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Тест 8 класс к УМК Кауфман М.

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Тест 8 класс

1. Open the brackets.
Neither plot nor illustrations (to be) interesting.
2. Either mother or father (to be) in the garden.
3. Both Tom and his sister (to help) me every day.

2. Put in prepositions. 
1. ... boys ... girls must come there. It is dangerous.
2. ... father ... mother will go to the theatre. I will go with them.
3. I like these two dresses but I have little money. I will buy ... a green one ... a blue one.
4. I am not hungry. I will have ... soup ... porridge.

3. Agree with Steve. 
1. Steve speaks English. -
И я тоже. 
2. Steve doesn't read much. -
И я тоже. 
3. Steve wasn't at school. -
И я тоже. 
4. Steve can play volleyball -
И я тоже. 

4. Translate into English. Use Passive Voice. 
1. Эти книги запрещены.
2. Мальчика наказали.
3. Книги Коперника (Copernicus) сжигали.

5. Put in the missing prepositions. 
1. My mother is always relied ...
2. Granny has already been sent ...
3. His arrival is insisted ...
4. His proposal is objected ...
5. She has been waiting ... for half an hour.

6. Make two passive constructions from one active. 
1. Her parents left Jane a ticket.
2. The doctor gave him a pill.
3. Paul told us a horror story.

7. Make up as many questions as you can. 
The book was published in the nineteenth century in France. 

8. Define the predicates (сказуемые). Translate the second sentence into English. 
1. He was being laughed at when I came.
Мальчики играют в футбол сейчас. 
Залог, вид, время, лицо, число. 

8. Write a letter to your pen-friend. 

... Last month I was in the Tate gallery. I saw a lot of pictures of famous English painters. It was wonderful. Now I am reading a very interesting book by Rouling about Harry Potter. Do you like to read books? What is your favourite genre? Who is your favourite writer? ...

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