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Словарная работа Global warming

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Словарная работа по теме «Nature, Global warming» (7 класс)

  1. Match the words to make phrases and translate the phrases:


2. Complete the text with the words: extinct, vanish, melting, trouble, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, heat up, polar ice caps, low-lying, in great danger, droughts.

Global warming happens because we burn 1) _______________ which produce 2) ___________________. These will 3) ______________ our world by up to 3 degrees Celsius, which means big 4)_______________!

Mountain glaciers and the 5) __________________ are 6)____________________ fast! Parts of the world in 7)_________________ areas may 8)____________________ completely in 100 years. Many animals are also 9)_________________, like polar bear, which may become 10)_________________ . Extreme weather, such as hurricanes and 11)______________________ will also become more frequent.

  1. Translate the words and expressions and use them in the sentences:

очаровательный пейзаж s________________ s________________,

захватывающий дух вид b_____________________v___________,

специальное предложение s____________o___________,

справиться m____________i___,

потеряться g____________l__________,

естественная красота n_____________b_________,

тропинка f ____________________, убежище (шалаш) s ________________________.

  1. The girls ran to the wooden __________________ to avoid getting wet.

  2. Mark admired the _________________________________ from the top of the mountain.

  3. The campsite only costs 10$ per night. It’s a ___________________________.

  4. Take a map with you in case you _______________________.

  5. Beth followed the ______________________ through the forest.

  6. They enjoyed the _______________________ of the waterfalls.

  7. They tried to finish the trail, but they didn’t _________________.

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