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Тест "Second Conditional" (8 класс)

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

  1. If I could spend time with someone famous,

  2. If you put less gel in your hair,

  3. If I went out tonight,

  4. I would always wear high-heeled shoes

  5. You would look absolutely gorgeous

  6. You have to read fashion magazines

  7. If you take off this horrible shoulder-padded jacket,

A if you want to look smart and trendy.

B I would put on my new brightly coloured pinafore and embroidered leather boots.

C it will look more natural.

D if you put on these light blue jeans and this bright cardigan!

E if I were not as tall as I am.

F you will look much better.

G I would choose Stella McCartney, the British fashion designer.

Match the sentences then transform them into Second Conditional.

If you pay less attention to your appearance

If you use your imagination

If it rains

Your Mum will be delighted

I will buy this funky bracelet

If I buy this tartan scarf

A If you keep on jogging every day.

B you can take my new umbrella.

C you will have more time for school.

D you will spend less money on your clothes.

E If you lend me some money.

F if you put on these ribbed trousers instead of this baggy denim skirt.

G will it match my new overcoat?

Transform these sentences into Second Conditional

  1. I can’t buy this pair of shoes. They are not my size.

  2. I can’t wear this shirt. It doesn’t match my trousers.

  3. I don’t wear this coat. It is out of fashion.

  4. He doesn’t put on that cap. It doesn’t suit him.

  5. I can’t put on this cardigan. It is too tight.

  6. I have to take a raincoat. It is going to rain.

  7. He is short. He can’t afford to wear shoulder-padded suits.




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