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Тест по английскому языку на тему"Местоимения"

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Test on Pronouns

1.This is… pen.

a) mine b) my c) I d) me

2. Has anyone seen… book?

a) he b) his c) him d) himself

3.They want to see….

a) me b) I c) my d) mine

4.This is not my book. It is…

a) you b) your c) yours d) yourself

5. Please give … the key.

a) he b) him c) himself d) his

6 .I have lost … pen, may I take …

a) mine,you b) my,your c)My,yours d)Me, yours

7.Help… please.

a) I b) My c)Mine d)Me

8.He always makes dinner…

a) him b) his c )himself d) he

9. They can do it …

a) themselves b) their c ) them d)they

10.Give me… water, please

a) something b) somebody c) some d) someone

11. I haven,t seen…. English film

a) some b) every c )any d) no

12.She doesn’t like me, and I don,t like …

a) his b) him c ) hers d) he

13.Don,t you see the babies are crying ? Give … something to eat

a) it b) them c )me d)you

14.I’ve looked for my pen, but I can’t find it…

a) anywhere b) somewhere c )nowhere d) everything

15.He has two children and he loves … both

a) us b) all of them c) them d) every one

16. I wait …. to come into this room

a) any b) nobody c) anybody d) everything

17. The party was great… enjoyed ourselves very much

a) they b) you c) we d) it

18. This is George. He is an old friend of ….

a) I b) Myself c)My d) Mine

19. The book is very interesting…title is “ Gone with the wind”

a) Its b) it c)itself d) her

20.When I go to the restaurant with him, I always pay for..

a) myself b) mine c) our d) herself

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