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Тест по английскому языку по теме "Природный мир" (6 класс)

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Task1. Complete the sentences with the missing words.

1. The Black Tulip is an unusual … of tulips.

2. When we speak about a … we mean a place where a certain animal or plant is usually found.

3. The biggest … is a whale.

4. Boxes are usually made of …

5. Some illnesses are very difficult to …

6. Cars are polluting our …

7. … power stations can cause a lot of trouble.

8. Some mushrooms have …

9. After the hot summer there was a … of water.

10. A lot of … from factories and plants goes into the rivers.

Task 2. Fill in the sentences with the correct verb forms.

1. If you … (go) to the country, you will be able to enjoy fresh air.

2. If they forecast rainstorms, we … (take) umbrellas with us.

3. If he … (not read) this book, he won’t learn a lot of fact about extinct animals.

4. I won’t get a good mark if I … (not learn) the poem by heart.

5. If you live in a city, you … (visit) different museums.

Task 3. Compare life in the country and in the city using the following adjectives: dirty, clean, safe, expensive, healthy.

E.x. The country is cleaner than the city.

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