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Тема урока What`s this?

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Тема урока What`s this?

3d form

Тлеубердина Альфия Яшаровна

СОШ №11 учитель английского языка

Objectives: to present the new text, new words and practice them in pupils` speech;

  • to develop pupils` skills and habits in understanding, reading and in oral speech;

  • to teach pupils to do things in time.

Type of the lesson: explanation of the new theme.

Visual aids: cards, pictures, a book, slides.


  1. Organization moment.

  1. Greeting;

  2. Marking absentees.

  3. Report of the pupil on duty.

  1. Rhyme: Фонетическая разминка

Spring is green,

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow,

Winter is white.

  1. Checking up the home task.

  1. New words;

  2. Answer the questions: (Работа по карточкам)

Who`s that boy? What`s his name? Who`s this girl? What`s her name? Where is she from?

  1. Introduction to the new them:

  1. Work with unknown words. Listen and repeat: rubber, a table, a chair, a bag, what, this, that.

  2. Look at the pictures and write numbers next t the words.

-?- a pen -?-a ruler

-?- a computer -?-a calculator

-?-a table -?-a notebook

-?-a chair -?-a pencil

-?-a book -?-a rubber

c) Language note.

What`s =What is

It`s=It is

It isn`t=It is not

d) Look! What`s that? - Что это?

What`s this? – Что это ?

  1. Reading of the text. Carol: What`s this?

Colin: What? Carol: This. Is I pencil? Colin: No, it isn`t. It`s a pen. Carol: What`s that? Colin: It`s a calculator. Now go away.

  1. Consolidation of the new theme.

Look at the slides. What can you see?

-What is this? This is a pen. This is a pencil. This is a book.

-What is that? This is a table. That is a chair.

Ex.5: Talk to your fried, work in pairs.

-What`s this?

-It`s a …..

-What`s that?

-It`s a ……..

Ex.8: Listen and repeat.

Carol: What`s this? Is it a pencil?

Colin: No, it isn`t. It`s a pen.

Ex.10: Carol: What is that? Is it a ruler?

Colin: Yes, it is.

  1. Conclusion: Ex.11: Make up your own dialogues.

  2. Marks.

  3. Home task.

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