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Статья на тему "Event tourism"

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Event tourism is imperishable atmosphere of holiday, individual conditions of recreation and unforgettable impressions. The main feature of event tourism is a great deal of unrepeatable moments. This type of tourism is perspective and dynamically developing. Such tours gain more and more popularity, a lot of people want their holidays or weekend to become maximally interesting.

Activities of event tourism have major economic importance. Action of all objects of the tourism industry is activated during their implementation. Consumer demand exceeds supply greatly. There is a revival of local cultural traditions, customs and development of folk art.

We see few following goals for the development of this type of tourism:

  • Resource expansion (purchase of land in a suburb near the river, equipment of areas, creation of infrastructure in the form of camping, cabins, water activities, children animation, lifeguards);

  • Marketing of events.

We have two events such as Children's Day and Kupala Night in summer which attract a large audience. But still we see the need to create some new events to attract people.

In order to draw young people we see the opportunity to organize festivals of colors, music and movies, parties, beach volleyball competitions, observations of astronomical events, the first and last days of swimming, the festival of homemade boats, day of clear sky (trips on air balloons).

An advantage of event tourism is the fact that it is updated with new event tours every year. Tourists visiting a region to become a participant of an event are potential customers of other types of tourism in a region.

Among disadvantages only the impossibility of predicting demand for an event can be identified.

We have considered the development of this type of tourism in summer, proceeding from the fact that it is more comfortable time because of it is vacation time. So people who cannot afford to travel abroad will have an alternative especially since the new infrastructure will bring income during all summer, not only during an event.

There is also an opportunity to work with this type of tourism in winter and organize some events which will attract large numbers of people.

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