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Тестовые задания для 7-8 классов


TEST 7 form

Vocabulary and Grammar

Task 1

Прочитайте каждое предложение в заданиях 1-10 и выберите вариант A, B, CилиD, грамматически соответствующий содержанию предложения. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.

1. Are you going to ____ country on ____ Saturday?

A) the B) a C) an D) -

2. I have ____ time, so I can't go with you .

A) a little B) not very C) very many D) little

3. ____ town isn't very large.

A) There B) It C) Its D) This

4. Harry' s room is ____ of all the rooms.

A) most expensive B) so expensive C) expensivest D)the most expensive

5. He is the most handsome man I ____ .

A) ever know B) has known C) have ever known D) know

6. My Dad ____ overtime this week.

A) is working B) works C) work D) have worked

7. There are very ____ old houses left in our street.

A) some B) many C) any D) few

8. Mom ____ a headache since she came from the theatre.

A) is having B) have C) were having D) has had

9.He will translate the text if he ____ a dictionary at hand.

A) would have B) has C) will have D) have

10. What ____ your parents' address?

A) am B) are C) is D) were

_______(10 б.)

Task 2

People started travelling many centuries ago. At first human tribes travelled from place in (1).......................for food and better habitat. At that time people travelled only(2).......................foot. These people (3).......................from one place to another instead of setting in one place. They were called Nomads. Later they (4)....................... to make boats, ferries and canoes and used them to go down the rivers and across lakes or even seas . Nomads travelled (5).......................horsebacks, together with their animals(sheep, horses, deer). (6).......................centuries ago, some of the Nomads began to plant corn and vegetables. We know that among these tribes were (7).......................American Indians. ____________(7б.)

Task 3

Заполните предложения подходящими предлогами.

Напротив номера предложения (1-7) запишите соответствующую букву (A-G).

A to B from, into C by D to E in F with G at

1 _____ my mind, it was the most stupid thing he could do.

2 Translate these words _____ English_____ Russian.

3 Learn this poem _____ heart.

4 My brother gave the money _____ me

5 At last I opened the can _____ a knife.

6 Shakespeare died _____ 1616.

7 We'll wait for you _____ the station.


TEST 8 form


Task I

Complete the sentences with the correct variant of the main verb.

  1. Usually I ____________ the violin but now I ____________ the piano.

  1. play, am playing

  2. am playing, play

  1. He _________ in the garden when Tom __________.

  1. sat, was coming

  2. was sitting, came

  1. ________ you _______ the article yet?

  1. Haven`t, read

  2. Haven`t, being readong

  1. I ______ a message from Kelly last Saturday.

  1. have got

  2. got

  1. The book wasn`t so heavy as he ________ .

  1. has thought

  2. had thought

  1. my mither wasn`t at the shop when I ____________ .

  1. had come

  2. came

  1. Some smiling men _______ the piano.

  1. were playing

  2. had played

  1. We _______ for about an hour when it started to rain.

  1. were playing

  2. had been playing

  1. For long months she _______ his secret.

  1. had been keeping

  2. had kept

  1. If we _____ the 10.30 train, we _____ too early.

  1. catch, shall arrive

  2. shall catch, arrive

  1. We _____a party. ______ you _____?

  1. shall have, Are...coming

  2. are having, Will ... come

  1. Do you know when they ____?

  1. would come

  2. will come

  1. By the time we come they ________.

  1. will be going

  2. will have gone

  1. They _______ for you at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

    1. will have waited

    2. will be waiting

    3. will have been waiting

  1. James said that he ______ a horse before.

    1. never rode

    2. had never ridden

Task II

Arrange the words in pairs of synonyms.

  1. realize a) fine

  2. wealth b) riches

  3. announce c) offer

  4. immediately d) pick up

  5. talk e) understand

  6. suggest f) at once

  7. lift g) declare

  8. spot h) chat

  9. excellent i) monument

10.memorial j) place

Task III

Find the Russian equivalents of the following English proverbs

  1. All cats are gray in the dark.

  2. The bait hides the hook.

  3. A bird may be known by its song.

  4. Small rain lays great dust.

  5. A cat may look as a king.

    1. Видна птица по полёту.

    2. За погляд денег не берут.

    3. Ночью все кошки серы.

    4. Посеешь дождь, пожнёшь бурю.

    5. Мягко стелет, да жестко спать.

Task IV

Choose the correct answer for each question.

1. Who is a symbol of the British nation?
a) Uncle Sam b) John Bull c) Winston Churchill

2. The colour that represents Ireland is _____ .

a) green b) red c) yellow

3. Where is Glasgow situated?

a) in Scotland b) in Wales c) in England

4. What's the name of the British flag?
a) Star-Spangled Banner b) Stripes and Stars c) Union Jack

5. Where is Ben Nevis situated?

a) in Scotland b) in Wales

c) in England d) in Northern Ireland

6. What is Eisteddfod?

a) a county b) a dish

c) a festival d) a dance

7. The Romans first invaded Britain in

a) the 5th century AD b) the 5th century BC

c) the 1st century BC

8. The famous British newspaper which is printed on pink paper is .

a) The Times b) The Guardian
c) The Financial Times

9. Stonehenge is about years old.

a) 40 b) 400 c) 4000

10. The Irish Sea is ______.

a) to the east of England b) to the west of England
c) to the north of England

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