Let’s check your guessing. But before it I ask you to divide into groups.

You have puzzle pieces on your desks. Put the puzzle together; find the classmates who have missing parts of the puzzle. You have 1 minute to put the puzzle.

T; What countries are this people from? What are they doing?

Take seats according the country you have got.

  1. Group work (5 minutes)

T: Imagine you are the reporters of the popular TV program “Food paradise”. You are going to take part in tea drinking with the locals. Complete the dialogues use the information from the text.

T: Check your progress, look at the board. (2 minutes)

Have you done any mistakes? Correct them.

S: (correct mistakes if it is necessary, read the right variant)

T: Now practice the interview in your groups. (2 minutes)

Choose the best local and the best reporter and act the dialogues. Come and dress up!

S: (act the dialogues in special costumes) (5 minutes)


T: Now look at the board! What do you know about tea times at these countries? Replace the cards if it is necessary!

S: (replace the information cards, read sentences using the construction I know…) (3 minutes)

T: Now you are ready to make a tea party! You can do in an unusual way; you can make for example a Chinese tea party or Russian tea party with samovar.

Find more information about the traditions of tea drinking and make short reports with presentations.

The lesson is over. Good luck and good bye!

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