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Тест "Spotlight"-7, модуль 2

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Test (Module 2, «Spotlight» -7)

I. Choose the correct words.

1) He waited in the airport as soon as/until the plain arrived. 2) She was in bed after/when the phone ring.

3) The children played in the garden until/then it got dark. 4) First she made dinner, then/when she watched TV. 5) The cat ran away until/as soon as it saw the dog. 6) We were surprised when/until we saw Mum on television. (Marks: __ )

6×2 12

II. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple.

1) How ………(you/feel) when you ……(see) the film? 2) Hans ……(not/find) the initials on the cave wall. 3) Where …… (Captain Nemo/travel)? 4) “ …….. (he/explore) the cave? “ “No, he …….. (be) afraid.”

4) “When …….. (he/arrive)?” “An hour ago. He …….. (bring) Helen with him.” (Marks: __ )

8×2 16

III. Write the Past Simple forms.

1. catch ………….. 2. send …… 3. break ……….. 4. take ……….. 5. find ……… 6. say ……….

7. hide ……… 8. tell ………. 9. feel ……….. 10.come ……… 11. bring ………12. meet …... (Marks: __ )

12×1 12

IV. Read the text and answer the questions.

A walk in the park.

When I was ten years old, my family left the countryside and moved to the city. I was very excited because our new house was near a beautiful park.

One day, I decided to go for a walk in the park but I lost my way. I tried to get back but I just went deeper into the park. I looked around me and started calling for help, but no one heard me. I was confused and scared because it was almost dark, so I sat on a bench and began to cry.

Suddenly I heard someone coming. It was a girl my age. “Hi,” she said. “I’m Maria. What’s the matter?” I told Maria that I was lost. “Don’t worry,” Maria said. “I live near hear. I know the park well.” We walked and talked until we were out of the park. Maria said goodbye and left before I could thank her.

When I got home my mum was talking to the policeman. They were both very upset. “Oh, Elizabeth, thank goodness you’re OK!” my mum said when she saw me. “I lost my way in the park, Mum, but I’m fine now. I’m so sorry,” I said. “You were lucky, young lady,” the policeman said. “Never play alone in the park, it’s too dangerous. Ten years ago, a young girl named Maria Josephson lost her way in that same park and never came back.”

I did not say a word. I wanted to tell them about the girl who helped me but I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me. Did a ghost help me? I couldn’t sleep that night, or the next. I never saw Maria again

and I never went back to the park!

1) Where did Elizabeth’s family move to?

2) How did Elizabeth feel when she discovered she was lost?

3) Did Elizabeth thank Maria when they were out of the park?

4) What happened to Maria Josephson ten years ago?

5) Why couldn’t Elizabeth sleep that night?

(Marks: __ )

5×2 10

V. Fill in the correct word. (hide, solve, compass, explore, glance)

1) Do you think he’ll ……… the mystery?

2) At first ……… it looked like a cat, but it wasn’t.

3) Let’s use a ……… to find our way back.

4) Where did you …….. the money? I can’t find it.

5) Let’s ……… the city before it gets dark.

(Marks: __ ) (Total: _____ )

5×2 10 60

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