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Тесты по английскому языку


The entry test for the 6th class

I.Put the sentences of this funny story into the correct order.

An absent - minded man

A.He lost them in trains, trams and shops.

B.When his wife saw it, she began to laugh.

C.A very busy absent – minded man often lost his umbrellas.

D. “Today I shall not lose my umbrellas,” he thought and put it into his bag.

E.His wife always said to him, “We can’t buy umbrellas every day.”

F.She said, “ But you didn’t take any umbrella with you this morning.”

G.One day the busy man saw an umbrella in the train.

II.Read the text and write the verbs in the Past Simple Tense.

Walt Disney ( be) born on December 5 th, 1901. He ( go) to Europe during World War I and when he (get) back to America, he ( meet) an artist and they ( start) making films with Walt’s brother, Roy. The first talking picture ( come) out in 1927.He (take) a big risk and decided to spend all his money on a long cartoon film. Millions of people (buy) tickets and (see) the film; it (be) “Snow White”.

III.Put the verbs in the right form (Present Simple, Present Continious, Past Simple)

1.Every year we ( to go) to the Black sea by car.

2.Look! The boy (to ride) a bike in the park.

3.Last summer he (to visit) Scotland with his friends.

4.My little sister never (to eat) oranges.

5.Where you (to go) yesterday?

6.I (to watch) a new film now.

7.My Dad (not to work) last week.

8.Listen! they (to sing) a French song.

9.The Stogovs (to buy) a new big house 3 years ago.

10.Your mum (to like) classical music?

IV. Write a letter to your English friend about your summer holidays.

The entry test for Class 7

I. Read the text and find the right answers.

Handmade chocolates

Flowers, gift vouchers, jewellery – all three are standard gifts, but one which never fails to impress is a box of handmade chocolates.

Handmade chocolate contains more than three times the cocoa used in mass-produced chocolate, and much less sugar so it is less fattening and is better for the teeth. The fillings are uniquely created by each chocolatier and each chocolate is different. The consistency, the way the chocolate breaks and the feeling in the mouth, are all part of the chocolatier's calculations.

Last year alone the British spent more than £3 billion on chocolate. Increasingly, people are recognizing the superior qualities of handmade chocolates. Thanks to the Internet, handmade chocolates are no longer available only in specialist shops but can be bought directly from the maker, which is widening the market as more and more people are discovering this quality product.

Making chocolate by hand is a long and complicated process, which means those who do it must have large reserves of patience. It is a methodical procedure and cannot be rushed, so when this process comes together it is satisfying to know perfection has been reached. There is also creativity in making the fillings: independent chocolatiers have the freedom to invent new flavours. For the less patient, however, making chocolate by hand could be frustrating. If one tiny thing is not right, a whole set will be ruined. The job is also very repetitive. Three-day practical courses give training on how to make chocolates.

1) What makes handmade chocolate different from other presents?

a) It makes a stronger impression on the person.

b) It doesn’t last long.

c) It is made personally for every man.

2) Where can hand-made chocolate be bought now?

a) Only in specialist shops.

b) At the market.

c) From chocolate factories.

3) Why is making chocolate by hand not easy?

a) It is quite tiresome.

b) It takes a lot of time and accuracy.

c) The chocolatier has to make a lot of efforts.

4) What happens if something goes wrong?

a) The chocolate will be slightly different, but still very tasty.

b) The chocolate won’t be as tasty as it should be.

c) The chocolatier will have to start it all over again.

II. Choose the right verb form to complete the sentences.

1. Last week we (went/ have gone ) to the museum.

2. I never (have been/was) to Rome.

3. It’s the second time we (saw/ have seen) this film.

4.What (did you do/have you done) the day before yesterday?

5.When (did it happen/ has happened)?

III.Use back, in, out, over to complete the sentences.

1. The teacher was … our tests.

2. The students must take … their reports next Monday.

3. Take my book, but hand it… on Friday.

4. Will you hand … the box to the girl sitting at the window?

5. Santa Claus handed … presents to all children at the party.

IV. Complete the sentences with the derivatives of the words on the right.

1.How many people were there at the …? meet

2.It was a ….day. rain

3.The Volga is a …. river in Russia. power

4.She is a great American … . sing

5.This TV programme is about … people. home

The entry test for 8 Class

Read the texts (1-5) and match them with the titles (a-f). There is one title you don’t have to use.

  1. The Food from Abroad

  2. The First Meal of the Day

  3. Fast Food in Britain

  4. Very Popular British Food

  5. Typical Food at Different Times of the Day

  6. Places to Have Meals

1. Some people like to go to work on an egg -they eat for breakfast before going to work. But many more breakfast on cornflakes – while others have toast with butter and marmalade. And, whatever they eat, most people drink tea or coffee.

2. And where do people eat their food when they are at home? Breakfast is usually a quick meal, eaten in the kitchen. They may eat dinner in the kitchen, in the dining room or the living room, often in front of the television. The British often have lunch at school or work.

3. Some people have their biggest meal in the middle of the day, some have it in the evening. The traditional meal is meat and two vegetables. The most popular meals are chicken, beef (from a cow), pork (from a pig) and a lamb (from a young sheep). Vegetables grown in Britain, like potatoes, carrots, peas and cabbage are very popular, but today you can buy vegetables from many countries all through the year. Traditional British meals are sausages, beans and mashed potatoes, stew and the Sunday roast.

4. Potatoes first came from South America. Farmers in Peru grew them from the 13th century on, and then the Spanish brought them to Europe in the mid -16th century. In the 17th century potatoes appeared in Britain. Potatoes are one of the most important foods in the British diet and today the British grow six million tons of potatoes every year.

5. Ice cream appeared in the country in the 1920s. People sold it from bicycles in the streets. Ice cream sellers shouted, «Stop me and buy one!» They rode around the streets playing music, people ran out and bought some ice cream. Nowadays ice cream has become very popular. People often eat it in cinemas and theatres in summer and in winter as a snack or as a dessert after the main dish, for example with a piece of hot apple pie.

III.Use the derivatives of the words on the right to complete the sentences.

Dogs and fish are ________ pets. fantasy

They have something in common but they are quite ______ . differ

Both are _____________animals to watch. wonder

Dogs like performing ______ tricks. They run and jump and follow you. usual

Bright, _______ ___________fish are fun to watch. colour, tropic

You can play with a dog. Dogs are _______true friends. real

Fish are not. On the other hand, fish are ______________ expense

And don’t need any ___________care. medicine

IV.Write a letter to your English- speaking friend. This is a part of his letter.

.I’m starting to feel really unfit! Do you do much exercise? How often do you exercise? What should I do to get fit? I’m thinking of joining a gym. Is that a good idea? What else would you recommend?

Write soon.



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