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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Научные работы / Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку (5-6 классы)
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  • Иностранные языки

Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку (5-6 классы)


Комплект заданий для учащихся 5-6 классов


Time: 5 minutes

For questions 1-5, listen to Carl, Linda and Sam phoning The Book Programme and decide whether the information in the sentences is true (A) or false (B). You will hear the text twice.

1. Carl loved the Lord of the Rings films.

A True B False

2. Linda says people read a lot.

A True B False

3. Linda thinks people buy books after they see a film.

A True B False

4. Sam thinks good books make bad films.

A True B False

5. Sam preferred the James Bond books.

A True B False

Transfer your answers into the answer sheet!


Time: 20 minutes 13

Task 1. Read the article about three schoolboys who go to different kinds of schools. For questions 1-8 choose the answer A, B or C.


My parents sent me to drama school when I was eight.

It is the biggest drama school in the country. The school day begins at eight o’clock. We do dance, music, theatre or project work in the morning. After lunch, we change into our school uniform and have normal school lessons until 4.30 pm. Sometimes at the weekend we put on shows or have sports competitions with other schools. I love it!


My parents started teaching me at home when we moved to the countryside because my old school was too far away.

I wake up at eight o’clock and begin classes an hour later. In the mornings, my mum teaches me Maths and Science. In the afternoon, I do sports or Art with my dad. My weekends are free. I like home schooling because I can sometimes choose my own projects and I can wear what I like.


I live in my school and I go home to see my parents in the holidays. They live in France, so sometimes I miss them.

We wake up early – at 6.45 am, have breakfast and start the first lesson at 8.40 am. There are six lessons every weekday. We also have two lessons on Saturday morning. There is no uniform, but we have to wear smart clothes.

I am not great at studying, but I win a lot of prizes for football and tennis.

1. Who has only two teachers?

A Steven B Martin C Thomas

2. Who has lessons at the weekend?

A Steven B Martin C Thomas 14

3. Who has to wear a uniform?

A Steven B Martin C Thomas

4. Who does well in sports competitions?

A Steven B Martin C Thomas

5. Who can sometimes decide what to study?

A Steven B Martin C Thomas

6. Whose parents live in a different country?

A Steven’s B Martin’s C Thomas’s

7. Who left his old school when his family moved house?

A Steven B Martin C Thomas

8. Whose lessons start at the earliest time?

A Steven’s B Martin’s C Thomas’s

Task 2. Read the article about snowboarding. For sentences 9-15, choose True (A) if the sentence agrees with the text and False (B) if it doesn’t agree with the text.

My snowboarding holiday

by Hannah Lane

I learned to ski when I was very small, because my parents took my brothers and me to ski with them almost as soon as we could walk. So when I started snowboarding at 11, I thought it would be easy. But on the first day of a family snowboarding holiday, I got on my new snowboard and went down a small hill – and immediately fell! I couldn’t stop, so if my brothers stopped in front of me, I made them fall too! They were brilliant because they showed me exactly what to do – but they laughed at me, too! 15

When I started to improve, my parents decided to take us further up the mountain on a ski lift. As we got higher, we could see right over the tops of the trees below. When we got off the lift, we all jumped onto our snowboards and went down the mountain – including me! And I was the first one of the family to get to the bottom!

My knees hurt a bit afterwards, but I was fine. I still think I like skiing better, but I’d certainly like to try snowboarding again!

9. Hannah was able to snowboard before she could ski.

A True B False

10. The first time Hannah tried her new snowboard was on a big mountain.

A True B False

11. When Hannah started snowboarding, she was surprised that it was so difficult.

A True B False

12. Hannah’s brothers helped her when she was learning to snowboard.

A True B False

13. Hannah reached the bottom of the mountain faster than her brothers.

A True B False

14. Hanna’s fingers hurt the next day because she fell down.

A True B False

15. Hanna has decided than she now prefers snowboarding to skiing.

A True B False

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet! 16


Time: 20 minutes

Task 1. Read the article about bears. Choose the best word A, B or C for each gap 1-9.

There are many different types of bears 1 __ North America. For example, there are lots of black bears living there, but 2 __ knows exactly how many there are. There could be 3 __ 600,000 and 750,000, and strangely not 4 __ of them are black in colour. They can be brown, or 5 __ white.

Bears mostly sleep 6 __ the cold weather in winter, so they are very hungry when they wake up. They eat a lot of different things, such 7 __ leaves and fruit, and many people say they also love eating honey. Bears are very good 8 __ climbing trees, and baby bears 9 __ to climb when they are very young.

1. A in B by C on

2. A anyone B everyone C nobody

3. A between B either C about

4. A one B all C each

5. A even B always C still

6. A since B from C during

7. A like B as C than

8. A for B with C at

9. A learn B learned C learning

Task 2. Read sentences 10-15 about a boy who likes chess. Choose the best word A, B or C for each gap.

10. Robbie’s dad ___ Robbie to play chess when he was seven years old.

A learnt B taught C knew 17

11. When Robbie started playing chess, his dad explained things to him very ___.

A especially B certainly C carefully

12. Robbie likes to ___ most of his free time playing chess.

A spend B take C stay

13. Last term, Robbie ___ a chess club at his school.

A kept B joined C belonged

14. Robbie plays against the club’s best players to make ___ his game improves.

A right B sure C correct

15. Robbie was very happy when he won a ___ in a chess competition.

A present B gift C prize

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!


Time: 15 minutes

Imagine that you are going to visit a museum soon. Write an e-mail to your friend and ask her/him to join you. Do not write down the address.

Do not forget to write about:

the date and the name of the museum you are going to visit

why you want to go there

the programme of your visit

You should write about 50-60 words. 18

Participant’s ID number


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