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Тестовая работа на тему "Фразовый глагол get"

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#1 Fill in the gaps with the prepositions

across      along      around      back to      into      out      through      to      together      up  

Dear Mom and Dad, 

I finally got
 1_____ that philosophy class I was telling you about. It wasn't easy. It's a required course and there is no way to get 2_____ it. The professor, Dr. Schmitt, seems very good, but I think his class is going to be quite a challenge. 

Yesterday was the first day of the course. He gave everyone in the class a syllabus describing the homework and the exams. I couldn't believe how much he expects us to do. Several of the students immediately got
 3_____ and left the room. After they were gone, Professor Schmitt started asking the remaining students philosophical questions. They all had great answers, but then he got 4_____ me. "What is art?" he asked me. I tried to answer him, but I couldn't get what I wanted to say 5_____ to him. He smiled at me and got three or four art books 6_____. He passed the art books around and asked us to discuss the question in groups. The people in my discussion group were really great; we all really enjoyed debating the question. Since we got 7_____ so well, we have decided to form a study group, so we can help each other get 8_____ this class.

I know my grades haven't been the best, but with the help of this study group I should be able to get it
 9_____ and do better this semester. Well, I need to get 10_____ work and finish my assignments for tomorrow. Everybody take care, and I'll see you at Thanksgiving. 


#2 Choose the correct preposition

1. She went to bed at ten, got at seven, took a shower, went to the kitchen, and made breakfast.

  1. down

  2. in

  3. out

  4. up

2. We went there by bus. We got on the bus on Fifth Street and got at the park.

  1. down

  2. off

  3. out of

  4. through

3. Her sad story really got me. We must do something to help her.

  1. by

  2. down

  3. to

  4. with

4. We were on vacation in Greece. We got yesterday.

  1. back

  2. out

  3. over

  4. through

5. I don't understand you. What are you getting ? Be more specific, please.

  1. about

  2. at

  3. on

  4. up

6. It was a great party. We should get again sometime.

  1. around

  2. by

  3. together

  4. with

7. He pulled up at the bank and got the car.

  1. back to

  2. into

  3. off

  4. out of

8. How did he get the robbers?

  1. across from

  2. away from

  3. out of

  4. through

9. She is a little under the weather now, but she will get it soon.

  1. by

  2. into

  3. off

  4. over

10. His work on his new project is getting quite well.

  1. along

  2. away

  3. out

  4. over

#3 Translate the sentences into Russian

  1. Sam doesn't earn much, but we get by.

  2. This rain is really getting me down.

  3. She got out of the washing-up every day, even when it was her turn.

  4. He gets up at 6.00 a.m. every morning.

  5. Amy and I really get on well.

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