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Тест по теме "Complex Object (сложное дополнение)."

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Complex Object

Выберите необходимую форму глагола, соответствующую заданному типу конструкции Complex Object (сложное дополнение).

1. We saw them (to jump) with parachutes.

A to jump

B jumping

2. He heard a car (to approach) from the opposite direction.

A approaching

B to approach

3. I want you (to sit) in an old armchair.

A sitting

B to sit

4. I heard the door of the entrance hall (to open) and (to close) softly.

A open, close

B to open, to close

5. In the little summer-house at the bend of the garden path he saw some one (to sit).

A to sit

B sitting.

6. He would like the children (to walk) in the park.

A walking

B to walk

7. The teacher made her (to copy) the exercise.

A to copy

B copy

8. She watched her mother (to bend) over the tea-things.

A bending

B to bend

9. I want you (to read) this book.

A reading

B to read

10. They would like us (to loose) the game.

A loose

B to loose

11. She felt her hands (to tremble).

A tremble

B to tremble

12. Now and then he could hear a car (to pass).

A passing

B to pass

13. He felt his heart (to beat) with joy.

A to beat

B beating

14. I expect the letter (to come) tomorrow.

A to come

B come

15. She could hear her father (to walk) up and down the picture gallery.

A to walk

B walking

16. I don’t want you (to get) a bad mark.

A getting

B to get

17. The mother didn’t let her son (to go) for a walk.

A go

B to go

18. They wanted (to go) shopping on Sunday.

A going

B to go

19. I heard him (to play) the piano.

A to play

B playing

20. The children wanted me (to tell) them an interesting story.

A to tell

B tell

21. Mother made me (to eat) the soup.

A eat

B eating

22. I would like you (to come) to our place.

A to come

B come

23. I expect her (to send) me a letter.

A to send

B send

24. Please, don’t make me (to drink) milk.

A drinking

B drink

25. I know my friend (to be) a very kind man.

A being

B to be

26. We noticed the man (to clean) his shoes.

A cleaning

B to clean

27. I would like my students (to know) English well.

A knowing

B to know

28. My brother wanted me (to bring) him a book.

A to bring

B bring

29. Would you like me (to tell) you this story?

A to tell

B telling

30. She made her little sister (to go) to bed early.

A going

B go

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