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Traditional food in Kazakhstan

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The theme: Traditional food in Kazakhstan
The aims: 1. To introduce pupils the new words, to get information about traditional food in Kazakhstan and the names of national dishes, to teach pupils how to prepare it. To teach pupils to compare eating in Britain and in Kazakhstan
2. To teach pupils to be attentive to each other
3. To develop pupils interests in studying English
The type of lesson: Standard lesson
Methods of lesson: Brainstorming, explaining, discussing
Equipments: Interactive board, pictures

The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
II. Checking – up the hometask
III. Complete the map

Traditional food
roast - beef
roast potatoes
Yorkshire pudding

mineral water

toasts marmalade
honey, tea

5 o’clock

sausages bacon

IV. Introduction with the theme

V. Introduction with the new words:
mutton -
қой еті prepare - дайындау, әзірлеу
horse beef -
жылқы еті cook - пісіру
cuizine -
ас, тағам fry - қуыру
dish -
тағам, ыдыс
feast -
той, мереке

VI. Fill in the diagram about eating in Kazakhstan

Eating in Kazakhstan



Traditional food

kazy - karta
zhal - zhaya

Traditional food in Kazakhstan
The main national dish of Kazakhs is beshbarmak. Beshbarmak prepares from mutton, a horse - beef. Besbarmak - a dish eaten with five fingers. The sheep's head was for respected guests
Kuyrdak - was prepared from slaughtering meat
Bauyrsak - national dish of Kazakhs, prepares from flour
The tastiest meats of the horse were zhal, zhaya, kazy, and karta.
Kazy - is a very dear and delicious meal
karta - a large horse intestine which was very tasty when cooked.
Zhal - the layer of fat under a horse's mane. Zhal was another special portion of fat sliced especially for invited guests, to be served with kazy, a rump and
Zhaya - rump of a horse, this is very delicious;
Kurt - This is a product prepared by the process of pressing thick sour cream.
National drinks koumiss, shubat, airan.
Airan - sour milk - Kazakh used this winter and summer, cow's milk was given to kids
Shubat - fermented camel's milk - Shubat often served as a medicine.
Kymyz - were made of horse’s milk. Kymyz - This is a very useful for health.
Kaimak - sour cream. This is also made of milk
Milk was most used diary product.
Irimzhik - were made from boiled unskimmed milk and added sour cream. would be yellow.
Sary mai (butter) - Is made old milk
Suzbe and katyk - This is strained and thick sour milk it was another of the tasty diary products.

VIII. Work with the text: «Traditional foods»
IX. Complete the sentences:
a) Our traditional home cooked food is_________________
b) Our favourite meat dishes are: ______________________
c) The most popular drinks are: ________________________
d) For guests and friends we like to prepare _______________
X. Do you know that?
Shyrtyldak - Crackler. Kazakhs used to melt fat in a large bowl, then add some sugar.
It was used instead of butter. Kazakhs enjoyed it.
Kyimai – Sausage of Kazakhs usually made sausage during Winter. This sausage is very delicious;
Zhauburek (kabob) - Kazakhs prepared many different meat dishes. Zhauburek was prepared very quickly, which made it popular among hunters and travellers.
Ulpershek - Is a dish made from the heart
Akshelek - Is a large camel bone cooking meat from a camel..
Kuiryk - bauyr - This was the meal served to kinsmen at the wedding party which we discussed earlier.
Uyz - Beestings Kazakhs ate these during lambing and calving seasons.
Koryktyk - Is a herdsman's food, prepared from the sheep’s milk.

XI. Complete the chart. What peoples like to eat?
1. Anar and Asan like kazy.
2. Omar and Asel like kuyrdak.
3. Nobody don’t like zhaya.
4. Only Asel doesn’t like milk.
5. Everybody like bauyrsak.
6. Only Anar doesn’t like beshbarmak.
7. Only Asan likes irimshik.
8. Asan and Omar don’t like shubat.

XII. How we prepare bauyrsak?
XIII. Complete the diagram

Eating in Britain

Yorkshire pudding,
roast - beef,
roast potatoes,
sausages, bacon,

Eating in Kazakhstan

Both --------------- Bauyrsak,
countries --------- beshbarmak,
like: ---------------- kuyrdak, kazy,
tea ---------------- karta, zhal, zhaya,
milk, -------------- kurt, irimshik,
meat ------------- kymyz,
--------------------- shubat
tea with

XIV. 5 lines of poem
1. Food
2. Delicious, tasty
3. Cooked, prepared, made
4. Food is useful for health
5. Food - Meal
XV. Giving of the hometask: «How do you prepare the national food?»
XVI. Marking

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