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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку для студентов 2 курса " TRAVELLING IN LONDON"

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Travelling to London

Slide: Airport

International Airlines


- Dear friends! Today we are going to visit the capital of Great Britain. What is the capital of Great Britain?

- Answer

- If you want to get on the board the plane Krasnodar- London you don’t need any tickets. Tell me please only the aim of your visit. Why do you want to get there?

Slide: - I’m fond of music. I’d like to meet famous musicians.

- I want to know more about famous writers and listen to English poems.

- I would like to hear English speech and go sightseeing.

-Oh, I see we have a lot of reasons to visit London. And now close your eyes. And you are on the board.

Slide: On the board. (Голос за сценой. 4-б готовится к сценке)

Самолет приземлиться на экране , затем произносим!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Dear passengers! Trip Krasnodar-London . Our plane has made a landing in the capital of Great Britain – London. Please, go to the Customs.-погромче!!!!!

1. Play “At the airport”

- Dear friends! Welcome to London! My name is …. I’m your guide during your stay in London! England is associated with such famous names: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, ABBA

2. Song “Mama Mia” (Krikorova D. and Sakhnenko L.)

3. Song “Love me tender” (8-Г класс)

-My dear friends! If you have some problems with your health- go to the doctor. He will help you.

4. Play “At the doctor”

- Well, well, well. Do you know that Londoners like to dance very much?

- Of course, I know. And now we’ll see famous rock’n’roll!

-No, we live in the twenty-first century and the most popular styles are “break and hip-hop”. Are you ready?

5. Dance (Zykov A., Artemenko N., I.)

-Well done! All English boys and girls love school. I suggest you to visit one famous London School. Let’s have a look what the children are doing there!

6. Short poems (2-В и 2-Г классы)

7. A Song “Head and shoulders”

8. Do you know Mary? (3 класс)

- Ok, the next stop of our tour is famous London Zoo.

9. Song and dance “Green Anaconda” (Sokol A.)

10. A poem “What do you want to be?”(2 класс)

11. A poem “Little Mouse” (4 form)

-The Zoo is perfect. But I’m hungry. Do you know any good restaurants or cafés in London?

- Yeah, I know. The most popular and crazy restaurant is “The hungry horse restaurant”.

- Hungry horse restaurant?!

12. A Play “Birthday Party” (9а класс)

- What a really crazy restaurant!

-I have one question. Do you know what Howdown Throwdown means?

-No, I don’t.

- Let’s look and listen.

13. A song ‘Hoedown Throwdown” (Sakhnenko L.)

- Let’s continue. England is rich in its customs and traditions. The English are famous for their love to pets, flowers and, of course, families.

14. A Poem “We are the family” (5а класс)

- Excellent!

- I love music. When I listen to it I remember my happy days. Music enriches our hearts and feelings. Do you agree?

- Yeah, I agree with you. Music is beautiful.

15. A Song by Santa Esmeralda “You’re my everything”(8-A, Semenova Polina)

16. A Song by Michael Jackson “Thriller” ( 9-v)

17. A Song “ Belivier” (Zubenko Alice, 8-A)

18. A Song “Everything Burns” ( Dzhagaryan Galina, Petmanson Andrew )

- Good songs! Wonderful singers!

- Dear friends, I think you had unforgettable impressions and now I want to finish our travel with a proverb “There is no place like home”

-Well, it’s time to tell Good bye!!!

19. Final song “London good-bye”

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